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Found 36 results

  1. Yep we have Prime, Fraction, API and Supachlor dechlorinators water ages and Supachlor 2 litre we have a massive bargain on - $21.96 less your QLDAF discount just $19.76 2 Days only or while stock lasts. Australian Made Use just 5ml per 200 liters Water Ager Removes Ammonia Removes Fluoride Removes Heavy Metals Removes Copper, Iron, Zinc and Aluminium by chelating Removes Hydrated Lime Does not contain Formaldehyde Here is the link -----> http://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp
  2. I've got a pair of discus eating their eggs after 2 days. They have laid 3 times, once in a community tank and twice in a separate breeding tank. I'd like to know what the best course of action is other than just letting nature take its course. I've seen online a lot of people recommend using mesh or chicken wire to protect the eggs or taking out the female on the 2nd day as she's likely to be the one eating the eggs or leaving a light on in the room. Ph is 6.5. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are 0. Temp is 29. Any advice is appreciated. Tristan
  3. Hi, My ista 3l cyclinder has run out and will be refilled this week. Are there things i can do to lessen the impact of no c02 for 2-3 days for my plants or would 2-3 days not make much of a difference. Also anyone found a place to refill the ista c02 cyclinder's on the northside of brisbane. I was going to try the brewing hub boondall. Thanks Mick
  4. Evening guys. This one is for our tank building buddies, Its been a fair few years since I resealed any tanks, used to buy the stuff from mary's aquarium. Who is my best contact for this these days? On the south side would be easiest. Any help appreciated. Craigo
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hi 3 days ago my beautiful decided she wanted to feed the baby fish and mummy fish, so she moved and climbed on a chair to get the fish food while I was cooking dinner and pored half a Chinese container of flake in the tank . I straight away got out the net and get as much as I could out I then did a gravel clean and rinsed the filter sponge in the bucket of tank water as it was clogged up. I have repeated gravel clean for the last 3 days. The water is still cloudy. Is there any home remedies I can do? I will post levels when the tank settles in an hour. Thank you
  7. We are looking to carry this on and just wanted a little feedback on what you would like to see. We have had L-Catfish and NLS so far. This weekend is already planned but rather than me just picking I thought I would just ask for a little feedback to get some idea's if you do not mind as it is all about you guys and gals and what you want. Thanks
  8. All Eheim will apply for Double Discount days on Friday, Saturday and finish on Sunday . It is in store only so you will need to come in to get it. If it has Eheim written on it - its in - but no marking boxes with texters... Get 10% off for QLDAF Then another 10% off. on... Vacs Feeders Internal Filters Canister Filters Air Pumps Jager Heaters Submerged Pumps Media Everything..... Eheim Aquarium Heaters, Pumps and Filters
  9. Hey guys, Just tested my water with an API Master Test kit 2 days after doing a water change and my parameters are as follows Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 PH - pushing 8.0-8.2 it seems Nitrates - pushing 40ppm Previously the tank was running at around PH - 7.4 Nitrates - were around 5.0ppm after introducing Purigen. My concern is the rise in the PH as well as the higher than usual nitrates 2 days after changing 25% of the water Tank is 25Litres with Red Cherry Shrimp and a Mystery Snail running Aquaclear HOB with Seachem matrix (and original bio) and purigen Water temp is up from about 25-27 with the current hot weather here. Should I be concerned at these levels? I recently started feeding the shrimp daily, rather than every 2nd day, could this be the issue and should I go back to this? Any ideas are appreciated. EDIT: Water is straight from a Water Tank also
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Today I have lost three fish, my canister on my oscar tank stopped working, I lost a part of a filter from my flowerhorn tank down the drain and its wont work, to top ot off I have done a EPIC glass cut on finger, whitch I almost couldn't stop it from bleeding (I think I have)... Shouldn't have left the bed this morning!!!! GRRRR!! :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:
  12. During the Christmas period there will be two times where orders will be delayed which are the the times where Australia Post are closed. 24th & 25th December 31st December and 1st January All other times we will be business as usual and happy to help.
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  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Yesterday I lost 20 breeding trilienatus corydoras catfish Something to do with the airlines not working. I'm kicking myself because I was going to do a much needed water change and filter clean but put it off because I was busy with the baby....if I had the water clean and the sponges clean then perhaps I wouldn't have lost so many fish, but with out the airlines going and dirty water they all started dropping off, I have two left and they are likely to pass on later today as they're on their sides. Kicking myself, if I'd gone down that night to check on them.... Instantly did a massive water change, cleaned filters and fixed air lines but it did nothing and then they all got chlorine burn even though i put in heaps of prime, could it have affected them because they were already weak? Kind of wants to make you give up fish keeping, I'm just glad I didn't loose all my fancy laser corys, their tank didn't have the same airline connections. Argh only myself to blame, does anyone else have 'stupid mistake' stories they wanna share so I don't feel so bad? hindsight is a wonderful thing....
  16. My zz malau girl and water kok zz have now laid twice in 7 days
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  18. Some days are rocks, but some days are bloody diamonds! Hopefully everyone has a had a great day especially you Donny boy!
  19. Hi guys, I have a container of Sera Flora (big 50 dollar one) and I was feeding my tangs at 4.30am two days ago and forgot to put the lid on it as I was still half asleep. There appears to be moisture in the flakes now and seems a little wet so does that mean food is now cactus? Will the food be okay? Any tips for drying it out? Dumb lesson to learn but I should of been more alert Thanks, Adam
  20. Hi my kilesa bred 3 days ago And she has been holding as of 6pmsaturday. I havnt fed any of them since then and was wondering after how many days do the eggs hatch in her mouth and is it ok not to feed any of them( the whole colony) for 7-14days till I strip her. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Mark
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  22. Hi All, Just to let everyone know we are now open 7 days a week. Our Sunday trading hours are 9am - 3pm. Ben
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