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Found 11 results

  1. Yep - $1.30 a pack including your QLDAF discount - no typo error. This is a in store pick up!! Please make sure you mention QLDAF when picking them up as they are $1.45 - less your discount - $1.30 Bargain Frozen Foods - Pickup Only
  2. Well looks like I finally got it going. The Daphnia/copepod mix I got from Steve a few weeks ago, I threw into my corner bathtub pond, now looks like it is self generating. Looks of established daphnia in there and youngsters, amongst other critters. Just did a check this morning and all healthy. Will be throwing Bosemanii in there in a week or to when it finally warms up for the Spring. Plenty of tasty treats for them. Meanwhile, I will take a few cultures from the pond and spread them around my various vessels to keep a constant supply going as I imagine these guys won't last too long when the Boesmanii see them. I am trying an indoor culture in a one foot tank with a sponge and a clip on led. Green water in large water cooler bottles. Spread the risk around, hopefully I can keep these guys going, learnt from my past failures. Apologies for the quality of the image.
  3. Please ignore this group buy. The source is too expensive, for what you get. Will keep looking and will let everyone who might be interested know. Hi gang I have found a source of live Daphnia . Its $10 overnight shipping. I have made enquiries its $15 for a starter culture (teaspoon), $25 for a larger culture (tablespoon) and I am waiting to hear back on a larger order price. Anyone interested in going in and order, split the costs? PM me.
  4. Hi folks, For a little while now, I've been trying to find a source of daphnia so that I could give my fish a different food source. I've looked in a few creeks and such, but have had no luck in finding any, as normally the creeks and ponds for full of fish already. I made an enquiry to a local scientific supply company, and the guy there has really been helpful. While they don't sell any, he did some research for me to try and find where any suppliers might be and got back to me just now. Here's one of the things he wrote : "Not only are the fish the problem, but worms and brine shrimp, often (unavoidably) present apparently, also go for the Daphnia first – even in the Petri Dish, so I read that many aquaculturists are struggling to produce quality daphnia cultures. Also, of all things, I understand some of the bushfires we’ve had in various states in the last 5-8 years killed a certain proportion of the high quality stocks. One chap in NSW, who appears to have been the main seller about 4-5 years ago wrote to me this morning: “Unfortunately we haven’t got a culture of Daphnia at the moment – we lost our main culture last year, and so far we haven’t managed to get a clean culture established again. Most of the so called ‘daphnia cultures’ we received had different crustaceans in them, and only small amounts of daphnia, but the other crustaceans have taken over in all our breeding tanks, therefore we are still looking for a good reliable source of daphnia." Interesting to note how even the pros are having a hard time at this. I've also read how some people buy frozen (non-irradiated) daphnia and put a few chunks into some water on the assumption that there will be some with eggs that will be reanimated, but there seems to be some mixed results. Trouble is, where to find the frozen stuff in the first place, as none around me (Capalaba and south brisbane) sell it. Would it work the same with freeze-dried daphnia as well? Anyway, just thought I'd put this up in case someone else was interested. Regards, Doug
  5. Has anyone got them. ???? And are they able to be shipped successfully?? Cheers Marty
  6. Ok guys I have a Daphnia question. I have been rearing daphnia which I bought off Wolfgang for about two weeks now. They are in a 2ft tank, with mild aeration via a sponge filter. Water changes come via aged water from my tanks. I provide them with a small amount of coral rubble for calcium uptake for carapice production. I have a few ramshorns as clean up crew. I harvest often and feed them on yeast mixed with spirulina, soy flour and water. I feed sparingly and only after the water has cleared. They also get green water, and blood. I have two back up cultures out doors. They get 12 hours of light. Here are my questions : 1. yesterday I did a 50 % water change, this morning I noticed that they are producing ephippia. Is this a bad thing ? I hear they do this under duress or before a crash. They get plenty of light and up until yesterday were producing asexually. What has changed ? Should I be worried ? 2. I have read that they can be feed on dried blood. I feed them on fresh blood from the supermarket meat trays. Why dried blood ? Surely when you add dried blood to the culture it becomes wet. Is there a difference? Thanks in advance.
  7. Can daphnia attack fry in bristlenose tanks, I have them in massive numbers as I guess bristlenose dont eat them. Have notice the occasional dead fry and it is covered in them? Is there a way to get rid of them apart from adding fish to eat them? Steve
  8. I need to get some daphnia for my baby axolotls. Ive been feeding them baby brine shrimp that im hatching but im sick of doing that (& they die after a couple of hrs in the water) Ive rung a few shops on the Goldcoast (where i live) & no one seems to know where i can get some! Anyone know somewhere??? please....
  9. Where can i get these from? I've got some baby axolotls and these are something they eat. Once sourced, can i keep a supply going, as in , will they breed up themselves, or will i need to continue buying them? I'm not familiar with these food types
  10. hey guys, just wondering if anyone here breeds daphnia and/or black worms? could they share their secrets and possibly some so i can start my own colony?
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