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Found 8 results

  1. How do you go about dealing with your holding females. Separate or strip?
  2. Has anyone had success keeping jumbo leptosoma with fronts? I know in the wild they are frontosa food but i thought there would be a good chance of keeping them together in a tank with all fish well feed.
  3. So after killing nearly my entire colony ( Sorry to who I bought them off, and don't ask ), im finally getting fry again Ive actually never been this excited. Found two fry this morning and I didn't even realise she was holding! I bought some bubs of Shon what feels like ages ago and have been super lucky in getting 1 boy and 5 females (think one is my fry as I killed the albino) They are pretty much at breeding size now. So heres to getting a nice big colony again Dunno why I just love this fish lol. Six months ago, I nearly gave up.... Managed to kill a trio of demonsoni the other day, thought id try a diff sort of African. ..... So was pretty bummed about that, still not sure how, such a noob sometimes. Now these fry have made my day Cmon another peppermint spawn
  4. Recently moved my pr of firefin comps to a new set up and they seemed a bit down(well that one that didnt get the prime real estate anyways!)so they now have some new tankmates to help them socialize and I think it shows a bit of entertainment goes a long way..... And yeah 1 problem....I cant remember what these guys are ...I forgot about 10 minutes after grabbing them ... i know they are Cyprichromis Leptosoma Jumbo ?????????????? and then its gone....kitumba?...chaitika?....gold fin kapampa?.....being new to these guys and having a big name like that...bad combo and google aint helping as it seems to them these guys all look the same .....
  5. just some pics of my lepto breeding colony which are looking really stunning at the moment and breeding well. enjoy
  6. I've been loving my Utintas lately. They've been going ballistic. The males have coloured up and have been in full display mode to the females as well as territorial threats to one another, check the fin damage! I managed to snap a few keepers hope you enjoy. Troy
  7. Male showing off 2M and 8F in the colony in a 4x2.5x2 with 9 Ochrogenys Ndole
  8. Hey guys, not sure of the exact variant but i seen some German albino Leptosoma today, was very surprised, at first i thought they were very washed out albino Nigripinnis then i noticed some had yellow/orange coloured tails and realised what they were! Awesome fish for any Tang/albino lover. Cheers Stace
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