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Found 4 results

  1. The design of these things hasn't changed since the 1960s. TFH used to be full of adverts for them. I have never seen one in Australia. Does anyone actually own one or owned one and what are they like. I would love to start a thread on retro aquarium equipment. The oldest piece of kit that I have is an eheim 2213 that says made in West Germany on it that I bought in the 1980's, still works well. Anyone remember whisper pumps ? What is the oldest piece of kit that you have and do you still use it ?
  2. Okay so my tank has now been established for 6 months and I'm getting a massive massive problem with Diatoms..... well it looks and acts like diatoms but now I'm not so sure the algae is in fact that Specs: 35Ltr ADA Amazonia Aquasoil Eheim Aqua Compact 40 4 x Cree XM-L series 2 Cool White LED running 3.19v @ 1.5A ~ 700lm each PH 6.3~6.4 @ 30ppm CO2 Fertilizer routine is normally 1/8 KN03 three times a week 1/32 KH2PO4 three times a week 1/32 Trace three times a week Below are the photos of the tank.... I cleaned nearly all the algae out (I'm not worried about the green algae at this point, that's only there because I did something extreme to try to control the Diatoms), so less than 24H later I wake up to a tank thats already showing alot of Diatoms all over the bloody hair grass and some of the stem plants..... Previously I've already tried: Constant water changes every 2~3 days: Nil effect Removing any old growth or anything that looked like it was dying: Nil effect 72H blackout: nil effect putting a large bag of Phoszorb into the filter: removed 90% of the algae but did not totally remove it, caused Green hair algae to start growing and signs of phosphate deficiencies in all my plants..... Above + 72H blackout: No further benefit other than killing off the green algae Removed all sandstone from the tank and replaced with inert lava rock that I've used before without any problems Currently I've removed the Phoszorb from the filter and started full fertilization again..... the funny thing is that the plant in the rear left (Next to the filter intake) never gets any growing on it...... The plants used to grow really well and I was trimming them on a weekly to fortnightly basis.... since the start of the Brown algae invasion they have almost stopped growing all together.... except during blackouts when they grow about 1 inch each..... Before you all say it's the lights not being strong enough or wrong spectrum...... the entire tank pearls constantly..... anyway...... Photos below [ATTACH=CONFIG]36339[/ATTACH] If it is the lights being at the front Voltage.... would going to XP-G LEDs be a better option?
  3. Just woundering if anyone has used this product (Vortex Diatom Filter) how do you use it and is it really good. Age of Aquariums - Vortex Diatom Filter XL * out of stock *
  4. If your able to assist please Pm. Require a plastic or glass jar for a Vortex Diatom Filter D-1 as the old one was accidentally broken.
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