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Found 45 results

  1. My lfs just ordered in 5cm EBJD for sale. I have read and seen pics of the bread, but never seen one in person, or know of anyone that has kept them. Would like to know peoples thoughts as I am tempted to buy one.
  2. I have 3 JDs in my 6ft community tank, 2 of which breed nearly every 3 weeks. They are sharing with (amongst other things) a 30cm gold spot Pleco, so I am not sure if they have been eating the eggs or the Pleco gets to them at night. They have managed to hatch them on one occasion but after they moved them they disappeared. They will be getting a tank of their own shortly so that should fix that problem anyway. What I am after is info on JDs, specifically spits, EBs etc. What does this mean? And about culling the "ugly" ones from the fry. Tried to find info in the forums but didn't have much luck. I've included a couple of pics of mine, sorry about the quality but they are in the corner of the tank and hard to get at.
  3. Hello Looking to buy Electric Blue Jack Dempsey.
  4. Are these able to be sexed? anyone have the knowledge?
  5. I'm planning on setting up a texas ( escondido ) x jack dempsey spawn and want to know what he outcome would be So share your jack dempsey x texas hybrids Or any jack dempsey hybrids
  6. I have a breeding pair of splits.. the female has onky bred two times before this one. Anyway the parents are eating at 2 days after hatching... shud I remove the paents or is she simply jus learning?. Please respond
  7. Ok just to cover my buttocks...I have no qualms with homosexuality and what people do in their own bedrooms is their own choice i say..."as he hides the gimp suit".... BUT.... I have a pr of damn Dempseys and they just wont do the do...the bang bang boogey...seems sex is no good for this very happy pr...live feeders..extra food conditioning....water changes..hiding spots...beautifully placed rocks and pots for eggs...its the damn middle of summer almost and these guys just wont do nothing.....the guy is over 15cm and the girl around 10-12cm and they still dont bump n grind...yep theres a fodder fish in there too....i think its the boy...too damn cruisy and just enjoying any birds attention(had another girl in there before and she was keen but nup that just confused this punk pr..no aggression just a menage nil)....maybe hes gay....maybe shes gay...maybe they are all show and no go....blackwater????????????.....i have never had this hard a time getting a pr to breed ever ....i swear at the tank(that doesnt get them breeding either)....little flashes of black/breeding outfits every now and again but yeah no sugar......ideas????????...
  8. Hi all, I just bought 3 super greens from my lfs but am starting to think maybe one is a jack Dempsey. They were all in the same tank at shop but one of them is about a cm smaller than the others and has different markings. Can someone post pics of each species as juvies so I can get a better idea of what I've got?? Thanks
  9. So iv got a few ebjd that have been growing out,fish are now about6cm and over the last 2 weeks a few 3-4 have been showing some black tails ,I know the black tail gene has been known in jd's but never thought it would come throw in ebjd's.I would normally feed deformities as soon as I see them but this is something that iv never seen .so I thought I'd share some pic's
  10. i have a sgjd pair that have fry and sometimes when i walk up to the tank or turn the bedroom light on they go crazy, for example they swim around really quickly and splash at the surface of the water please help i really love this pair all help is thanked Cheers
  11. How do u know when split gene jack dempseys are read to lay and can u do anything to speed up the processes? Cheers
  12. Heyy, guys just wanting any help or tips on how to keep as many ebjd's alive as possible any tips or tricks will be taken on board and much appreciated, Also would it be a good idea to run the tank with the sgjd pair in it (which is 4ft by 1.8 by 1. on 4 big sponges or not? Pair : both are round 15cm
  13. Heyy guys, just looking for some tips on how to keep as many electric blue jack dempseys alive as possible Cheers
  14. Can someone pls confirm what I think I have. Any advice would be great. First pic I think is female. Next one I think is male And again male. These last 2 have been going at it a bit, after only a day together, which also confirms they are maybe both males rather than a courting pair. What you guys reckon??
  15. Hey Just wondering if I can give my JD live cherry shrimp as a treat? I normally give him frozen brine shrimp, but don't know much about cherry shrimp?
  16. I've read that you can put anything with a ebjd that can hold it's own and not fit in its mouth. Keeping this in mind I'm thinking of getting two or three Geophagus Tapajos. My ebjd keeps to himself in his corner or the tank and only comes out at feeding time. He's about 3.5 inch and growing very very slowly. Been about that size for nearly 6 months. My tank is 4 foot (280 litres) The Geos I'd like are 5cm. How would this go? I've also been looking at firemouths...
  17. I've been trying to look around on the internet to check the compatibility, Would 2x jack Dempsey leave the BN alone in a 5ft\300L tank? I'd like to mention the Jacks are currently 5cm, same as the bristlenose's
  18. I was wondering if Jack dempsey or other types of americans can go with africans? and how big do americans grow? Jesse
  19. I've got a female jack dempsey about 8-9cm in a three foot tank (160 litres) I know this tank is too small for her in the long run. But she is only in there temporarily then she'll be going into my four footer. So what might be good to put in with her for now? Thanks
  20. No bigger than 3 inches, need to get rid of asap.
  21. I purchased two jack dempseys about a month ago and a week later they laid and hatched eggs. I do not have the room or the money for them to continue their mating habits so I need to get rid of them asap. They are no bigger than 3 inches.
  22. A week ago tomorrow I bought myself a couple of Jack Dempseys, one on the Monday and the other on the Tuesday but about 10 minutes ago they laid hundreds of eggs on a log in my tank (it was my pair of oscars' home but they kicked them out). I wasn't sure of the genders of my two JD's and I'm still not sure if they are both female or if one is female and the other is male. They were both running themselves along the eggs over the over with little white things both hanging out near their tails. I was told fish don't have penises but simply spray sperm over the eggs but I can't see anything floating in the water around the eggs. They are both very protective and take turns at guarding. I would assume two females wouldn't share eggs so my question is, are my JD's both female or not and have the eggs been fertilized and will they hatch? PLEASE HELP!
  23. hey i have a male jack dempsey that doesnt want to pair up with any of the 2 females because he first mate died during the QLD floods and he doesnt like any of them he just chases them around the tank thanks
  24. How can I tell if my dempsey is a split or regular? Thankss
  25. Hi all, Just a question. I have 3 Jd 2 males and one female, i have only had them for a week, but i have noticed the female is getting an extremely dark stomach, and most of her colour is gone. Is there are problem with her? if not, why is it happening? thanks in advance, Ryan:)
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