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Found 7 results

  1. ...I want to take off smaller parts of my large Anubis plant to put Into my smaller tanks but I don't want to damage or kill my plant though. How can I do this? (Anubis in far back of the picture)
  2. ive had a hard time today with my baby discus fish. i woke up at 5:30 cuz i heard a splash, and i thought to myself "they always splash they will be fine" but i got worried and about 10 minutes later i looked at my tank and instead of having 5 baby fish i only had 4. so i opened my hood and there he was beached as bro. he was still breathing so i put him back in the tank and from there on he went down hill. he lost a couple of scales and was on his side. at around lunch time he had lost 1/3rd of his scales on both sides and was swimming in circles and all over the place. i went to work and then when i got home he was upside down and absolutly no scales on either side of him. i got very upset becuase this has never happened to me before. with help from the guy i got them off he said it would be best to freeze him. this was hard put i said a few words and put him in the freezer. he will be in fish heaven soon. but do you think that becuase the discus was out of the water for so long its got brain damage or something? becuase he was a very healthy fish and would eat like crazy. im shocked that such a healthy fish went down hill in less then 18hrs :'(
  3. I have recently set up 10 2 foot tanks connected to a sump system to house my bristlenose pairs. However, to make room for this system i had to close down several tanks which led to 10-15 pairs of bristlenose in a single 4x2x2 tank. it was only for about 4 days but my most prized fish came off worse for wear. I have a 11cm longfin pepermint male but as hes a bit more fragile then the other bn his fins have been damaged. he doesnt look to stressed at present but was wondering what i can do to improve the fin repair times. Anyway advice appreciated.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. hi all i'm having a hard time with some of my fish in my 8ft tank. two of my fish seem to have stringy bits coming of there fins. the fins are slightly split in the areas where the stringy bits are occuring. first i thought it was white spot so i treated the tank and nothing seemed to happen. all of the other fish are fine and healthy but this particular fish is really struggling. does anyone know of what this may be?. i'm going to do a waterchange and treat the tank with wardley promethyasul. cant figure out is it is fungal or parasitic(maybe some form of worm). it all started when one of my heaters shat itself earlier in the week . I've turned the heat up in the tank and will add a generous amount of salt after the water change. any help would be great. thanks greg
  6. Hey guys recently bought a polleni and id say hes had a run in with either my midas or my fenestrata...(edit the 2 in my avatar) anyway hes got a bit of lip damage and had this white furry looking stuff on it (the water isnt green its just the wall behind it 2400lph in a 160l tank so i dont think filtration is the problem!) Mate told me to get some MelaFix and do a week course anything else i should be doing? Cheers, Scott
  7. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can advise on a problem with my sailfin. He's about 7 or so centimeters and has a few dramas with his fins. I'm mainly concerned with "splits" in both front fins but they also have a few pin holes in them also. His tail is looking a little ratty as well. I have not seen any of the other fish attack him in any way so whats going on with him? All other fish fins are perfect so whats his problem? Any help would be great. Cheers
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