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Found 12 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hello : ) Does anyone have Black Diamond Quartz Gravel in their Pleco/Catfish tank? I am just wondering if it is safe for them as I have recently purchased some and hoping it isn't too sharp for my bottom feeders. I haven't put it into my aquarium yet. I am after any personal opinions as to pro's and con's in having it in your aquarium. Thanks in advance.
  3. I've got these two discus pairing up. Any idea what their prodigy will look like? Squidman
  4. Hi All. Great Price on Black Diamond Sand Today. Link - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Black Diamond Sand 10kg Ben
  5. Hey, I'm new here and this is my first post I keep tetras, plecos and bristlenose in a 4ft and I am planning on starting a planted aquarium with driftwood and plants. I really like the look of Black Diamond Quartz and i was wondering if plants would grow well enough in it? I had a friend tell me that the quartz won't hold the nutrients that the plants need to grow 'well' I was looking for peoples opinions on this issue I'm also wondering it would be too sharp, or to compact and have ammonia build up underneath like sand? Thanks
  6. Hey all the next stage of my fish room will involve plumbing up a few racks of tanks to be sumped. Just wondering were to get a decent hole saw from? or will a cheap e-bay item be ok, there will be around 50 holes in total, in 5-10mm glass 32mm fittings. Will a normal hand drill / /cordless be ok, or is it essential to get the dedicated drill stand setup.. I have seen it done a few times, and have a fair bit of glass to practice on..
  7. Diamond sturgeon are these species in aus or any suggestions of anything similar or just as awesome looking ???
  8. Today I bought 5 Diamond Tetras from a VERY nice store, I previously hadn't seen them before. Bit of an impulse buy I guess, but I think they'll look very nice in the Paludarium once it's complete. They are schooling with some White Clouds at the moment, you really have to see them to appreciate them. Does anyone else own any or have experience with them? I was told by the store owner they were a Cardinal varient, but my research tells me they are Neons. They look a lot like a Neon but instead of the blue stripe, they only have a blue head, but it's like an iridescent blue, looks like diamond. Not great pics, you really do need to see them top view, for yourself.
  9. Hi everyone.does anyone no where or who I can get these from?where I live no one has rays let alone black diamonds.just finished building 2 9ftx2.5x2.5 double deckered,now it's time to find fish to fill them
  10. I have 2 discus paired up in my desplay tank, a pidgeon blood about 15cm and a 12cm blue diamond. I am just wandering what fry would look like if they bred and the fry were successfully raised? I'm thinking they'll come out pretty bad but would like to see examples. Pictures would be great Thanx
  11. My New blue diamond pair i received today photo's don't show true beauty
  12. Finally decided to sump my remaining tiered setup so I'll be needing a diamond drill bit and some plumbing gear in the next few weeks. I have done a search re drilling etc and couldn't find the exact info I needed. Here are my main queries, I would appreciate answers to any or all of them: 1. What size bulkhead would be recommended for a nine 2x15x15 tank setup (3 tier) in 6mm glass? 2. What size hole needs to be drilled for the above sized bulkhead (what size drill bit should I buy)? 3. What size sump pump would be adequate for the above setup (to house BN) which would be around 2 meters high? 4. Does anyone know a good plumbing supplier close to Geebung/Virginia that could supply bulkheads, strainers, connectors and pipework (all in PVC)? Once again, all help and thoughts welcomed. Will probably add more questions as they arise.
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