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Found 16 results

  1. Valid for the first 50 customers ONLY We are having a fantastic sale on our 300W LED Digital Heaters for 1 week only Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other discount, offer is for the first 50 customers only, offer valid until midnight 2/8/2015 Redemption code - HEATUP33 300W LED Aquarium Digital Heater With Thermosafe WAS $45 NOW just over $30 AUTOMATIC LED DIGITAL CONTROL HEATER Having the right temperature for your pet fish is essential for their health and stress levels. Having a heater in your aquarium is essential for maintaining stable temperatures to keep your fish happy and healthy. Keeping your fish at a stable temperature should be as easy as placing a heater in your aquarium then set and forget right?? -- WRONG. To often heater failure is often the Number 1 cause of fish death. Here is a list of some of the most common cause of heater failure Accidental breakage during water changes (We all forget to turn them off) Cracked from large fish smashing your heater Thermostat failure causing the heater to cook your fish Poor collaboration of the heater causing the user to set temperatures incorrectly Lack of actual temperature display The NEW Biopro/Hopar Thermosafe aquarium heaters have eliminated most of these problems and more- Accidental breakage during water changes (We all forget to turn them off) Biopro/Hopar Safe Guard heaters have and auto ON / OFF feature meaning that when the heater is not in the water it AUTOMATICALLY SWITCHES OFF Cracked from large fish smashing your heater Biopro/Hopar Safe Guard heaters have a SMASH GUARD now around the heater protecting it from large predatory fish Thermostat failure causing the heater to cook your fish Biopro/Hopar Thermosafe heaters have now included a Thermosafe switch.. when temperatures raise up to 35 the heater will detect and shut down preventing accidental cooking of your fish Poor collaboration of the heater causing the user to set temperatures incorrectly Biopro/Hopar Safe Guard heaters have a tolerance of less 0.5 degrees Lack of actual temperature display Biopro/Hopar Safe Guard heaters have introduced a LED diplay of both the set temperature and current tank temperature 12 MONTHS AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY Product Specifications Model : Biopro Hopar H-338 Power : 300W Heating Volume : 300 - 500L Length : 400mm Fully Submersible Digital Display - Both set tempreature and water tempreature Auto on/off when removed from water Auto Shut Off with thermostat failure Accurate - 0.5 degree tollerance Touch Button Control Plastic Smash Guard
  2. ..We have just received stock of the new Elos OsmoController Digital. The entirely new OSMOCONTROLLER Digital uses a patent pending sensor with no moving parts as the first measure of the water level in the SUMP. Most other systems will use multiple float switches or sensors to act as back up to the initial float switch, elos does not. We believe the float switch or sensor will always be the weak link as it is usually a moving part and/or in direct contact with the water, most of the time. To provide an adequate fail-safe the OSMOCONTROLLER Digital uses a small microprocessor in combination with our patent pending sensor to control the pump and monitor the top off of your system. In the event of a fault such as an empty reservoir, a damaged pump or kinked tube, the microprocessor will recognize this and a red alarm LED will indicate the problem and stop pumping until the problem is fixed and the controller can be reset. The OSMOCONTROLLER Digital also has a manual top off button that can be used to use the system as a pump for occasional water changes and to fill a container with RO/DI water easily. The set up of the OSMOCONTROLLER Digital is very simple. It works with most sumps without the need for programming and with our sensor design has a built in buffer for waves and small changes in the sump that will normally cause a top off system to unnecessarily top off, which will shorten the useable life of the top off pump. Key Benefits of the OSMOCONTROLLER Digital: No moving parts Very easy setup. (System runs a 5 minutes self-diagnostic test when it is first plugged in.) Maintains a very accurate level, very important in marine systems for a stable salinity level when keeping delicate animals. Adapts to most aquarium/sump sizes automatically. Priced at $299.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Elos OsmoController Digital Water Level Controller Ben
  3. Minutes away from buying one just wanting some opinions.. I'm aware you have to get them calibrated or what not, but don't know what's envovled?.. is there a better alternative around the same price($95)?.. Thanks in advance
  4. Somebody may be insterested. I've subscribed last year and like it. It's just a dollar anyway - well a bit more, because of forex conversion, but worth it. Cyber Monday promotion Terms and Conditions Cyber Monday offer valid for new subscribers and non-active subscribers only, from December 2–8, 2013. (Returning subscribers’ accounts must be inactive for at least 3 months to qualify for Cyber Monday promotion.) Offer is for a digital-only one-year (12-issue) subscription and must be pre-paid online with valid credit card through Freshwater, Saltwater, Reefs, Aquatic Plants, Aquariums, Fish | Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. Subscriptions ordered through this promotion will begin with the February 2014 issue and cannot be adjusted. Order must be paid in USD. Valid email address required. TFH reserves the right to cancel any orders that violate the terms of this offer. Must use promo code CYBER13.
  5. After reading many many threads about heaters failing and people loosing expensive fish we got in some of the Lifegard Aquatics Temperature Alert. The units can be set with not only a low temperature but also high temperature alarm to help stop your fish freezing or frying with excessive temperatures. In summer time you will soon know when your tanks get too high and in winter is your heater is up to the task as we mainly check temperatures through the day but that is not when it is the coldest - do you check your temp just prior to the sun rising when it is the coolest time of day? Is your heater up to keeping the temperature your fish require? Should your heater fail it will give you the indication by an audible alarm or by the unit flashing if your heater looses heat or starts cooking. It is a relatively cheap option compared to replacing fish and recycling your tank It has a large 7.5 X 6cm display and the unit itself is 10cm x 10cm. Lifegard Aquatics Large Display Temp Alert for Aquariums, Reptiles and Greenhouses
  6. Hi does anyone use these to test there water GH and kh ? I have trouble telling the difference between the yellow and green in the test kits i'm color blind a bloke at the LFS told me to buy one of these to try. So i was wondering does anyone else use them? Thanks Wally
  7. Decided to grab an aqua one digital thermometer today. Thought i'd make the change from analog to digital xD Looked better than the probe thermometers, plus is half the price basically. Worked for a few hours. Now it seems to not work at all. Doesnt seem to have water damage, the seal was nice and tight. Multiple batteries, no success. Looks like a dodgy, havnt had any problems with known brands up until now. Looks like i'll be taking back for an exchange?
  8. Hey guys, just thinking of buying a digital ph & temp unit like this one on ebay: Digital pH Monitor Meter Tester Thermometer Aquarium | eBay Are they any good or are they just a cheap Chinese (not being racist) unit? Any suggestions on which unit/brand to buy? thanks
  9. hey guys just wondering if anyone has these and how well do they work was cruising around to a few local lfs today and each one told me not to buy one just after some more opions. cheers matt
  10. Playing around with new camera, not too shabby for a cheapy
  11. I am very very distressed and upset that the Electronic Digital Heater Killed a lot of my Malawi African Cichlids, Kribensis and my Bristlenose's 2 nights ago. Just before going to bed for some unknown reason (mother's intuition) I decided to check on my African Cichlid tank and saw heaps of dead fish. The heater had played up and it is only a couple of months old, it had my fish cooking themselves to death. All I could think to do was to get John up out of bed, rush to get some cool water to top up the tank to try and bring down the temp, then started to empty the water out of the tank and replace with cooler water before any more were cooked to death. John then put in a normal aquarium thermometer in to check the temp and I would have to say it had probably reached over 40 degrees C. After we finally managed to bring the temp down to about 32 degrees I then totally broke down. We had it back down to 30 degrees this morning, but As we both had to go out today we had a spare heater to put in the tank and when we got home this afternoon it was at 25 so john is working on getting it back up to a stable 27. The only fish that didn't seem to get too affected were my 2 male electric Blues, 5 Electric Yellows, 4 Red Top Hongis (but 1 today is looking a bit under the weather), 2 Rosy Barbs and 2 clown loaches (the smaller one wasn't looking too good at 12.30am that night, but he has his colour back and is doing ok and 1 female BN. I lost 3 of my 5 Electric Blues and they were just starting to get to breeding stage, one that I named Bluey as he has been the 1st one to colour up in my males survived and a least important male also survived, no females now. All of my Yellow Tail Acei my large male BN, 3 smaller ones and 1 long fin - only the large female (Sarah) survived. all of the kribensis ( there was about 10 of them) 2 did survived but 1 died overnight and the other one this morning. Thankfully I had moved 2 bolivian butterfly and rainbow fish last week out of the tank. I have put Melafix in the water, what else could I do to help the remaining survivors please. As the more that I can do to help the survivors is what is most important. I am still feeling pretty fragile as to what has happen, and would like some help and no criticism please as I don't think I could handle it, I know that their lives were in my hands and feel pretty bad that this has happened and its not good to keep removing dead bodies. Jane
  12. Hi, as the title suggests, has anyone used a Digital InfraRed Thermometer for testing temps of their tanks? If you have, did it seem to be accurate? This seems like an easy way to check temp of a lot of tanks without having to have lots of little thermometers. Ta for any assistance Bruce
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  14. I was just looking on ebay for a digital thermometer and I found this - Digital pH Monitor Tester Meter Thermometer Aquarium C0 and I was just wondering if it would work or if its not worth even thinking about?
  15. I was just wondering what everyone thinks about digital thermometers, and if there are actually any accurate reasonably priced ones out there. I purchased one the other day, and its about 6 degrees off :urgh: (according to the good old fashion one ) Thanks Regards Ryan
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