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Found 35 results

  1. Hi Guys, So a few months ago i picked up a pair of convicts and a new tank , So as Convicts do it seems they have consistently been laying eggs but within a couple of days will start eating them. And after this happens the male (who i think is the one eating the eggs decides to spend the next couple of days beating the S##t out of the female ... So i separated them again with egg crate.... and the male ... well is not a male, as he laid eggs in his/her side of the separated tank. So two females is what i have it seems, i have no other tanks for now that can house one of the females so is it possible to have a trio of convicts or is that just setting up a death match . Tank is 110 ltr (60 x 60 x 40) One pot/cave and 4 bushy fake plants in the tank Cheers for the advice
  2. Problem: I bought 2 L270's at the QAS auction and they died sometime during the next day I feel as thought it must have been something I have done.. .. Ph:-6.8/7 (depending on water changes) Ammonia:- 0.25 Nitrate:- 0 Nitrite:-0 Filling using Town water Size of tank:- 4x2x2 Temperature °C:- 28 Been running for:- AGES.. haha i guess since we moved house.. 1yr at this house.. and like 9+ at the old house. Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:-FLUVAL FX6 Fish in tank:- 5 Neon Cardinals 5 German White Tail Tuxedo Guppies 5 Discus 3 Female Peppermint BN 1 Male Peppermint BN .. ahh like 6 Runaway 4cm Peppermints.. 2 Clown Loaches Plants in Tank:- Not sure on the names of them all.. - Elodia - Ricca? - Anubias - some type of fern.. - Baby tears Feeding:- What food and How often - Sera Discus Granuals (morning and night) - Pumpkin/zuchini Everyother night. Recent Medication Treatments:- After the L's died... - Kusuri Wormer Plus (50mg/g Flubendazole and naturally sourced calcium carbonate) as Peppermint Fry were showing long stringy poos. Last water change:- the day before they were added.. Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly Every second to third day - Suction poo off bottom of tank. (No substrate) 25% change. Every Sunday 50% water change.. I just wonder if theres something that may have caused them to croak.. do they have to have a particular type of water? Do they not get along with other fish? Feeling very sad.. They were my first L numbers.. Other than peps. ' Looking at their little bodies again.. It looks like their vents poking out? Not sure if this is a thing that happens after death...?? Bellies not swollen, were happy swimming when placed in the tank.. Oh 40min adjustment to our tank, added small portions of water over a 40 minute into the bag before adding to the main tank. (I dont have another tank to set up a quarantine tank/was trusting the supplier to have healthy fish)
  3. Found one of my bemba laying on aquarium floor when i got home today He was only juvie not sure his stomach has gone diff colour Rest of fish are fine doing what they normaly do. Any help? thanks ben
  4. Hoping someone can help with treatments. Some fish get a white fungal growth, others get what looks like an exposed wound. I've lost 5 adult crimson spot rainbows over the last 3 months. They seem to get it one at a time. Their breathing rates increase and later die. So far I have tried the following: 1. Water changes. (approx 3gms salt per litre). 2. Full treatment of Protozin (correct doseage and recommended treatments). 3. Full treatment of Myxazin. 4. Commenced second treatment of Protozin. Each treatment has water changes in between. I have no carbon or purigen in the filter. Nitrates are low with the water changes. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  5. well i have been running my tank (30Lt ) since the the start of the 5th month and today i saw one of my guppys laying on the bottom so i took it out and this is what its doing what is happening GH---KH---PH---NO2---NO3---AMMONIA 180--120--7.5---0-----20-----0 all the other ones are swimming around eating the slime on thingsi dont know what has caused it http://youtu.be/x00n0gqzf34
  6. Ph:- Between 6.68 - 6.78 (rising during day) Ammonia:-Between 0 - 0.25ppm (closer to 0) Nitrate:- 30 to 40ppm Nitrite:- 0 Gh:- 50ppm Kh:- Size of tank:- 5x2x2 Temperature °C:- 28 Been running for:- 4+ months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- FX5 x 2 with sponge inlets Fish in tank:- cherry shrimp, L134's, Rummynose and couple of common BN Plants in Tank:- Java's, various mosses, and some dwarf blyxa Feeding:- Mainly Hikari Massivore in the evening,supplemented once a week with frozen FFC Community (new) and Hikari Mysis Shrimp Recent Medication Treatments:- Nil Last water change:- 5 days ago Water change every 7 days (40%) Observations: Yesterday noticed this little guy out and about darting around erratically around 11am (nothing prior to this). He seemed to settle down when he got under some cover and didn't see him out again. At about 9pm saw him on his side and noticed he was twitching/spasms (see video). Netted him to keep the shrimp etc off him overnight and in the morning he was dead. I admit I've been struggling with high Nitrate for a while and been managing it with water changes sometimes twice a week. All other fish appear fine and show no signs of stress etc - in fact they look pretty good. Post-mortem pics show redness around the gill area. This is the second L134 I've lost like this, however the first one was in another tank - same symptoms, wildly darting around before being on its side and eventual death while all other fish including other L134's are fine. Can anybody shine some light on what is happening? These guys mean a lot to me and a little devastating to see one die especially after losing 6 juvies to an unfortunate mistake earlier on. Have about 30 in the tank with different sizes growing them out from juveniles to a sub-adults. I suspect high Nitrate is a factor, but I would expect other fish to show some stressing as well. Pics Below: Video: http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/plec134/media/Sick%20134/Vid5mb_zps53c6b9cb.mp4.html
  7. I moved my common breeding pair into my display tank so I could shut down their tank, There was already a male albino in the display tank, last couple of days i noticed both males fighting and also the female fighting with both males. Come home from work today to find a dead female, there is 4 logs in the tank along with plenty of hiding spots. Is it common for this to happen, I have never herd of it. 1st pic is female 2nd pic is breeding male 3rd pic is male already in display tank Cheers Doug
  8. on Saturday I "spotted" my smallest(4 cm) spotted gudgeon swimming upside down, then last night I found it dead and missing all its scales? I'm very puzzled, does anyone have a clue why it died? thanks Jake
  9. A cautionary tale worth heeding. World Beautiful colours......... natures way of saying I will eat your face off.
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  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. I recently moved 8 Pristella Tetra into their own tank and BAM .. they spawned for the first time ever. Would have been great if they hadn't killed a female in the process! I found her dead the next morning and I can only assume they exhausted her? Would this be right? Turns out there were 6 males to 2 females (I can't tell them apart until they are spawning). Last week they started on the last female, so I've moved her to another tank until I can work out what to do. a) first thought was to do a WTB ad for more females but what if they still target one at a time and exhaust them to death also? then thought of re-homing the 6 males, buying 6-7 new ones (all too young to sex at pet shop) in the hope of getting a lower male mix, to add with the adult female I still have... not easy though when I've had them over a year and they were my first fish. c) This is my preference unless anyone can see a problem with it: keep the 6 males in their 3ft with NO females and leave the single female in the 4ft with the guppies, neons and sterbai (they all grew up together). I know this isn't great for a tetra but right now she seems happy.. she's eating well, being very interactive and showing no real signs of stress. From Day 1 of getting them she has always done her own thing, whereas the other 7 stuck together. Could she possibly be ok long term as a solo tetra? Anyone had experience with that? All thoughts appreciated.. Cheers.
  13. Problem:- tank was clear after the w/c but a few hours later became cloudy, left it and around lunchtime today notice 2 congos upside down but still alive, transferred to an empty tank,2 plants deteriorating( almost bare stems now) and my firemouth sitting still on the bottom seeming very sluggish, now lost 4 congos Ph:- 7.4- which is constant Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:-dark yellow so above 0 Nitrite:- 0 Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:- roughtly 70 gallons Temperature °C:- 25c Been running for:- 14 months, perfectly for last 9 Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- aqua one on the top- fine spronge, course sponge, purigen, matrix Fish in tank:-4 angels 2 kribs 1 firemouth 1 red forest jewel 1 acara blue 10 congo tetras 2 sae 3 bronze corys Plants in Tank:- various plants Feeding:- What food and How often 2 times a day (auto feeder)- spectrum community. Recent Medication Treatments:- none Last water change:-yesterday Water change fortnightly backstory, 4ft tank been setup and running roughly 14 months faced a few problems form the start but gotten all sorted and for the last 9 months say been running perfectly. Yesterday decided to add a couple of new angels to complete the tank, but before this thought was a good idea to give the filter a good clean and change purigen back in, purigen has been out sitting in primed water for about 3 months. did a 50ish% w/c and replaced everything back to normal, topped up excel and flourish for the plants. the went out and found 2 angels to add to the tank. tank was clear after the w/c but a few hours later became cloudy, left it and around lunchtime today notice 2 congos upside down but still alive, transferred to an empty tank,2 plants deteriorating( almost bare stems now) and my firemouth sitting still on the bottom seeming very slugish so did another large w/c and removed the purigen. what else can I do? I believe my problem was chlorine from the purigen recharge but smelt fine. any ideas? all help is appreciated thanks jacob
  14. My Dwarf Gourami died a couple of days ago. I upped the temperature from 24 to 26 which is the only thing that I had changed. Could this be the reason? I thought it would be perfectly okay up to 28 degrees. Cheers
  15. Hi guys, i have kept fish for years, but since the passing of my 10 year old red devil, Bruiser, I thought I'd try my hand at tropicals. I have been getting some great help from Hung at red dragon aquatic, but i wont be over that way for a week or so, so i thought i might ask the question here. I had a case of white spot, i lost one hoplo and a cory, the only other fish that showed symptoms was a clown loach. to treat i upped the temp to 29 (From 26-27) and use protzin for the 6 day suggested cycle. The last 2 days my Gold Gourami and Angel did not look to be eating. I did a half water change yesterday (120lts) and all water tests are fine. when i get home from work today, the Gourami is gornski's and the Angel looks not much better. The angel also has a clear worm like poo hanging out. there are no visible signs on any other fish and they all seen healthy and active. they were being fed sera granules (looks like Nescafe abit) and recently changed to hikari micro wafers, to try and get the spiny eel to eat dry food. any thoughts and or help is muchly appreciated. thanks Bryan
  16. I've got home this evening and the female of a (recently breeding)pair of spilurus was floating upside down....badly beaten it seems Male happy in other corner with the kids....seems they had a violent domestic Just interested if any one has saved a fish that was beaten to the point of floating up side down? I don't think I'll save her.....but we'll see?
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  18. Hello, Unfortunately the Ranchu in my picture died today. I saw he was unwell in the morning, the scales on top of his spine were pale, almost white. He was very lethargic, floating at the surface. Last night I treated my tank with Sterazin from Waterlife. I did this because said Ranchu often did long stringy poops, it often looked as though his poops didn't really contain any.. poop? Just long pieces of string. The dose for Sterazin says to treat at different intervals, but I am worried that maybe this killed him. Yesterday evening he was eating and swimming around. My tank is 75L, freshwater and approximately 26°C. I drop tested the water this evening and my pH was at 7.5, my Ammonia was below 0.25ppm, I had low to no readings for Nitrate and Nitrite. My tank is fully cycled, It has been running for months with good readings. I used Prime water conditioner and Stability as a weekly treatment. The other fish in the tank have not changed in behaviour or appearance. Their diet consists of shelled peas, Hikari sinking lion-head pellets and sometimes they get a bloodworm cube. Um, anymore info you need? I just want to know why he died and if my other fish are at risk.
  19. bit of a sad day lost my first fish i found my gold sev floating when i got home with no eyes dam cannibals thought she was doing fine never got harrased or had markings from beeing attacked she never seemed to eat much becuase the food was abit to big so i bought her smaller pellets and live food that she ate not sure of the reason just did a water test and ph is 7.2 to 7.6 range cant notice in colour, ammonia is at 0to.25ppm cant notice difference also on the chart nitrite is at 0 and nitrate is at 0
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  22. woke up to frontosa,s dying n dead ones on the bottom. colony of 7 fish between 12cm to 26cm, keep with chilumbas n clown loaches and yo yo loach.two large loaches trapped in a log in the morning was freed but noticed it had left their slim in the tank . could this be the reason frontosa died?... any with info pls reply as i still got 2 other larger colony left .......hope same thing doesnt happen again
  23. I posted the other day about losing a TONNE of my bristlenose after waterchanges. I tested my 6ft tank (fish I've had for YEARS, my absolute pride and joys) last night and was SHOCKED by an insane amount of nitrites in an established tank. I've been treating with pimafix for a fungal infection. I keep salt levels at about 1-2g per litre (all fish are natives and appreciate the salt.) Did an emergency water change (50%), tested again, nitrites were higher. This was late, I didn't want to end up doing a 100% water change, so I got myself up this morning and rushed down within 5 minutes of waking up to do another waterchange. Archer is dead. 20cm, had him since he was 5cm. Berneyi catfish are dead. Had them well over a year, almost 20cm each now. 2 out of three Silver scats dead, 20cm, 15cm fish. The 12cm little guy is alive, and moved to the bullrout tank. He looks okay, but is probably damaged beyond repair. All that's left is 5 little rainbows, two snakehead gudgeons and a bass. Strangly my tandanus is still kicking, but he doesn't look good. I expect to lose the rest by the end of the day. Tested my tap water? .5-1ppm nitrites, .5ppm ammonia, 60-80ppm nitrates. I'm replacing poison with poison. Overdosing prime doesn't work. Smashing the tank with stability doesn't work. I'm in AGONY here. I've kept fish for years and lost a little one here or there, but never lost a big fish. NEVER. When I walked downstairs and saw the tank this morning I had to sit on the floor, I couldn't even stand. What's the point in starting over, guys? My tapwater is POISON, my fish are dying, I'm sure that all this has killed my filters so it's all downhill from here. I've lived in this house two years, done my waterchanges as always and never had this issue before. I have no idea what's going on. :sob: My tanks are all due for a waterchange today. I'm...I don't know. No point in doing one, right? But I kind of want to just go do the waterchanges so everything will just die NOW, rather than slowly over the next few weeks.
  24. I did my water change the friday gone, i emptied 50 % which is more than i usually do as i had not changed it in 3 weeks. After 30 min i noticed some of my africans were struggling and gasping for air. Thinking nothing of it i headed out for six hours and came home to find some were on the bottom of the tank and some unfortunately on top. I did some water tests including ammonia and ph tests and found nothing to be out of the ordinary. I have done some research and the only idea i have come up with was the cooler temperature of water going into the tank has radically effected the fish and shocked them into dying, does this sound like a reasonable conclusion? I have bought this topic up in the hope that other newbies do not make similar mistakes.
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