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Found 12 results

  1. Well it seems finally(maybe by accident or maybe someones finally caught on:eek:)we are getting proper top view ranchu in Australia...the genetics are completely different with these guys but there is now a little group of them lurking around and knowing a wholesaler has supplied a few shops with these is good news....now people just have to make sure they don't cross the 2(side view with top view) and lose the true Japanese ranchu genetics...or else its back to square one with these guys..I've managed to get my hands on 4 and will have my eyes (and wallet) open for future fish.... Will be nice to start talking about top view ranchu,these different fish and opportunities with these guys...creating your own bloodline! Heres some pics of the guys I manage to grab...most have a little flaw here or there except one nice little guy but the genetics are there and that's all you need to get to work..
  2. My lil rant dont u hate when a tank gives out i turned down a free tank today that is gone now andbthen my tank gave way lucky i have an indoor pond to pit the fish in but they dont like each other tried to make as many holes to hode in as possible any want rant over **** of a day
  3. My escondido succumbed today (overnight). He was nudging the large synodontis yesterday (aggressively) and the only mark that I found on him was a puncture wound above his eye RIP
  4. Yep bit of promotion for the awesome natives out there.....and also what native fish would you like but cant get??...yes there are even natives that are too big or just rare/uncommon like an albino barra...or a nice red gulf saratoga ....or maybe those hard to find golden eel tailed catfish....or yep...even a lungfish or freshwater moray! Here's some nice aussie battlers.....
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. So a little while ago i finally managed to get rid of the hundreds of LG6's that were breeding like rabbits in one of my tanks. Ended up with 4 juvies that i couldn't be bothered trying to catch out, figured i would eventually get round to trading them at my lfs. Imagine my surprise yesterday when i walked into the fish room only to discover LG6 fry (baby helicoptors) stuck all over the glass of their tank. At only 10 months old and maybe 8cm i wouldn't of thought they would be breeding so soon, now i gotta get rid of them all over again. Dammit!! Caught them at it again in their tube so now i have another spawn on the way as well. I know i could just let them all die off but i kinda feel obliged to take care of them now that they're there. Lesson learnt though. This time i wont be a lazy @ss and will be sure to get rid of ALL of them.....................one day, when i get round to it, lol!
  7. god damn zzs have laid in my community tank
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I gave into my impulses and bought 4x L168 off Pleconose lastnight (only saw his post yesterday afternoon ) and now want to fill my 6ft with more L's...... I think my wife will divource me if I do but.... It's really hard, I have a craving for L's again. What too do??
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  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Stripped one of my Ngara White tails last night after 10 days she had a woping 67 eggs, but only 12 where fertilised. Damn male must be a permature ejectulator or something lol >< dammit there eggs are so small i couldnt belive how many there were. i think they need alil practise :S do many people get this sort of thing? cheers Adam
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