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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all I have New batch of babies hatched today. This is a young pair that has breed for me maybe 6 times the first few times the eggs were eaten. The last 2 batches the eggs have hatched and then were eaten. I think its the mum thats doing it but I cant be sure. Each time they manage to get older before being eaten. The last time they made it to day 6 from hatching. This is a big batch of babies. There was another female in the tank with them but she has been removed for a couple of weeks. So should I leave them both be or remove mum I have read of some breeders removing mum.
  2. Last night one of my females spent hours laying eggs. But as soon as she let the boy in he just ate them, hahah. Typical insensitive male hehe I got a couple of videos: https://vimeo.com/44442406 https://vimeo.com/44439671 https://vimeo.com/44442013
  3. Just thought i would also mention something funny:) I had a white fat molly who every fish in the tank would follow around at her bottom all day long eating whatever came out was a funny sight. Then i had 2 female mollys and one female platty ... well . i have molly and platty babies and the only males were guppys and ram and clown loaches... and they had 2 lots of babies for those that ask were they pregnant when i got them .... I didnt think fish interbred... My friend has the babies now and i am awaiting to see what they come out like when grown
  4. Ken doesn't get out too much due to illness but he loves his garden and really loves his pond. A big thanks to Brent for making his day All the ranchu Gold fish came from Goldenswimmers stock They are great fish and he did me a great deal $$$ My pay it forward to him is that hes picking up fish from me and i hope he feels hes getting a good deal in return you all know im not the best at photo's Fish Junkie
  5. I have a daddy faning hes fry, today is the 8th day he has been faning them as wrigglers. I read they take about 4-7 days before he lets them out off hes cave. Can the male hold them in there to long. This is the first time i have tried to breed them and i dont know if the b/n has breed as i just brought him. Thanks.
  6. Bought mum from last Auction with 4 others. Separated her and put in tank with big male cause she was bossing the others around too much. 2 days later a had eggs Only annoying thing is I'm moving house in 3 days lol
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. hey got some pics of my blue dolphins. have fry for sale from these guys aprox 40 atm with another 100 on the way in a month or so fry are at 5-6 cm cant post pic of fry as they are in a tub and i lost my cam at work dam plasterers plastered over it so is in a wall some were lol pm if interested thanks chris
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. My guppies have had babies - I'm a proud dad of 10 fry so far... As always this was totally unexpected so... The only food I have till i go to the shop tomorrow is flakes. Can i crush some up into powder and feed that to the fry or will only baby Brine shrimp do? Thanks heaps everyone
  11. This is the first mouthful i have gotten in my tank since that stupid substrate disaster. The dad: The mum Now fingers crossed for the 5+ other species in there.
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