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Found 19 results

  1. Ok tonight I got a letter from Energex, informing me that on the 13th of June they are going to cut the power for 6 hrs from 8.30 am till 2.30 pm. In the middle of bloody winter. FFS !!!!! My situation. 1:a rack of 9 2ft tanks all on sponge filters with a large aerator powering the lot through a loop of irrigation pipe. - said rack has 6 cold water rainbow tanks (rhads, blue eyes) and 3 tropical tanks (PNG Rainbows). - non of these tanks are over stocked, so I am not worried about a lack of air for 6 hours nor am I worried about heat as two of the tropical tanks contain Boesmani that until the beginning of May were in an out door pond. In any case my rack and garage are well insulated. 2:Where I am worried is my planted indoor display tank, which is a mixed tropical tank. - it contains about $300 dollars worth of Tetras, Hatchet Fish and miscellaneous tropicals and nerite snails. - It is a Juwel 120 Lido - I have a jaeger 100w on it. - I have an Eheim 2213 on it. - and aeration from an aerator and obviously no CO2. -the tank is planted. - the tank can best be described as heavily stocked for effect. Given that it is the middle of winter, my main concerns are. -Heat or lack of. -The bacteria dying in the canister. -a lack of oxygen due to the heavy stocking of the tank. Obviously I can add a battery powered aerator. That isn't the issue. I am more concerned about a canister full of dead bacteria. Should I be concerned for 6 hours ? I have heard you can request a generator from Energex for this eventuality. Should I be worried or just go with it for 6 hours, its not that long really. Thoughts people.
  2. .I have some 6mm glass lids that I need to remove a 1cm strip from to make them fit. Can I do this with a glass cutter or do I need to get a glazier to do it with a machine ?
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking at setting up an IBC cut in half inside a 2.1x1.5x2m bird aviary that's closed in 3 out of the four sides. Looking at housing a Macquarie short neck turtle in one with local caught gudgeons, the other half will be rainbow fish and gudgeons together. My question is, "Am I able to use an IBC cut in half as a pond, as in both sides useable?" I will have a fly screen cover over both that will be latched done with hinges in one side, a t8 duel baton 4 foot light with reptile globes over the turtle side and just 12v led Cree spot lights over the other side. I'm thinking of a canister for each and heaters as well, and some 700lph internals to keep the water always moving. Is this at all feasible? Or am I just dreaming? I could buy two! the turtle ones the important one as we have two! Both were in a 4.5 foot tank and the male has bitten off the toes of the female, so she gets the pond and he can live in the tank! Both turtles are my sisters, I'm the fish dude, but I've offered to take her off her hands, she's currently in a 2 foot =[ keep in mind they are only just over palm sized at the moment. I will also get a Bigger turtle dock for her, plus that "pond" will only be 3/4 full at most. Regards! Nathan =]
  4. things were getting very crowded so i got a pair of scissors to my top tanks halimeda and all other coralline algae forms along with a few the things tost out, it’s looking a little bald, like me now,lol. Morphs multiplying,tubastraea multiplying and algae going nuts, the few acans and stony corals in here don’t have much room any more, so I think I am going to loose some of those as they get squeezed to death. The long tendril cream morphs are already finding it hard to have space, its not looking good for them, the purple/blues are much stronger and forcing them out by covering them.
  5. as title states, this month i can cut lids free for all members on this site..... will be either 4 or 3mm but is free and will be all arissed with all sharp edges removed. pm for your sizes..... or phone me on 0433567664.................. just a kind gesture from myself to help others bring a beer also (if you want) mike
  6. hey guys, im getting a new tank next weekend, and im gonna need some lids for it, does anyone know where i can get some cut and what they roughly charge? must be on the southside
  7. Brought some terrecotta pots from a hardware Want to cut them down and put in bn tank. For caves/ chill out spot. Cutting them with and how? I'd have to soak them I'm guessing to make it Easyer?? And soak them with any water conditioner like u do with driftwood ?? Did some googling no reall simple answer. Help
  8. anyone know of somewhere that is kind of cheap or not overpriced to get some glass lids cut for my tanks i live in herston so would not prefer to go all over brissy thanks for any help ;)
  9. Help Found - Thanks everyone !! Hello everyone, i hope this is in the right section. I have a few pieces of glass that i would like cut. Anyone on the sunshine coast that can help me out ? Thanks for taking the time to reading.
  10. Does any one know were to get glass cut? I need lids for my tanks have the glass just need it cut and the edges beveled and finger holes cut in them thanks clint
  11. ive got a large piece of perspex that i want to cut,its about 6mm thick. whats the best way to do it. cheers marty
  12. hi i am looking for someone to cut two holes in the back of my 4x2x2 10mm glass does anyone know where to get this done please not sure where to start looking thanks pls pm any ideas
  13. hey all - I'm building 3 sumps and need some glass cut for dividers (6mm) and also need some lids cut (4mm)... I've pm'ed fish junkie, but haven't heard back yet - Can anyone here can help? cheers
  14. Hey Guys, just seeing if there is any 1 out there that would drill my holes for my 6x2x2 would need to be at my house and i dont mind paying of course or if ne 1 just wants to help ? lol as im thinking of heading down the sump road as ive recently seen 1 set up and was very impressed so yeh if any 1 can help me ? that would be appreciated and just wanna way up the costs as i already have a fx-5 ready for it but i mean i could sell that quite easily! thanks again Matt.
  15. Hey everyone Sorry, I'm new to all this, and really don't know what to do. It looked like my betta had lost a few of the scales on his chest 2 days ago (it looked pearly white) - and I thought he might have scratched himself or something... Anyway, today there's like white meat dangling from his chest :( Do I put him in a hospital tank or something so he can't scratch himself more? And do I need to give him anything to help him heal? He looks happy still, but it just looks really terrible... I tried putting up a picture but it keeps failing Thanks so much Jen
  16. can this be done, need urgent help, as i got myself a new 3ft and a hang on filter today for $43 yer thats rite $43 dollars from petbarn, if you want one get down there to the lawnton shop, amazing prices cause they are discontinued lines. Any way my problem is that the rails are about 5 cm too long and need them to be cut/shave/removed what evr i can do or someone can offer to do for me. PLAES HELP ME ASAP Trent
  17. hi all are there anyone that can advice me how to cut running cost? ( mainly from heater cost ) i'm currently running 5 tanks all with individual heater and filters 1 5ft on 200watt heater + 1 2400l/hr cannister + 1 1800l/hr internal 1 4ft with 200w heater + 1 internal 1 6ft with 300w heater + 1 pump 1 5ft with 250w heater + 1 internal f 1 3ft with 100w heater + 1 internal f 1 coming soon the last 4 tanks are in the garage, running from a single power outlet... ( is that safe )??? i've laid carpet to cover 2/3 of the garage floor i havnt received the new energex bill, but i'm guessing it's gonna blow our budget big time as previously only running 2 tanks upstair. any advice would be greatly appreciated.. thanks ibrahim
  18. Hi..just wondering if anybody on this forum makes lids for tanks as i am in need of a few new sets for a few of my tanks. Or if not knows a good place to get some made up? Cheers Craig
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