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  1. I could do with some help on this. My 'brilliant idea' just cost me $350 getting water removed from carpet. Not to mention having to drain 90% of my tanks to be able to move them to clean the carpet. Setup: 2000L/PH aqua one maxi flows up to 30L above tank sump then goes through mechanical filtration (in a coke bottle) biological filtration (media, rocks etc) then flows (via gravity) through two Hansen 20mm fittings back to tank. I've watched this setup closely for a while and had no problems however upon waking this morning I found that the sump had overflowed and emptied half of my tank. I'm not sure how exactly my only thoughts were that something got caught in the overflow and then it must have come unstuck before draining my whole tank. (I did have mesh in the overflow to stop anything getting in there but maybe something blocked the mesh?) Now I need a solution. I have some ideas but would like professional advice. 1. Drill another hole above the overflows and silicone in Some tubing as an emergency overflow. (If the overflows get blocked.. Water rises and falls out of the next one instead of overflowing) but what if the safeguard then gets blocked. 2. Float switch? I could make a switch that turns of the power to the pump if the water level gets too high. 3. The pump has suction cups so I could change the plumbing and stick the pump at the top level of the tank (If a blockage happens it can only pump out a little bit of water before running dry) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I'm looking to actually start actively caring for an corner style, triangular aquarium I inherited from a friend (about 50cm x 50cm x 70cm). Note that until now, it's basically been a box of water in an ignored corner of the house with 1 anubia on driftwood, and random java moss. Only a couple of platys and guppies which must be pretty hardy, as I rarely take any interest in them, and a few cherry shrimp. No filtration or aeration at all, and a dodgy little underpowered warm coloured LED light which means I can hardly see in the tank anyway. The substrate is just multi-coloured 10-20mm gravel. I'm at a crossroads - either get rid of the tank, or have a decent crack at setting it up and getting some enjoyment for both myself and the inhabitants. I've moved it to my office right next to my desk, so hopefully I'll get to enjoy it and give it the time/energy it deserves. I'm basically just after a nice looking tank, with bugger all maintenance/interaction (which in itself might be impossible). I'm happy to buy a better LED light so I can actually see what's in there, and can accept that a filter might be necessary, but would like to keep this as low maintenance and cost as possible. Don't really care what fish are in there, again so long as they're hardy, cheap, and don't take much work. IMHO plants make the aquarium, so I'm after advice about what species to plant where. Being stuck in a corner, I'm thinking tall plants towards the back, moving down to shorter plants towards the front. I'd really appreciate advice, including what to plant where. Once again, you guessed it, they must be hardy, and require little maintenance. Due to competing priorities, I'd be lucky to have an hour per week to spend on caring for this tank. Perhaps if I get more enjoyment out of it, I'll rearrange these priorities. I can accept that I might be wanting the impossible, and if so I'll walk away from it. Feel free to be brutally honest - I can take it! So, any advice from the ground up - substrate, plants, fish, equipment?
  3. Its time for a new fish room. yay. After the arrival of my first child, and the realization of the amount of time i spend in the fish room, i have decided it needs to change to make things more manageable, easier and faster maintenance. I have used a program called Sketchup to design my new fish room. Pics below. So far i have fit 9 6x2x18s and 9 5x2x18s to take up one half of the garage. All tanks will be side/corner drop filters run off lp100s, with a 25mm drain hole to make water changes easy, im still deciding on the top up part. All input is welcome as im open to other ideas about how to make this more effective. I will have my current set up for sale over the coming months as well. [/img] [/img]
  4. I have acquired a couple of sumps, one will be used for marine, the other im hoping to use for freshwater. For the freshwater setup Iv come up with a very basic idea of how to utilise media in it. Just after some comments if it can be done better. My aim is to also make it easy to clean etc, Water will enter via pre filter sock, then hit K1 media, will run under baffle through sponge and out via pump. Planning on washing the sock up to once a day - easy task done in about 10 seconds to get rid of solids. The sponge is there to contain K1 and also act as redundancy media in case air pump fails and K1 stops tumbling. First sump Iv setup so just wanting to make sure Iv got the right idea. Any comments are welcome, whats good whats bad? Sock a good idea? K1 still best option? Thanks.
  5. Hi All, Am attempting to build a sump for a 700l tank. Only have these two tanks (not baffled yet) that actually fit under the stand. Is this design going to work? Can you see any obvious flaws that I'm missing or would you do anything different. For a stocked african display. Have two 32mm outlets into sump and one 25mm return. Cheers
  6. some one wont let me post pics so no one can see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, happy with result. looks hot
  7. This is my first time to build a sump so not really sure I am on the right track or not. :S Sump is 75cm (l) x 38cm (h) x 30cm (w), basically just separate into 4 chambers and connected to another reservoir tank for pump/heater. My main concern is the gaps between the baffles are only 2cm - might cause overflow if any section clogs up? OR is it better if I just make it into 3 chamers with 3cm gap between each baffles? Please feel free to give your opinions and thanks in advance!
  8. Can anyone point me to a detailed side drop filter design? From what I've seen, these look like a very efficient air powered filter and I'm contemplating them for some 5ft tanks. Who runs side drops and loves them?
  9. Just getting some feedback on how i can improve the design. Ive got an acrylic tube 10cm diameter 70cm high. Capped it off with a drain type round cap from bunnings drilled with airholes on both ends of the caps. Added about 4lts of k1 leaving a space of about 15cm for the k1 to tumble. It sits under water by 2-3cm on the waterline. My problem now is the top section is still not tumbling. Is there a designe flaw? Too tall? Should be lowered to the water level? Air is good so i cant fault it.
  10. Thinking of copying this design as a sump for my 8ft display tank which is currently on order. Interested in comments good/bad. main purpose would be to have a heap of mechanical / biological filtration with polishing done via canister stacked with chemi-pure / macropore.
  11. I've just acquired an IBC and wanted to know what other people have for filtration. Was thinking some sort of a DIY box filter setup on top using some storage tubs, possibly including some K1 as well. It's currently running a few Otto 800's. Cheers.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. So the sump is for an 8x3x3 that was setup for marine, wasn't done real well so I've gutted it all and cleaned it up to go again. Sump is a 5x2x2. Just making sure I've done it alright and maybe there is something I've missed. Cheers heaps for any input. Dean
  14. hi all , heres my attempt at sump design. thinking of having just the one drain in the first chamber.might even jump on the k1 bandwagon ,modify the first chamber a bit so it doesnt escape, run some air in to get it moving,sump is two foot wide so should be enough room.drain in the first chamber to flush out any settled solids during water changes, what can i do to fine tune it????. cheers mark [/img]
  15. Hey guys just setup my first saltwater tank, it was bought second hand so it was already running but I would like to know of this sump design works correctly. I will be using matrix as the media and it is only roughly 1 third of the way up in the middle section. Do I require more matrix for this to work? I borrowed this image from nativecollector and I would like to thank you for it ;-) I am unable to put picture up so here is the link sorry http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m506/holden1862/794a29be.jpg Thank guys
  16. At the moment i am designing a sump to go on a 8ft x 800mm x 800mm tank. So far the design is; 1) water enters the left then goes through jap mat and dacron to remove the solid waste 2) below that is going to be matrix in bags (as much as i can fit) 3) next chamber along is also going to be with matrix again in bags 4) the next chamber again is going to be purigen in those bags 5) finally this is where 2 jager 300W heaters will be + 10,000 l/hr pump + smaller pump for correct flow through UV (still not sure which one to get) These pumps then will be pushed back into the tank from both sides of the tank with the weir in the middle. What do you guys think of the design so far? I am after any comments you have on ways to improve the design. Cheers Blake
  17. ok so in a few weeks i get my 6x2x2 only fish going in it so far is my 13cm firemouth hes my display fish i want you to design me a list of fish that will get along with him (a few little fights is ok but i dont want anything dieing from a massive gladiator battle) put a list of fish you'd put with a 13cm firemouth in a 6x2x2 if you owned it americans only no casualties cheers
  18. the rules no over stocking tank size 6x2x2 (700L) you MUST make 1 african tank AND 1 american tank i honestly know NOTHING about africans so id say 4 Frontosa Kigoma 6 electric yellows 4 electric blues and a goldspot pleco aquascape white sand with some nice big bits of driftwood! american option 2 devils 4 convicts(1 regular set 1 albino set) a green terror (all fish gotten at about4-6cm with a 9cm firemouth(there limited to 15cm so why not make the smallest fish the boss because itll be the biggest) a small salmontail cat and lastly goldspot pleco gotten at 12cm or there abouts aquascape-black gravel a few caves a nice piece of driftwood as a centrepiece with a rock wall behind it (with some caves in that ) your go! remember 1 african tank 1 american tank(doesnt have to be aggressive can go discus and rams) and your limited to a 6x2x2 tank
  19. 6x2x2 american cichlids gravel colour? ornaments? just wanna see what different americans people like there style of ornaments and types of fish fish must be able to co exist! so what do YOU like
  20. Hello people. I have this nice 5/2/2 with about 25 display cichlids in it. other than that, the tank is bare. no gravel, no rocks and no plants. Heres my thoughts. I reckon the person who comes up with the best idea for the tank, it will be implemented. I will put photos up throughout the decorating of the tank as well so everyone can marvel. To make things interesting lets keep the budget to $300. start those brain engines.
  21. I have a 3 tier 6 x 2.5 setup that I need to filter ... I was thinking of turning half the bottom tank into a sump (length ways) ... Back as a sump and front as a fry growout ... Pictures are worth 1000 words so here we go ... and the interior And advice on how wide the sump should be, Im thinking 30cm (leaving about 45cm for the fry grow out) There will be a 3 pumps (2 x 4000l/p for the 2 big tanks and another around 1500l/h for the front fry tank) Im really chasing ideas on sump design, my design is pretty simple, Is this all i need? Any advice is appreciated. Hamza
  22. Hey all, I have been asked by a freind to help her with getting a fish tank setup for her dad in late jan. Its his b'day and she has no idea what to do. So i come to you wanting feedback on type of fish and the best way to filter the water with the least maintanince needed. I was thinking a four foot with some basic rock, b/n and common ciclids. Thinking canister filter. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. Ps looking for cheapness!
  23. I have a spare 2 foot and was wanting to turn it into a sump. I dont know too much about that kinda thing so anyone give me any ideas would be great. Cheers
  24. I am about to undertake a large project and need some advice on what to do. I will be aquiring a large cube and making a display tank out of it. There will be approx 700L of water about 600mm from floor height (base of tank). So I need to sump this as I am assuming it will be the best option for filtration. As i believe 2800lph would be the recommended but as it has to pump to approx 1.4m i am assuming 4500lph pump will be the one for the job. I cannot have more than a 3ft long 15in high tank for sump and prefer no wider than 24inch.will this be big enough for 700L of water? How many bulkheads will be required to release enough water into the sump and what sizing. If anyone has a couple old tanks that are broken and would give them away so that I can pull them apart to make a sump I would be appreciate that heaps as I am on a very tight budget. On another note this will be a archerfish display so as for stocking options what is compatable that I can put with these guys?
  25. Hello Guys During the last school holidays i was quite bored so i decided to make a new filter design,so I went to bunnings and got all the materials i needed, Alot of Pvc and Seleys Aquarium safe silicone. I thought that i would run my 1200 Lph through a Pvc pipe Full of Aquarium foam and Wool, at the end i attached a spray bar. Added some pics, Please let me know if there is anything wrong with it please Cheers Etienne
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