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Found 10 results

  1. Will a small group of Desert Gobies be OK to keep in an outdoors bathtub pond?
  2. OK, I've got a pregnant Desert Goby, she's getting quite large so must be time soon to spit the eggs out, I can't have a cave, pipe or anything for the female to lay in and male to fan/guard, what else can I use? A cup? haha.
  3. Here is a photo of my male Desert Goby, these little fellas are awesome, so tough, he's been in a 109l tub outside for the past 2 months or more that was unfiltered, unheated and he's going strong, awesome fish, under rated I say, anyone looking for an odd ball native, check out the Desert Goby.
  4. .Decided to take a couple of pics of my Desert goby pair, they have bred twice. Ate the eggs the first time, I removed the eggs the second time but lost most of the eggs to fungus (didn't have any anti-fungus meds left and by the time it came in the mail they were infected) and they should be ready to breed again soon so I have another tank already set-up for the eggs and plenty of air and meth blue
  5. Hey guys, After a helping hand from a Mr [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] I have finally Aquascaped my 2 foot shrimp tank I decided on a desert style theme as I will have 14 SW/GB in there from thursday next week Without water With water I've gone with a inert red diamond sand with Thunder eggs as "mountains" and petrified wood as smaller peaks, I then used twigs(been in tanks for months already) with java moss covering them as "cactuses" The only SW I've got, for now lol Also trying to think of the other colour to really pop in the tank, was thinking either Blue cherries or if i can get my hands on some, Green Cherries. any other colour suggestions? Regards, Nathan
  6. Hi all, I recreantly for a male and female desert goby and i am wondering how easy they are to breed and if they give birth to live fry. Kind regards, Cameron
  7. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has ever kept our Australian Desert Goby's aka Chlamydogobius Eremius in community tanks and if so did they have any troubles with them eating or killing any of the fish in the community????
  8. Australian endangered species: Desert gobies Interesting little write up. Saw this on facebook through the Freshwater Fish Group & Fish Health Unit. They do some cool stuff in WA that is worth watching for and following. I could get into Aussie Natives. So many fish so few tanks.....
  9. Today I saw desert gobies for the first time in person, they are freeking cool! Much reaserch and a new tank me thinks who here keeps them? I'd love to see some tanks!
  10. Hey guys, Had these for a week and a bit. Got some pretty good close up footage of the pair, thought I'd share . The video is pretty clear, but pump it up to 1080p for it to be crystal. My favorite little Native Seph
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