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Found 11 results

  1. Dedicated thread for full tank shots of your display aquariums. Always good for inspiration for those looking to rescape or even for those looking for ideas on what to keep in a display setup. My two Eartheater setups. Cheers, japes.
  2. We have finally received our shipment of plant dedicated LED lights The lights range in sizes from 45cm all the way up to 180cm (6ft) These light feature a HI and LOW setting with the dedicated switches.. Dee 6500K PLANT LED Lights Don't forget QLDAF members get 10% OFF and shipping is only $7 Australia Wide
  3. This area is dedicated to showing off your pictures of your Shrimp, Snails and Crayfish
  4. This thread is dedicated to showing off your pride and joy. So please use this to post up all your home set ups or just pics of your caties owned or wanting to own.
  5. This area is dedicated to showing off your pride and joy pics of your Guppies
  6. Now that we are getting the magnifica in SEQ more common now and three variations of the acid rain bubble anemones, they certainly inspire interest in a dedicated anemone aquarium. Sadly the little acid rains are not hosting anems, but for colour, they are certainly colourful! I didn’t put in this pic, the blue/silver variation, it glows like a blue to white light, but no actual colouration like these two with the magnifica.
  7. This area is dedicated for you to show off your Koi and goldfish and tanks and ponds
  8. Hi All. We have greatly expanded the range of Coral food so now it has its own section. Link - Age of Aquariums - Coral Food
  9. This area is dedicated to showing pictures of your freshwater displays and fish
  10. In view of the many questions I've received regarding my fish pics on the forum, I decided to put some pages over to fish photography on my web site. Although I've been a pro photographer in another life, shooting the usual crap such as weddings, portraits, corporate events and stock etc, my focus has been for a while now, on presenting my interpretations of what I see/feel, as opposed to simply "capturing a moment in time"...............ie I can do what I want instead of chasing the bucks. I have to say, that fish photography has become a real challenge in presenting it how I would like to, and I have not yet fully mastered the technique of isolating the fish from it's environment. In fact, it's the hardest photographic assignment that I've ever undertaken. Anyways, There's some info on this page as to how I am "getting there" that may help those who have DSLR's and would also like to achieve what I am still chasing. There'll be more pics to follow. THROUGH MY EYES kev
  11. Hey guys I have a couple dozen bristlenose that breed for me all the time. i have commons, albinos, longfins and peppermints. I have them breeding in 2 separate tanks but ive decided to set up one of my 2 foot tanks just for the fry to grow out in (no other fish). problem is... at the moment out of 100 fry that i get at a time, only about 40 actually make it to juvi size =(. (got some at about 3cm now). Water chemistry is pretty good i check it all the time. Im thinking maybe i should set the grow out tank up as a heavily planted tank with an undergravel filter? that way all the waste would get sucked straight out and not sink into the gravel? or is that a bad idea? what substrate would you recomend for bristlenose fry? should i try and keep the bigger fry away from the smaller fry? what plants are the best? there will be heaps of bogwood and driftwood in the tank and a sponge filter. temp will be at 27degrees. have i missed anything important? i really want more of my fry to live =(
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