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Found 13 results

  1. Just new to this. Have a 400lt arine tank and want to know wat type of ligts are bet or fish as well as corals. Also i there a place to pot photos and videos.
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  3. Hey Guys, Setting up a new marine Tank and thinking of trying Deep Sand Bed. Looking around on the net and there seems to be a lot of mixed opinions, just wanna see what some ppl's thoughts area Tank Measurements Length: 89cm Width: 33.5cm Depth: 58cm Sump Measurements Length: 61cm Width: 30.5cm Depth: 45cm Thinking maybe a 4inch deep bed in tank. Cheers
  4. I cannot convey this strong enough, these areas should not be where there is life! I realise some hobbyists think itis doing a good job, but you will never realise your tanks true potential with this in the display tank. Substrate houses silicon borers that make your tank leak after months or years, also the protists white spot and velvet and the worms called black ich. These are just few of what lurksin a substrate. When having a tank made if you can, get it made with a sloping floor down to the front of the tank to move rubbish that way to easily clean out. This type of tank floor can be cleaned by the use of a power head pump with a slight pvc pipe extension on it once a fortnight for a few moments blown over the bottom of the tank and it will move rubbish into the water collum onto the pre filter. A wave maker or two is good for this. That’s the maintenance! The ways to avoid these polluting things and still have a lovely looking aquarium base is so easy. Place your base rock around to the type of scape that pleases you, add between them with small gaps between each of these, maybe something like pure white marble, shells that are broken up,coral rubble or even non-metallic (in any way) stones, any of these scattered here and there of 5 to 15 mill in size are all very good. Its best to use lime or calcium based pieces of what ever you may put as a slight floor covering. Over time you get any algae you want in the aquarium, soak it in tap water first for 30 minutes or so to kill off unwanted life and sit under a rock or calcium pieces and it will look dead for a time and then grow and spread from there. Seed your tank with several small pieces of safely checked live rock for crabs and mantis; this will add corallines from the rock to the tank and spread. This can be done with small live rock pieces that have sponges on them as well. Then place corals that suit that depth and flow or water here and there. If you live near the ocean where the ocean gets above 25c in summer, you can find heaps of life in rock pools to add and fire up the colour in your aquarium, or order these from the lfs. I have not used a non active substrate in many years and never will again! The active aspect of a substrate works very well only as a reverse flow under gravel bed. I always made mine with small micron Dacron over the pumps in take preventing any rubbish from getting intothe substrate. There is no substrate in my tank as just one example.
  5. ok so its small but as a prototype the key thing is that it works AbyssBox Displays Deep-Sea Animals Under Pressure | Wired Science | Wired.com
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Has anyone seen any Metriaclima Membe Deep Around brisbane? just recently bought a colony from sydney and seeing if anyone wants to swap males to mix some blood, although not being common they could be from the same blood anyways , who knows cheers
  8. Can anyone help me out with the lighting of my tank. The tank is 3' (long) x 18" (wide) x 2' (deep), CO2 injection and liquid fertilizer. I did have compact fluros on the tank and it worked well, when the fitting died I replaced it with 2 x 39w T5 fitting. Since then I have had issues with alot of algue growth and the plants have slowly died. I have been looking at getting a Metal Halide system since the tank is 2 foot deep. The system has 1 x 150w metal halide and 2 x 39w T5. This will give me 6w/gallon. Can people leave their feedback if this is the best option or even some other ideas. Thanks,
  9. Hi all, I am looking into a new tank 5ft*2*3 But when I really thought about it I wondered. "If my tank is 3ft deep and my arm is only just over 2ft. How do I Reach the bottom? and Gravel Vac? Cheers
  10. Need a bit of advice.. I have eight monster sterbai & 4 juvies and last week, found eggs all over my 280 litre four foot community tank. Popped them in a large fine net suspended over a sponge filter thats also running in the tank. Now have @40 week old wrigglers. Have been feeding them vinegar eels and finely crushed flake, and will be adding hatchless brine cysts in the next few days Now need to work out what to do with them, and how to keep them alive I've made a diy icecream container fry saver to float in the tank, but as they are doing so well in the net have been cautious about moving them, but will do it in the next few days. How long should they be kept in the fry saver? What other foods can i use, and at what age should I use them? I'm a bit worried about dumping 40 odd juvie sterbai into my community tank (although I would say its understocked - eight corys, 4 pepps, one apisto, 20 tetra) and their subsequent impact on biological filtration, so am looking at getting grow out tank/s What size grow out tank/s would be suitable for this number of corydora? Put them into a 2 fter, them move half into another 2 fter in a month or so - would that be OK? Or will they be OK all together for a few months? What filtration - sponge filters and internals? Thin layer of sand subtrate or bare bottom? Any help would be appreciated! As a side note, about a month ago, I did a long overdue clean on my Eheim 2217 filter and found three 3cm baby corydora. Panicking, I then checked the 2213 canister filter (that has no trivet in the bottom) and found another one at 1.5cm. Amazingly they were still alive, abeit a bit skinny, but are now doing fine.
  11. Currently my tank is 5'x20"Wx18"H, i'm hoping to upgrade to a 6'x2'x2' I'm pretty sure that due to the extra depth my 5ft lighting will be sadly lacking. Dalbarb T8 double (2x40W) and Glo T5 single (25W) My current tank is low tech and i want to keep it that way....What would you recommend for the 2ft depth?
  12. hi all. just wondering if anyone have successfully bred or housed these guys before? aparently Placidochromis electra(deep water) are hard to get hold of. is this true? and that they are hard to maintain. and would anyone know of prices for a colony of 4. 1 male 14cm and 3 females 8-10cm. any help with these guys would be great. i would love to breed them. thanks.
  13. Hi everyone My name is Ray @ like Steve (brickie 02) who put me on to you guys also didnt listen @ school lol am also brickie after years @ years of wanting to set up a fish tank finally took the plunge into deep end . I aquired a 3 ft unused tank witch i filled with 2 E yellow 3 E blue 2 blue dolphin 3 assort peacocks 3 b/n cat witch has been fantastic and so much easier than i ever thought NOW WANT MORE ! I have purchased 6 ft x 2 x 1 1/2 witch am almost ready to fill with more beutifull africans cheers Ray
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