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Found 22 results

  1. Tonight while feeding my oscar, I had the flashlight on my phone on and noticed small circles of white dots around my oscars head. I have heard about sensory pits before and I am hoping that's what they are, however I would love to know how to tell the difference between sensory pits and hole in the head in oscars. I am a tad worried as I've never noticed these small circles before... I've also never put a direct light into his face either though, as he gets very aggressive when there is light on. He's feeding well and doesn't seem to be disgruntled. Photos to come.
  2. After setting up the on Friday and putting on a good light - I thought I would pop on top of the range just to see the difference - can you pick it....lol
  3. Got quotes from the 3 tank builders in Toowoomba and hows this for a difference, Shop 1- $360 Shop 2- $280 Shop 3- $200 Those prices is me supplying the glass except the bottom pane 6x2x2 with me cleaning all remaining glass of silicone, you can guess who I am going to, even includes free delivery of completed tank Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  4. I can get a nautilus for half the price of an aquis so i was wondering the difference, as far as i'm aware aquis are newer, but my mate owns a 4 year old one so now i have no clue
  5. Hey Guys, Just wondering what the difference is between the two, and how you tell them apart, cheers.
  6. Hi everyone, a lady just gave me a pair of what she called red forest jewels, but I'm not sure if they actually are. The female is red, but the male is just a greeny colour with blue spots. Is he just lacking colour or are they a different type of cichlid?
  7. Wondering with canister upgrade whether to get uv or no uv. Aquaone run them with some canisters, but the eheim and fluval don't Also have many people had experience with the fluval G6.
  8. Howdy all, I have decided tonight that my current air pump at 20LPM is not keeping up with what I want and I want to add more sponge/corner filters to my systems. Now I have been looking around on AoA and I have what seams a simple question... What is the difference between an air blower and an air pump???? I have seen pictures and know they look physically different etc, but are blowers noisy compared to pumps??? I have made this simple and effective table below outlining the two different types. Type LPM Pressure Watt Price Blower 200 7.5 Kpa 90W $195 Pump 125 0.04mpa 85W $289 Now according to the specs the blower eats the pump for breakfast, lunch and dinner on every aspect.... So why don't I ever see any blowers for sale in LFS??? What are the pro/cons of a blower and pro/cons of a pump?? Any help would be great Cheers Nick
  9. i have a colony of common bnose at about 9cm average. if i put a 15cn male in, would that be ok? cheers
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Just picked up a pearsei today and am just trying to suss out if it male or female. I cant get any pics as yet as the sister in law has my camera but i was hoping someone knew of an obvious difference without venting it. As far as i can see it has blunt dorsal and anal fins yet its head is more squared than sloping, hence my uncertainty. Said fish is a good 20cm in length and has quite a personality
  12. If someone could post a link to a website or type in a quick explanation about the different types of frontosas eg. kigoma, moba, as i am interested in keeping these, are one type less aggressive etc. Cheers!
  13. Can anyone tell me the difference between last years Eheim 150W heaters and this years heaters? I just saw that Redlands had them at $39 for last years model. Just want to know the difference
  14. Can someone please clarify the difference of these two species - is there a difference? Some sites and aquariums say yes some say no - please help. I have a colony of what I was told are interruptus yet the ones I see in Aquarium shops look similar or the same as the males but they are called Johanni. Thanks
  15. I am curious as to the definition of Driftwood and the differences between what you call Driftwood and ordinary wood. Can I put any sort of wood from gum trees, iron barks etc. We have heaps of wood down the back on our acreage near our creek and was wondering if I can put any of these bits of wood in our tanks and what would be harmful to our fish. What sort of treatment would I have to do to them before I could put them in. I grew up thinking that wood that was on a beach was called Driftwood, so am I totally wrong.? Thanks for anyone's help in explaining this to me. Jane
  16. is there a difference between Calico and Marbel Bristlenose or are they the same fish with a more fancier name ? if they are different what is it , is it the eyes or markings . i have LF and SF and and there is a noticable difference in these i have to batches of SF and also see a difference so if there is a difference i would like to keep them seperate . totally confused . Paul.
  17. I was wondering if there was a big difference (i.e. quantity, effectiveness, etc.) between the filter media that comes with a fluval 305 and a eheim 2215. I am trying to decide which of these two filters is better for my 4ft (270L) tank. The cost difference is not really an issue. Also, is there any kind of filter media I should consider putting into one of these canisters? i.e. purigen, matrix, etc? Are these worthwhile additions to a canister filter?
  18. I have a tank where i was growing up my "royal" whip tail s that i had collected from several different places , some are defiantly not royals they are about 8cm and are breading , and yes the fry are surviving, some have rounder noses than others . i have some Lg6 whip tales in another tank some are lg6 but the smaller ones are more pinky . is there some where i can look up the difference in the different whip tails. The pleco sight is hard to research as they are to brawn and do not concentrate on one species
  19. I need to buy a new light for my 3 foot tank and have been pricing them up. Most of the LFS I have been to have them upwards of $80 but at Bunnings you can get seemingly the same thing for $40. What's the difference? They're just flouro lights, right?
  20. hi all just wondered if any-one out there has bristlenose with these small extensions off their tail. or seen any pic's like it. cheers dave.
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