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Found 75 results

  1. Hi, anyone interested in swapping a 10cm ism male Red Devil for my 14cm Female Polleni? im at Samford... North side
  2. 25cm Female Red Devil for Sale $40 please photo to follow
  3. ..hi..I've a nice red devil which till about a month ago I thought to be female, but now has started to develop a bit of a kok,,huzzah,,however, several days ago i noticed one black dot on its lump, then later another,now like a grey rash... ....is that normal for a developing male red devil ??? ....thanks..... dave.... + a pic, cos we all like pics
  4. My female Festae laid yesterday with her red devil partner. It wasn't intended. Is this a crime against nature??
  5. Mate is giving me a 10cm Devil. Short of putting in a 4x18x18 by itself, i was thinking of throwing her in my 5x2x2. Shes come from a community, so how would one go with two 30cm Oscars, a 10cm salvini, a 35cm goldspot and 12 Dollars from 10-15cm some maybe bigger? I know people say pyco fish, but i have heard some can be mellow. Should i try? Whats peoples exp with them in community tanks?
  6. hey, I have a large red devil bout 5 years old (30cm), he had a fungus on his fins recently (still treating), and now he always sits vertically with his head pointed towards the ground, kinda like a fish headstand. wondering if its the fungus making him act weird or something else. he's in a 4x2x3 with a couple small americans.
  7. My red devil is about 5 years old and he has recently got this white fluffystuffon his hump....one of his females picks at it, but not in an aggressive way. Kinda like she is cleaning it maybe. Does anybody know what this is and how to treat Cheers
  8. Just gonna be sharing a small video and a couple pictures of my red devil (Red which is his name). I've had Red since a baby and bought him orriganaly from Denison when he had his shop open. Red also has his best mate in with him that he sometimes terrorises but Pluto (the goldfish)lol has ended up staying in there for about 8months now. Pluto also had a goldfish friend at first but red didn't agree with him lol. My thoughts are is that does red think that Pluto is one of him because Pluto is white, pinkish as all the other goldfish were silver, bronze I put in there. Lol. Anyway for the video and photos. Hope you like. Thanks Anthony View My Video
  9. Hi i have a pair of red devils that have got fry that have just became free swimming today14/5/13 as im new to fish keeping i just need to know what to feed fry? an when to seperate them form parents or just let them be for awhile:help:. all are in 4ft at moment
  10. Hi, has anyone had or heard of experience with male fertility in a fader Flowerhorn cross red devil ? Eg are they fertile? Some fertile? None fertile?
  11. Does anyone have any pics of RD fry / juvies that I could look at. I currently have RD fry (pics in my albums) but they don't look like RD's although the parents looked after them .i need reassurance. Thank you Di
  12. I currently have 1 week old red devil fry (100's) They are in with their patents who appear to be doing a good job looking after them. When do I need to remove parents/fry?
  13. Ok so was wondering if anyone had or has ever had a RD that has gotten ultra maternal over feeder fish eggs?? I noticed tonight that there was a bunch of eggs in the corner of my tank, and my normally loving RD (Sushi) was excessively aggressive. I recently gave Sushi a heap of feeder fish and shrimp I did notice that there where a few with big bellies but didnt think much of it.. Could it be that one of the feeders has dropped eggs and Sushi has fertilized them??
  14. Unfortunately Red Devil Aquarium is closing it's doors at the end of October. They need to sell out all their stock so stop in and grab something for your fish room. Red Devil Aquarium 24 Aerodrome Road Caboolture They will be closing down with last day of trading to be 31 October. All tanks, fixtures, fittings, fridges, freezers, reference books, etc to be sold. Heaps of new stuff also available; 200m and 100m rolls of airline, ornaments, sponge filters, etc.
  15. Hi, i have a 7 inch red devil that is kinda peaceful unlike Most red devils. I also have an oscar which is a little bit smaller that is currently living with a bara, 35 cm oscar and a jack dempsy and is not very agressive (well from what i have seen). Ayway i just got a 250 liter tank for my red devil and am wanting to put the oscar in with her. Is this asking for troubble. If it doesn't work out i can always put the oscar back in its old tank but am worried about the damage that could be done. I also want to add some silver dollars to the tank.
  16. Hi all the other day i purchased a female red devil cichlid that is aout 8 inches she is housed with a pleco. Anyway today i looked at my breeding pair of convicts tank and the female had got herself stuckin a cave somehow. Any way i felt sorry for the male as they have been togeather for 2 years. He is a big boy at 6 inches with a big bumb on his head. Anyway today i introduced him with the red devil because of her good temperment ( she doesnt even eat feeder goldfish) and they are getting along fine sitting togeathermunder a plant and eating togeather. Is this bad having them togeather.
  17. Hi all. Just thought I'd share a pic of the new beast. He's only around 15cm at the moment so should grow to be an awesome specimen. I even had to sacrifice a rainbow tank and set it up in the lounge room to house this beauty where I can see him every day. Anyone seen a better youngster lately. Feel free to share pics of your devils as good devils are becoming harder to find. Cheers mick
  18. I have been watching my Oscar's in my tank getting intimidated by my Red Devil. The RD is a lot smaller than my O's but my O's always back out if they are to have a stouche. I think the O's look far more aggressive with their huge mouths open and flared gills but my RD seems to have it all over them. They never really seem to connect though, which I am extremely happy about. I have heard that the RD's reputation is pretty mean, but I always thought that O's are supposed to be heaps aggressive as well. I am fearing the inevitable though when the RD becomes so aggressive that he starts to do real damage, (hopefully this will never eventuate).
  19. Hey Guys, Got a fish from a friend of a friend lol, Just wanna know if its a red devil like he said or some sort of hybrid. Also what sex if anyone knows Thanks xlLiquidlx
  20. As some of you know, I recently got some eggcrate to seperate my Red Devils as the male was constantly chasing the female causing her to hide all the time. Anyway since I put the divider in, they have both dug out all the sand near the divider and spend most of their time right next to each other. Does this sound like breeding behaviour? Should I take the eggcrate out and see how they go together? She already has some fin damage. Just don't want him to kill her.
  21. hey guys, have had a male red devil for a while nows hes about 30 cm long and recently purchased a famale from the pet shop about half his size hoping to breed them just for fun. My tank is 5 foot by foot and a half height and width i have a divider in there so its just big enough for the female to get in and out, anyways the male has beat the hell out of her and shes pretty much ready to lay eggs any day now judging by the tube sticking out of her. everytime i take the divider away the male just bites her and shes missing scales and stuff here and there, they try and fight through the divider but im not game to take it out for more then 5 minutes and tips on what i should do, would be much appreciated brock
  22. So super super excited just ordered 3 red devil angels, should be arriving next Thursday or Friday Anyone kept them before? any tips would be great i have 4 footer beaming just waiting for them to arrive!
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