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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all - need a little advice. A week ago, I noticed my large boy pepp had a gold shimmer running down the edge of the top caudal fin, a small patch on the rear of dorsal fin, and his body looked "dusty" He was also breathing quite rapidly. Thinking it was velvet got some Waterlife Protozin. As I have some juvie corys, and some cory wrigglers,I was advised to use 1/2 recommended dose for twice the dosage period I have just finished Day 6 - and "its" still there, although he is no longer breathing rapidly. I have yet to find it on the other three pepps, 11 cories,50 wrigglers, 18 tetras and one lonely apisto -although sterbai colouring makes it tricky to see. Was advised to treat in main tank, keeping all occupants in, as velvet is a parasite with three stage life cycle. Should I continue the dosage for another 6 days? Should I up it to 3/4 dose? Is there a better treatment? Could it be something else? I've scoured the net and can't find anything that resembles it, other than velvet.. Or have I just caught him on the way out to the disco? Water parameters all 0 for nitrite/ammonia, 5 for nitrate. PH @6.8 Tank up and running for 9 months. No recent aquisitions - other than cory spawns. Last death was around a month ago - rummy nose went tail up over night - no visable symptoms of illness. Temp steady at 26.5 Water changes weekly of 30% with aged and treated water. Same day, very week, piped out, pumped in. 4 fter planted 280 litres filtered by Eheim 2217 & 2213 with powerhead and sponge filter. Any help would be appreciated 'cos I'm a bit :boggle: :worry: :perplex: Please help me help Stan.
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