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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I know this had probably been asked 1000000000000000 times on this forum and I do apologise for asking again but i can't seem to find a solution. Lets start from the beginning WE got my daughter a: Blue Planet 'Classic 20' 20L tank (inbuilt filter and light) Bag of pretty pink gravel Used: quick start water ager CN (had no idea was cycling was...) Fish added: 2x white cloud minnows 1 x Shukbukin Goldfish long story short: 1 minnow and goldfish died (backend floated up fish could get deep) got a bad algal bloom took last minnow out kept it in a vase for 3 weeks. emptied tank cleaned it with tap water (including the activated carbon in the filter.) left the glass and the gravel in the sun for a few days. Put it all back together tried to cycle water (again without knowing what i was doing...[no boilogical material to create ammonia{i know. i know}]) added prime, quick start, ph balanced, placed minnow back in bought a heater (defiantly big enough for little tank) added 2 x guppies and 1 x BN catfish. guppies ate minnow's tail. it died. one guppy died. (within 3 days of adding to tank) all good for a few weeks. Went away for weekend, over fed fish. came to the tank so cloudy that you can even see 5 cm deep into the water. PH 6.4 Ammoina 8+ppm nitrare 0 nitrite 0 been like this for over 2 weeks. fish seem fine (when i can actually see them) been adding prime, quick start and ammolock every 2 days. 10% water changes (tap water) no change to water levels or cloudiness. added a bag of Purigen to filter box a week ago Wife very angry, daughter too, Please help. sorry for the long message tries to be short! (my wife keeps saying a cat would be cheaper) THANKS
  2. Hi I just caught my 2 yr old eating the Pleco alge pelletts behind the couch. Are they poisonous? Do I need to take her to hospital the info line won'tgive me an answer as the don't know. Like WTF!!!! Sorry just freeing out a bit
  3. Hi All, My daughter has fallen in love with Bettas and wants to keep and breed them. As I know nothing about them (catfish and rainbow fish for me) I thought I'd see if I could find out some information for her before we get too far into it. What is a good way to set up the system? ie tank sizes for keeping as well as breeding? I thought a rack system so she can keep the breeders as well as the grow out tanks all on the one rack. Any help would be appreciated.
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