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Found 17 results

  1. Is it a common practice for female guppies to die after giving birth. I have had quite a few guppies die after giving birth and it happened again yesterday. I feed my guppies 3 times a day and when I fed at lunch time all was well but when I fed again at 5pm a female was on the bottom of the tank barely alive and new fry were swimming in the tank. My water parameters are NO3 zero, NO2 zero, PH 7.5, KH 80, GH 30, water temp 26 degrees Celsius. The ratios that I keep are usually 1 :2 or 2:5 but the tank that I lost my last female only contained females as i had lost the male to clamped fins a while ago. The tanks have Java Moss and Hornwort in them.
  2. I have a 4ft 1.5ft 2ft tank it has been running for 3mths now and havent had a problem yet till now. I do 25% water changers once a week. Ph is about 7, ammonia 0 nitrate 0 I have got one of my spray bars pumping oxygen into the tank and it's sitting at around 26 degrees. I have about 4500lph total of canister filtering it which was cleaned about 4weeks ago. Lighting is 4x4ft t5 for 8hrs. Stock 6 ellioti 3 firmouth 6 blue eye cichlids 4 red tailed goodieds 1 bristlenose 3 Hokaki carfish. I have noticed as these fish are getting bigger they are getting more and more aggressive. At the moment I think I have a pair of blue eyes and firemouths trying to breed and are bossing everything around. The ellioti are now chasing each other quite offen and I have one which has been breathing heavily for the last 2 days. To date I've lost on goodied and a catfish and don't want to loss more any suggestions??
  3. I have had over 7 batches of eggs, leaving the parrents in untill they are hatched, then taking the dad out. I am feeding them on microworms once they are free swimming, and then 2 weeks max and they are all gone. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but quite annoid now and frustrated. The father is 12cm sydney bloodline, female is 9cm Brisbane bl, and sand substrate. One large sponge filter. 2x1x1 tank. Thinking of putting them in a 3x18x18 tank bear bottom?
  4. Problem:- my kribs have de-coloured and are dieing one by one every day (and one electric yellow has also died) Ph:- 8 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- Nitrite:- Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:- 250litres, 3 foot Temperature °C:- 28degrees Been running for:- 4 months maybe more Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- canister Fish in tank:- Krib had 7 but not sure anymore, electric yellows 2 left, blue dolphins 2, peacocks maybe 10, and a pleco. All except Kribs are very young still only juvies. Plants in Tank:- only the fake kind Food:- cichlid pellets floating and sinking, frozen blood worms and algae wafers. Once a day, I don't over feed and I don't think I under feed Recent Medication Treatments:- Last water change:- Sunday but they started dieing before that and have since Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly usually fortnightly to monthly depending on when it needs to be done (ie-wood staining water calls for more frequent but they were dying before the new DW)
  5. Ok so I have a 4 tank system all sumped together. Now i have a trio of peps who have been breeding for me and the first batch was about 95% survival out of 60 and they are now 3cm. I have the parents in 1 tank and a batch of fry in each. It seems to me that the more batches 1 have the more fish I have die. I came out this morning and the newest peps were out of the cage with about 40 already dead. Still have small egg sacks so its not food. What im wondering is if any1 else has problems with keeping adults and fry in the same system as its as if the older fry are putting out something in the water killing the young fry. Just one of ym theories so if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance Regy227
  6. ok, lately I have heard something smash into the lid of the tank 2 times. I just relised its my female heckelii, she is dieing. I can put her in a quarrenteen tank? I have mythel blue, stress guard, should I use. She has a cloudy pat on her tail as well as a rip. and a little red blood spot on her eye. what can I do?
  7. Ok i have raised 400+ fry in the same way so not sure what im doing wrong now there in a 4 foot tank i removed the eggs and moved them to a floating container till they hatched i left them in there for 2 weeks after and feed them on zuccini and only 1 died out of approx 120 i then released them to the main tank area and within a week there all dead about 3 weeks prior i lost 80 the same way but at that time i had 3 siamese alge suckers and 1 clown loach all were around 5 cm so in a chance they were eating them i removed them before releasing the second batch but still they died other tank mates are approx 100 cherry shrimp and 6 pears of pep adults and 1 pair of albino adults did a water test and ph is around 7 and ammonia at 0ppm and all else seems normal havent done anything different i recently remover 100 albino fry as i thought they were hogging the food from a 3rd batch but still they drop like flies is it posible the adults or the cherry shrimp are killing them ???
  8. Ok so my pindani fry have just gotten rid of their egg sacks and all of a sudden 2 have died and another is on its way. HELP do you no whats happening and what can i do? Thanks in advance
  9. Hey guys sooo i went to check on my tank about 2 minutes ago and noticed on of my male common LF's laying upside down but still moving occasionally So i got him out put him in his own little tank, what should i do? Should i get the water really air rated? Should i put any treatment into the water, should i feed him. He is the least dominant male there is 2 m and 4 f, i have not seen a fight or anything. No physical signs of anything wrong cheer
  10. BBBIIIGGGG problems today i am loseing all my electric blues and yellows and dot know why. They seem to be swimming ok the there colour goes very pale almost white and in about half an hour they are dead. I moved them to a isolation tank afer the first 2 thinking it was something in the water and hit with metaflix but still hasnt helpped does anyone have any ideas. cheers sam
  11. Hey guys, need serious help, my blood parrot is not moving and won't move at all. it's just sitting there breathing really strong, the others are doing fine, it's just this one. tried adding salt to the water to get rid of bacteria etc but nothing. any ideas please? before it DIES??!!! :( i took some quick pics!
  12. so over the past 2mths or so fish have been randomly dieing.. fish of all sizes and species.. i thought white spot was to blame as i noticed what seemed to be an outbreak and after waterchanges and treatments it seemed to have cleared up but then its good for a week or 2 then bam another dies.. its been back and forth like this the whole time.. and also noticed a couple fish have been looking a bit ravaged whilst still alive, like nibbled on or something.. what the fcuks goin on,,.? at this point im thinkin of either moving a couple of fish out or just waiting for them all to eventually die and then start again with something completely new.. but that kinda sucks considering so far ive lost prob near on $400-500 worth of fish and theres prob another $250ish worth still in there.. \ its an 8ftr to by the way.. Cheers. Corey
  13. Have a mate who has a tank full of Semi community type species including Barbs, Swordtails Gourami's, Angels, and Bristlenose's. But he keeps loosing Kribensis with no apparent reason is there anything particular that would affect Kribensis and not these other species? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. ey guys just been looking at my electric yellow juvies the last couple of days and they seem to be dieing off dont know what is going on but when i have a good look at them they seem fine besides the fact that they seem to be swimmin on the spot a lot don't know if this is normal or not just want to get an opinion. thanks for lookin
  15. recently ive lost some of my albino breeders they appear to have bloat, i see them looking a lil fat and it stays like that for about 2 days then with in an hour of seeing them they blow up so big they look like they have swallowed a golf ball, then sadly the next day i find it dead can someone help me understand what is happening here and why it is happening so i can fix the problem Jase
  16. hi all i have been losing heaps of my guppies and as these are the fish i am currently only breeding it is making me pi$$ed off cause i cant find a problem with them and they are in my bns tank and they seem to be fine but these guppies seem to be healthy then next minute dead and there seems to be anything in the tank. i dont have a test kit cause i havnt had the cash to buy one that dose the hole lot. i havnt done any thing new that i no of if i lose them all i will just clean out the tank and buy more from breeders but if i can save them it would be better because some of them are highly preggo any help will be appreciated
  17. hey peoples, just need a little help been trying to raise heaps of fry latley but not doing so good. in one tank we had about 200 braselenes(how ever you spell it) and then added some lombardi we have a sponge filter running it and now we have less then 50 fry all together. i seen some eating one another but how important is it to keep the same size fry together? and any other suggestions would help. in my other fry tank we had some lombardi, hongi and something else, probally about 50 fry all together and now 12 fry, what the hell is going on, i dont see the point in trying to breed them when they just disapear.(excuse the french) cheers kel
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