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Found 19 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. I looked in my tank just now and found 1 of my electric yellows laying still on his side on the bottom. he wasn't breathing, so i pulled him out to inspect what had caused it. he doesn't seem to have any signs of been beaten. he seems perfectly normal (to me) until l filled him upside down. his belly is a bit bloated looking but i did only feed them about 3 hours ago. what do you guys think caused this? thought i'd take some photo's just incase. i only ever feed them NLS, and brine shrimp and some malawi frozen food every couple of days.
  3. hey guys last weekend my b/n laid some eggs and today i found her dead in the tank which i worked out it was from being egg bound this has happened a few times just wondering what causes them to become egg bound and why she died as ive read that they can absorb the eggs. could it also be that the male bashes them around to much as he is a big albino male prob about 13-14cm the female was about 8cm
  4. Hi, I have a 150 litre tank which has four goldfish in it - a fair sized Oranda (10 cm with fins), two small black moores (5 cm with fins) and a titchy ranchu. The tank has been set up for two months, although it has a sponge filter in it that was running in a smaller tank for longer. The main filter is an eheim cannister 2217, and this filter has been up and running for 4 weeks. I do two water changers per week of 20-25 % and ammonia is 0, nitrite 0 and nitrate 10 ppm. The substrate is river rocks of about 1.5 cm in diameter and it is planted with elodea. The fish are fed twice a day on a mixture of Hikari pellets, some flake food (for the little one) and a mixture of greens (peas, blanched spinach). I alternate the pellets and greens. I started the tank with the two black moores. Originally I had them in a smaller tank but within about 6 weeks realised it was too small and bought the 150 litre tank. I moved them and the sponge filter over and added an internal filter. After about another 4 weeks I purchased 3 more fish - the Oranda, a black ranchu and the small titchy ranchu. I kept monitoring water parameters and when the internal filter turned out to be making the water too warm, I swapped it for the eheim and did more frequent water changes while the eheim cycled. Three weeks after I added the new fish (they all came from the same LFS) I came home to find that the black ranchu had developed dropsy (it had showed no signs of lethargy prior to this). I quarantined it in a large tub, but it died a few days later. It is now two weeks later and one of the black moores has developed dropsy and the other looks a little suspicious to me. I think the ultimate cause of the dropsy must be bacterial, as my water parameters have remained good throughout this tank's lifespan and the ranchu died so soon after I purchased it. And the fact that another fish has now developed dropsy suggests it is contagious. My real fear is for my oranda, Brain, whom I am very attached too. He is a lovely fish and I will be heartbroken if I lose him. He is very active and still seems very healthy but I feel like it may only be a matter of time. So my question - should I try and treat him before it's too late? If I can get some metronidazole tablets how would you make them in to gel food and what dose would you need and for how long? Any input would be appreciated. I don't know whether to hope for the best or try to treat now. In my opinion once a fish has pineconed it is too late. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. My juwel Rio 120 light has died. It is a T8 version, the tubes are a few months old, so they should be ok, I noticed the other night the rear one was flickering a bit, this morning nothing. I have read on a UK website that because these units do not have starters that if one tube is faulty then the light won't fire up. Has anyone had any experience with juwel lights. I want to convert it to LEd at some point but not just yet.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. hey guys over night my hc has gone white, i bought 100 worth privately and have been getting it to spread out and re-carpet as he had to pull it all out and it ripped up, long story short a local cat has dug it up 5 times!, it has had a cold snap before but it didn't die out on me but now since i moved it to a enclosed tub in the sun it has gone white and basically all died? its still very moist in the tub but it is quite warm in there any way i can save it? if not i need more does any one here have any spare to sell at all? i was growing it out for a aqua scape cheers dan
  8. hey guys i noticed some red marks on a couple of them last night just behind the gills and woke up to 10 dead this morning i tested the amonia which was between 0.5 and 1ppm just tested the general hardness which is at 120ppm carbonate hardness is at 180ppm ph is at 7.5 nitrite is at 0.5ppm nitrate is at 80ppm they only died over night and they already have white cloudy stuff growing on them the other guys look ok but just wondering what has caused this the only new thing i have added to the tank this week is some weed which i was told from the pet shop would b ok for them and the last water change was last weekend at 20%
  9. Problem - 1 x White Cloud died and released ammonia into the tank which is now affecting my other fish. pH - 7.6 Ammonia - 0.25 -> 0.50 Nitrate - 0.0 Nitrite - 0.0 Size of tank - 50L Temperature °C - Room Temperature Been running for about 9-10 months. Filtration is ClearView Mini with carbon, filter foam & bio-noods. Fish in tank - 1 x Ranchu, 1 x Oranda, 5 x White Cloud Plants in Tank - 1 x Microscorium Feeding - varies between Hikari Lionhead Sinking pellets, Frozen Bloodworm & Spirulina Flakes. Recent Medication Treatments - I added some Melafix today. Last water change was last week, 20% with my gravel vacc. Water changes are done either once a week or once a fortnight depending on how dirty the tank is, I do tests weekly but usually I don't get any readings for Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate. The white cloud was really skinny, not like the other fat ones. I couldn't see any physical symptoms..
  10. Hey guys, i have had a single albino bristlenose in with my corydoras for a few months now, he seemed pretty healthy, on an Algaewafer/Cucumber diet and driftwood munching. Got home today, to find him stuck down the UGF filter exhaust. Slowly pulled the airstone out (Which he was trapped on) to find him dead. Stomach completely bloated, and a silver/grey colour. Not really sure what happened here? Any help would be good. Poor little guy, and he had grown a fair bit. Tank spec: PH6.9 Temp26* Ammonia/nitrate/nitrite levels all nill. (7hrs of light a day)
  11. Hello was hoping someone could help me out i had 3 uarus and one just dies he seemed fine he just had a really fat mouth like bulging and couldnt move it still ate but died in a very short anyone got any ideas thanks
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Hi I've just found two albino females dead this morning I believe they have just laid eggs, can anyone tell me whats happened they were healthy as lastnight and the males are fine.im thinking theyve had complications? Thanks in advance for any info
  15. Came home this afternoon to find one of my pride and joys dead on the floor I am soooo devastated, all the time and money put into caring for these fish and then he decides to jump 15cm out of the tank!!! Hardest lesson learnt today, if you don't have lids on your tanks....get them, especially if you are caring for expensive fish!
  16. Unfortunately to say, yesterday morning (16th) I found my blue orchid peacock dead. Im not sure why it died and was wondering if anyone here might be able to shed some light on why? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some details & observations... - Last water change was 14th Jan (vacuumed gravel, rescape & cleaned out sponge filter as per weekly schedule. Added dechlorinator & salt. All done as per usual.) Water test done on same day after found... - PH 7.8 - Ammonia 0ppm - Nitrite 0ppm - Nitrate 20ppm - GH (i dont have instructions and not sure whats ment to happen.. I added up to 10drops one by one and just seems to change from yellow to lime?) - KH 5drops (to turn yellow) - Temperature is 27.5 -Last water test was done on 22.12.10 and was exactly the same results) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the test I observed the tank & fish. (Pics of my fish & tank are also currently in photo section) Only things i can spot: - One of the sml female s/f albino bn had a sml brown spot on its fin & now has a sml spot on top now. - One of the juvi male peacocks has got a black spot in its top fin which it got as it grew up and has been there for a fair while. Hasnt changed in shape or size. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous fish death: was an electric yellow (when came back from 3wk holidays on 4th oct with friend feeding) looked like it had a sunken stomach & died. Last seen blue orchid: the night before looking quite fine & coloured up. Theres no chomps out of him or marks like hed been attacked or something had happened to him. He was one of the originals i bought as a juvi so was not a new addition & no one overly aggressive towards him. Anyone have any ideas why?
  17. this morning i woke up only to find "Alfred" my Murray cod dead :( all the other fish were fine i think he tryed to eat my toad fish and he got poisoned. can anyone else think of why he might have died?
  18. hi, My mates frontosa started doing barrel rolls and went nuts and died suddenly within 2 minutes, the same happened to his electric blue 2 weeks ago. His nitrate is a touch high at 30 ppm, everything else is fine. can you HELP him please. Cheers Aaron.
  19. Fish had a hollow looking belly and didn't really eat, i'm thinking it's tapeworm. The other fish are starting to poo big long stringy white poo's. I went to the lfs and got some aqua master fluke and tapeworm treatment Active ingredient is Praziquantrel. Anything else I can really do? As well one of the yellows seems very bloated and has been so for maybe over month or so. Should I add epsom salts with water changes to help this?
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