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Found 27 results

  1. I had to move my shrimp Tank Into garage I drained most the water out and left a couple of inches in there with the shrimp. I moved them in and re filled with the same water and added some new water to it. Instantly I had 1 death and lots of loss of colour, I tested the water last night and I had 6.6ph, 0.25 ammonia this might be the problem, and 0 nitrites. Today I had another death. Any ideas on how to stop this? I think the ammonia might be from the Ada soil that got shaken up
  2. I have a 6x2x1.5 African display tank (mainly haps, peacocks and some mbuna). I have had 4 bristlenose in there with them for the last 12 months. Over the last 48 hrs, all of the bristlenose have died and not really sure what is going on. The other fish seem fine and the water parameters are as follows (before water change): PH: 7.9 Ammonia: Looks like 0.0 on the colour chart, although possibly between 0.0 and 0.25). This may have been due to dead bristlenose. Nitrite: 0.0 Nitrate: between 40 and 80ppm I think some were dead for around 24hrs.....any ideas what could be going on? I have just done a 40% water change and will monitor what is going on, but it is strange that they have all died with 48hrs. I have a cuckoo in there as well which seems fine.
  3. I am in Brisbane and have been keeping discus for 8 years. I have a 1000 litre tank, heavily planted with co2 injection. I had about 15 discus of different sizes (6 to 14 cm) and of different ages (5 years to 2 weeks). Most have been purchased from a reputable GC store. I also have tetras, corys, whiptails and Rams. Starting late last week, I have lost 1 discus per day. They look fine in the evening, are eating well, and seem fine. Seem OK in the morning, but are dead by the time I get home from work. There is no evidence of disease or damage on them. The non-discus don't seem impacted. My tank parameter are ph 6.9, nitrite 0, nitrate 10 and kh of 70 ppm. I do 40% water changes a week. Can anyone suggest what my problem may be? Thanks. Steve Williams
  4. I found my large platinum female angel face down in the corner of the tank this morning. No marks, damage, wounds etc on her body. All scales in place, gills seemed normal red with no visible parasites or anything unusual. I have lost 2 other fish over the last 3 weeks in similar circumstances. All fish in the tank seem to be eating well, no major visible fighting or dominance issues. Water parameters are or seem to be good, ph around 7, water soft, no nitrate,nitrites or ammonia. I did notice that she was very full with eggs and first thought was she may have been egg bound but she and her mate were spawning regularly without prolems. I know this is a stab in the dark but do you think I should add some melafix or something else and do a couple of WC's?
  5. I had some extremely strange fish deaths last night. At about 6:30pm I noticed the two largest fish in the tank were acting a little strange, nothing crazy but the odd flash from the 5 1/2 inch Venustus had me watching carefully. 3 hours later, both the 8 inch Tandanus and the Venustus were dead . It seemed the Venustus had been dead for at least an hour or more longer than the Tandan. Now, at this stage I tried to work out wtf went wrong. I had done a water change, it was a hot day, I added fine foam to the filter and the powerhead had stopped working overnight so I had to give it a whack to get it working again. Now, the first thing I noticed was that my male guppy culls were all swimming around in the tank seemingly unfazed, which seemed weird as these two larger fish were dead as door nails. Anyway I measured and examined the dead fish... *May not be for the overly squeamish* I noticed the Tandanus was very, very plump, so much so that I could have put its death down to bloat. So out came the fine scissors and I opened up its stomach. EGGS! Heaps and Heaps of EGGS! I estimated between 600 and 900 eggs in total contained in two individual eggs sacks. The eggs were mostly very well developed with some not quite ready for laying, they were very large for the size of the fish. Why the hell did an 8 inch Tandanus cat have sooooo many eggs? Well, after wrapping my head around that I proceeded to dissect the venustus, EGGS AGAIN! Only a very small amount of underdeveloped eggs here but healthy looking none the less. Interesting. I removed the filter foam at this point, assuming it was leeching a chemical of some kind. So I chucked 1/2 a dozen more male guppy culls in the tank along with 3 females and left them for the night. Next morning... ALL 3 FEMALES DEAD, males seemingly unfazed. I didn't examine the female guppys as they are two small for me to analyse properly with the gear I have here. In summary, something only killed off the female fish in the tank. Both developed eggs, the Tandanus developed a grotesque amount, seemingly in the hours before dying. What could have caused this? Any body experienced similar? ATM I have put it down to chemicals in the foam but I am unsure. *Can post pictures of the whole fish and the Tandanus eggs if anyone is interested.
  6. Hi Guys, Just after some advice...again. I have a couple of things going on. Water parameters PH- 6.8 (ish) Temp 26 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrate about 10- 20 ppm (i know that's a bit high, water changes last night and tonight again if needed) 4ft 200ltr tank (25% water change weekly) Stock, 3 x BN, 10 Neons, 8 Danios, 1 guppy, 3 Mollies, 1 x Sailfin Pleco, 1 Angelfish Firstly i have lost 3 angel fish in the last week, a few weeks ago i had Angelfish eggs, then about a week after the female i found dead, i thought the male may have beaten it up, last Sunday the second Angelfish dead (that's the two females gone), and this morning a third swimming very slowly on its side and then would just fall to the bottom of the tank( i am sure it will be dead by the time i get home) , all were somewhat smaller than the dominant male that is left, although all started out the same size when i got them, i had put this down to bullying but i am not sure. During the same period (over a couple of weeks) i had three mollies die, might sound strange but i had 3 black and three white, only the black mollies have died. I make the point that there were no signs of disease on any of the fish, but the angel fish did have their fins quite chewed up bu the looks of things except for the one i found this morning. And last night i had my male BN who also has breed in the last couple of weeks (although it seems the babies all bare one have been eaten , or something) and once again i had put it down to the male angelfish probably having snacks when the babies came out of the BN cave, anyway the male BN has this strange excretion from it that doesn't look right. So now i am thinking that i may have a bigger problem, i have only been back in the hobby for a few months now and just cant seem to take a trick. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys, I have a 200ltr planted tank. the inhabitants are 4 Angelfish, a BN trio, 8 Danios, 20 neons tetras and before the recent deaths around 20 guppies (females 3 to 1 ratio..ish) I have always struggled with keeping the ph down and have had to use the "PH Down" that you get in the test kits about once a week. The gravel is fine black gravel and the plants are in pretty good condition with the odd end of a leaf a bit browned. A sponge filter and large internal (2400 ltr/hr) and 2 large air stones On Sunday i had 4 male guppies and 6 females, the males were picking on the females a bit so i went out and picked up another 10 females Monday when i got home from work an unfortunate guppy had passed But Tuesday when i got home 6 more guppies dead, and its not just the new guppies but some of the old too My reaction was 30% water change and clean all filter media (in the extracted water) and no food last night but i did feed them this morning although lightly PH check this morning and it is still at the top of the range so treated with the PH Down again I actually tested it 4 times this morning before work just to make sure before i treat to get the ph down Back home again after work and 1 more guppy has died Not sure how to react, only guppies have died, all other fish seem fine. Swimming freely, no gulping of air at the water surface or anything noticeable. Is there particular diseases that only kill guppies ? i thought guppies were quite hardy Is another large water change a good idea ? or could it be to much for them i don't want to do more damage than good Your help is appreciated
  8. Hey all I've had 5 of my beloved yellow cherries die over the day and two of my reds I wanted to ask for some advice early before everybody disappears Here's the deal I have a 2ft tank with a BN pair and colony of shrimp in each side Everything was going well until recently so what i've changed in the last couple of days is I have added 2 bristlenose (I accidentally had 4 males [the 'females' were sub-dom], now i have 2 pairs) These guys are from a reliable breeder and the BN behavior is normal. I yesterdays replaced two aquaclears with a fluval 306 with bottom-sponge middle-chock full of seachem matrix top-1 unit of chemipure half on each side and filled the rest with seachem matrix (All washed) Intake is a sponge (not washed, whoops) I know this sets warning bells off for no good bacteria but i have 2 seeded sponges (small) and the gravel and put in good bacteria with water changes when i'm ****ing around with filters Regardless my readings were Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-low(i forget the reading) One thing i can think of was the water got to 29 degrees because of a 100w jager that's being dodgy, it was set to 25 and the calibrator was set to 27 (as far up as possible), would that be the cause, though 2 more deaths came after this was recified back to 26-27 degrees Any ideas as to what it could be and what i could do to stop my beloved ycs dying and anything bad spreading to the BN would be greatly appreciated Thanks for reading if you did, and [MENTION=5455]Donny[/MENTION] I can have the 306 at full flow in there Also help with my heater would be great Whew big post Crappy phone pic of crappy tank incoming, haven't managed to scape it yet
  9. Over the past 24hrs I've lost just on 200 common Bn fry, most around 3cms. Tank was a 4ft Filters - 2 sponges & 1 hob Approx 30% Water changes every 2 days Temp always around 24/25 Ammonia was 0.25ppm Nitrite & nitrate easily the highest reading Obviously that's the cause - but what I'm trying to work out is what caused the spike. Tank had been setup for easy 3months, filters that were in it were originally from smaller cycled tanks. Also had but of driftwood & Anubis in there. Feeding was cucumber, tech dens fry powder & algae wafers. It's got me beat as to what could have caused such sudden deaths. Best bit is, all of the fry were pre-sold and due to be collected in next few days...
  10. Problem: 15-20 dead shrimp Ammonia:-nil Nitrate:- n/a Nitrite:-nil Gh:-80ppm or 4.592DH Kh:-55ppm or 3.08DH (if ive done it right) Size of tank:-200-substrate=170, 4'15''18'' Temperature °C:-26-27 Been running for:-2 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- 1x aquis 1200, 1x 1500l/ph sunsun and 2 sponge filters, the same as a 360 but half the height.. Fish in tank:- 6x 8-10cm peps 10x 3-3.5cm peps 3x Common Lfbn 10-13cm 1x alfbn 7cm 7x L002 2-3cm 3xalfbn 3-4cm 2 x common lfbn 1-2cm( fry that fell out of the cave in a tusle between 2 males rest of fry are in a different tank) Plants in Tank:- 10+ good size bunches and a lot of sprouts and one large Anubis as well as 4-5 pieces of dw Feeding:- What food and How often:- 6x hikari algae wafers half a zucchini daily Recent Medication Treatments:- just straight water. no salts Last water change:-2 Days ago Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly:- weekly, 65Ls town water just water ager,ph down and a touch of black water extract, sits in a tub for a day before it goes in the system I saw a post a couple of days ago similar but i couldnt find it. My tank is abit over crowded and is just tempary until i grab myself another filter for another 4fter. had a few shrimp knocking off every 2 days or so but just found 20 dead in the tank... not sure whats doing it.
  11. For the past week or so I have been finding dead shrimp in my tank each day I take out about two or three. The other fish in the tank include baby cories and bristlenose, they are doing great and no deaths. I moved about ten l numbers out of that tank about three weeks ago and thats when i added the baby cories. I also turned off a internal pump in the tank at that time but i added some seeded sponge filters to the tank. The tank is bare bottom with some driftwood and ornaments. Why are they dying? is it the low ph? how do i raise it permanently if it is? Ph:- 6 or may be lower Ammonia:-0 Nitrate:-40 Nitrite:-0 Gh:-dont know Kh:-dont know Size of tank:- 4 x 2.5 x 1.5 Temperature °C:-26 Been running for:- 9 months. Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- 4 sponges, 300lhr hang oon filter and some k1 media in a bottle tumbling. Fish in tank:- baby bristlenose, baby cories and dead cherry shrimp. Plants in Tank:- three little anubias Feeding:- What food and How often. once a day on flakes. Recent Medication Treatments:- none Last water change:- 2 days ago about 10% Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly every couple of days.
  12. Have been losing 1-3 adult cichlids per day over a period of 2 months. have tried heaps of different medicines, water parameters and uv but have come up with no answers, healthy fish start breathing a bit heavy and within 3 hours they are dead. Last week my airtech 120 air pump lost a fair bit of pressure so I took it of the system to replace the diaphrams. First day of I lost 2 fish, but have not lost a fish now for 8 days. Is it possible that the pump was putting something toxic into the water? would really love to find out what the problem was, and I know rubber bands can kill fish so I was thinking something to do with the rubber diaphram was the issue. would love some input cheers Steve
  13. Im kinda at wits end here with the missus BN breeders, in the last 6mths we have literally lost thousands of fry. They seem to reach 2-3wks old and one by one drop like flies, like literally swimming mid water and then they just give up the ghost and hit the deck. I purchased more tanks, cycled them all in and added the breeders hoping I could escape it and straight away lost LF/SF Albino/Common and Calico fry. Tried all sorts of meds, light dosages of PP,pretty much everything for internal/external parasites, Promethasul, Tri-Sulphur, Meth Blue, Whitespot Treatments, Salt and Temp. Anybody else experiencing anything similar????
  14. HI all, yesterday one of our adult female peppermints was dead in the tank. We did a water change as it was due, gravel vac etc. Then this morning have noticed one of the adult males dead and the remaining two adults on female and one male are covered in what looks like green mould. There were two juvies in the tank too. One of them had the mould on it and is now dead. The other adult female died also. The second juvenile has no discolouration and looks fine. The last male is still alive buy I have grave fears for him. We have treated with pimafix today. Is there anything else we can or should do? Any help is appreciated. So very sad today. We have spent alot of time making sure this tank was pristine for these kids well before purchasing them. 4ft tank, gravel, driftwood and bn logs. eheim 2217 canaster filter and 1800lt/hour power head, plus a 4ft air curtain. No ammonia or nitrite, ph 7.2 Thanks
  15. Ok so about a year ago I had some mysterious deaths of bristlenose. Never got to the end of it and the two remaining BN had lived on. Until about four months ago when I added a pair of albino BN when all of a sudden I found one of my seemingly healthy BN dead, so four became three. Now its a four foot tank, with over filtration and under feed, out of natural light and always clean. About three weeks ago I found one of my larger Mbamba dead, I had noticed prior to this that it was in fierce competition with my alpha male so put it down to a death fight. Now just today I found another one dead, and this one was slightly smaller but had awesome colouring and was shaping up to be my favourite fish. I did not notice any odd behaviour leading up to this final death, the only change has been the colouring of the fish has been showing a lot more of late specially around feeding time. The tank is a predominantly male tank (two female fish, excluding the cuckoos and the BN) the female fish are fine and not hassled at all. I just completed a range of water test and everything has returned as expected; Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate <5ppm PH: 7.6 GH: 180 Temp: 27 deg Have been slack and the last water change was just over a month ago. I can get my head around explained deaths, but when everything seems fine then BAM fish are dead, it really bums me out. Both fish were excellent looking and all my fish eat like there is no tomorrow. I just don't know what to look for or do next, I am afraid if I loose another fish I will give up on the cichlids all together and just concentrate on my marine tank, which is going great! Bummed out & signing out, Grimace
  16. I had 4 blue rams in a 6ft show tank. So far I have lost 3 with no reason and no wounds. Wake up in the morning and one had died, 2 weeks later the same again, 3 weeks after that the same again etc. The water is clean and perfect, no infections, no over feeding, only 4 rams, 15 platys and 4 guppies in the 6ft tank, no fighting in the tank between rams. So I am stumped as to why they suddenly up and die. Could anyone inlighten me as to a reason why?
  17. Hey Guys and Girls, i've been having problems with my display tank in the past two - three weeks ive had about 5 bns, and a geo died for no apparent reason, first thing i thought it was, was my water so i checked it and got the following readings Ph - 6.0 Kh - 4dH Ammonia - <0.25ppm Nitrites - <0.25ppm Nitrates - 5.0ppm i even took my water to my lfs to check that my test kit was working correctly and they got the same readings. now the tank is home to soft water fish so the PH being so low really isnt a issue. my last readings from my previous 3 tests (i test my tanks once a month) were pretty much all the same. now on this tank i have a 2400lph cannister and a 1200lph HOB which are cleaned alternatively (i never clean both filters at the same time) my HOB was last cleaned last week and my cannister was cleaned about a month ago so i dont think the problem is in the filters. now im getting the water fully tested today (phospates, heavy metals, etc) is there anything i should look out for? also if anyone can suggest whats causing the deaths it would be greatly appriecated Thanks Cav
  18. Hey guys, I need your help! I had a 170 litre communal tank with BN and a couple of cichlid breeds in it. I don't know what the water quality parameters were - I didn't test them. Wish I had! I found a couple of dead BN and a dead peacock, all of which had been alive the day before. The BN had started to congregate on the glass, particularly around the water inlet from the external filter; and were fanning. Since the fish had been really healthy up 'til then I thought the filter might need cleaning. I did a 50% water change. I pulled the filter apart & cleaned its sponges, rinsed everything in rainwater and put it back to work on the tank. I didn't change any media. I hadn't ever used salt in my tank but I'd recently bought some African Cichlid Conditioning Salts & thought that might help the fish - they were stressed. I made up a mix and added about 1 litre - that's about 10% strength for the size of the tank. Some salt granules appeared along the water line on the tank sides. The BN obviously didn't like it so I didn't add any more. I think the salt actually killed them quicker and confused the issue of finding the root cause of the problem. I started moving fish out of the tank - the BN into a 120 litre tank; 2 peacocks and 6 flavus into a 90 litre tank; & 3 tiny peacock fry in with another batch of other cichlid fry. It didn't make any difference for the BN. They all died. 1 large flavus male died but the 2 peacocks and other flavus appeared okay. The tiny peacock fry didn't even falter, they took everything in their stride and are still doing well. I don't think it's a water quality issue. I think it's a disease or toxin - but what one? The affected fish lost co-ordination - as if affected by a neurotoxin. They spun out, moving around the tank according to the water flow. Once that started, death followed failry quickly. Can any of you help? Do the symptoms indicate a specific disease/cause? I need to know what I'm dealing with, what the cure is; and how to prevent it. There is a new subdivision behind my place and the dozers have been busy there for weeks. Is it possible their activity stirred up something in the dust which got flushed from my roof into my tank? There are too many factors involved for me to pinpoint what's happened so I'm hoping your experience will come up with the answer.
  19. Has anyone experienced any mass deaths after doing a water change today inner southside? Seems to be the same patters of what was happening a couple of months ago after heavy rains when folks were losing all their fish on doing a water change. I only did 1 x w/change in 1 x tank (had used the correct quantity of dechlor rather than double due to weather) and have lost 30 Gold Pearl Scale Angel babies leaving only 5 surviving & that's only just
  20. I have some albino baby b/n ranging from 1-2.5cm. I have noticed in the last couple days there has been a few starting to drop off. The other thing I am noticing is that some are almost white while others the same size are the yellowish colour. does this happen normally? I have just done a parameter test on the tank and my results are as follows: ph: bout 7-7.2 ammonia: 0 nitrates: 0 nitrites: 0 Tank is a 4x15x18, split in half with adults on one side and bubs on the other. Run on rain water only, last water change almost 2 weeks ago. 2213 external, 800lph internal, 1 sponge filter. 2 trios of albino breeders, 4 baby texas bout 3-4cm, prob 50-100 babies 1-3cm. adults on bare bottom, bubs on 3mm black gravel. driftwood on both sides. Diet is algae wafers, lettuce, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber.
  21. Freaking out a little here. Came home to find 3 of my beautiful little peppermints dead. Tank - Aqua One AR 380, 30 something litres. Temp - 26 degrees Ph - 7.4, All other readings are perfect. Occupants - 6 (only three now ) baby peppermints, 2 Zebra Danios, 4 Tetras, four young Gold Spot Pleco's (5-6 cm) Tank contains 3 pieces of well seasoned wood (in tanks for 3 years +), and a clay cave. All fish have been living together happily for nearly two months, eating cucumbers, zucchini, sinking algae pellets. Only thing I can think of is that the Plecos have killed the little peppermints? I have never seen the Plecos being aggressive and peppermints have no visible injuries? Please help, I am already upset and will be shattered if I lose the rest of my spotty little mates.
  22. Hi guys over the past 2 days i have found 2 dead tetras and have tested water quality and water is fine, i found 1 tetra acting strange, struggling to live, so i took a clip of it, maybe someone has had this problem before and can explain what it is that is causing this? Jase
  23. Hello Well I'm upset. I changed my 250L tank over to black sand (very fine, no hard edges) and planted it. It has 3 pieces of driftwood, plants (java ferns x 5, anubias x 4, and a bunch of plants I can't remember the names of) and the fine sand. It's home to my 9 paleatus corys, 4 tetras, 10 lemon tetras and was 9 julli corys. Well I'm devo'd to announce I have lost 3 of my jullis so I'm down to 6. I bought them a couple of weeks ago from someone on here. They were in the same tank as teh 10 lemons I bought. None of the lemons have died but I have lost a julli a day for the past 3 days. Well none over the last two days but before that 1 a day. There is no marks on them, they look healthy, full bellies and long whiskers. Also one of my paleatus has a red mouth. I was worried it was the substrate but they have huge whiskers and it's softer than what they used to be on. I've tested the water and it's like 0,0, <5. The nitrAte test didn't change colour at all. Temperature is about 26-27oC. I feed Hikari sinking wafers and mini wafers and mini pellets. Once a week they get frozen Hikari brine shrimp with spirulina. I've been dosing flourish 7ml at water change which is always about 50-60% and flourish excel 5ml twice a week. Filtration is two internal ottos - one 1200L/H and one 800L/H. I always do a weekly water change of about 50-60%. I really don't want any more deaths! I did my usual weekly water change yesterday. Any thoughts on a cause?
  24. ok so last night I ran into a bit of a problem, the 6FT that I had 60 or so pepps were in (amongst other things) had a little bit of ammonia in it, so i didn't want to risk any dying (had a buyer wanting them all) so yesterday morning I moved them into a 2FT by themselves and threw in some prime for good measure. and yeah, after I got home from work last night they were pretty much all dead. no idea why, but they all had what looks kinda like air bubbles in their stomachs. that made me think that there might have not been enough 02 in the water? but I had two sponge filters (biologically active) in there driven by a decent air pump that was more than enough to handle it. water was fine, 0 toxins, water was at 27 degrees, the same as the 6FT they were in. 9 of them made it though. oh and all the pepps were between 2.5-4cm. Photo isn't the greatest, but just imagine that x10. any light you can shed would be great, I know its to late for them now but I would like to know what went wrong so I can avoid this disaster again. Michael
  25. Hi I wonder if anyone can tell be why my bristlenose get to a certain size then seem to just drop dead Ive been told that its a illness in the tank which will only affect the babies as the adults can take it but don't know what it is or how to treat it. Also its quite common ?? Any advice would be great Junkie
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