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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I am having trouble in my little 2 ft that i have a 6cm red texas in. He seems cold all the time he is literally sitting on the heater and i dont know why. I tested the temp in the tank and its 26 degrees, i also tested for ammonia, ph, nitrate and there all good. yesterday i came home to his tank mate a little clown pleco (4cm) dead on the bottom of the tank. I do about a 30% change on his tank every weekend. Any ideas?
  2. Tank was 31.5 when I came home from work @ 5:30 ( in a locked up house ) So opened up, put da fans on full noise hoping to cool it down a bit. Now is 3 an half hours later and its risin to 31.8 What sort o temps you peeps got in Brisbane ? Brendan
  3. Did the subject make sense?!?!.... Im chasing some sort of tropical breed that can live well at a tempereture of about 20/22 degrees. Im looking at purchacing a axolotl & would like some appropriate tank mates for him. The local aquariam has a couple of chinese algae eaters with their axolotl. I would like some catfish/aglae eaters, or some small tetras (i dont mind if the little ones get eaten) any ideas? cheers
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