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  1. Had another thread running for this project but it's quite old now so I figured I may aswel kick up a new one. This concept was something I had dreamt about since I was maybe 8 or 9 years old, so finally having it come together is really something special for me. Add to that the fact that prior to this tank my biggest aquarium setup was a 65L two foot tank, and I think you can imagine how excited I am about this. Keeping (and raising) discus is a challenge I'm really looking forward to as well, and hopefully giving some breeding a shot further down the line. Anyway, I'll start with the earliest photos and fill in the blanks up until now. April 2014: very veerryyy early planning stages. A couple concept sketches and a scaled plan for the builders to work off. A stray photo of my general inspiration for the overall look. (white sand, large driftwood, big swords, blue discus, happy days) Fast forward a few months and things are looking a little more advanced. Here's another tank with similar elements, regarding the fish, unusually tall dimensions and aquascaping. Then received my first look at the tank... Funny story I've been told about the installation of the tank before I throw those photos up. I was at school while it happened and only heard through one of the builders but turns out the 6.5x2x80cm high 12mm glass tank was carried almost 25m and installed by four guys, one of which threw up afterwards because of the weight... makes me glad I wasn't there And finally the three foot sump. Don't know when the next update will come unfortunately, for those of you who follow my pond thread you'll know that the chances I get to put time into my projects are few and far between while I finish year 12. Anyway, hopefully the photo overload wasn't too much to handle. Would love to hear some feedback and any advice would be much appreciated because as I've said this calibre setup is mor than just a little unfamiliar to me. Cheers.
  2. Hi All, I bought these 2 discus off a mate, can anyone help me with what type they are? He said they both lay eggs up the cone so I'm assuming they are females. Thanks in advance
  3. Hey all so I have changed my 4x2x2 to a discus tank with some basic plants. Just had a few questions and any extra advice is welcome. diet- they currently seem fussy and only like to eat frozen bloodworms, have tried Thera+a and discus bio gold. Can they only be fed bloodworms or is that a bad diet, the clown loaches eat all of it I have 2 juvies so far and 8 loaches would like another 2 maybe 3 If that's ok in 4x2 and not sure what else thinking tetras can I add Rams? I have the ph and hardness more for community but jut seeing how things settle with the extra driftwood I added. I remember reading somewhere aquarium salt shouldn't be added with loaches but not 100%. Thanks
  4. I am in Brisbane and have been keeping discus for 8 years. I have a 1000 litre tank, heavily planted with co2 injection. I had about 15 discus of different sizes (6 to 14 cm) and of different ages (5 years to 2 weeks). Most have been purchased from a reputable GC store. I also have tetras, corys, whiptails and Rams. Starting late last week, I have lost 1 discus per day. They look fine in the evening, are eating well, and seem fine. Seem OK in the morning, but are dead by the time I get home from work. There is no evidence of disease or damage on them. The non-discus don't seem impacted. My tank parameter are ph 6.9, nitrite 0, nitrate 10 and kh of 70 ppm. I do 40% water changes a week. Can anyone suggest what my problem may be? Thanks. Steve Williams
  5. So a week ago today I picked up 8 7-8cm discus from Darren Thomson aka Gold Coast Discus. First couple of days where fine apart from the normal settling in period. Then late on day two I noticed white spot on quiet a few of the fish. The following day I started Protozin treatment and seems to have cleared up nicely. (3rd day of treatment yesterday) However on day 3 I noticed that the Penang eruptions gill plate was raised on one side and the membrane is sticking out around 3-5mm when it takes a breath. Also there are some barely visible white lines/spots on the membrane when you look inside (please see photo) He is still breathing from both gills, colour is nice, behaviour is normal and eating fine. Then today I noticed that my blue diamonds eyes have gone cloudy (pop eye???) he is not eating and is very reserved. Are these problems possibly related and what can I do? I have spoken to quiet a few people and done hours of research with no firm diagnosis on what's happening to my tank. Apart from the Protozin treatment for white spot I have been doing 50% wc daily and added 1tbs of salt per 60l. Sorry for for the long story :/ Any help or advice would be very much appreciated... I have no idea what to do! Ph: 7.5 Am: 0 Rite: 0 Rate 0-5 30 deg Bare bottom 4x2x2 with a 3 foot sump, no plants, no other fish. Setup in run completely on pre filtered rain water.
  6. Hello all, I need some advice. I have looked at a breeding pair of red discus (don't have any other description than that but have orange faces) The female is beautiful but the male has these brown patches on its face. The guy selling them said it won't go away but they are good breeders and all red males have these brown marks. I must admit, I've only seen photos of other reds but I've never seen any with brown marks...can anyone tell me what they are and will they go with breeding?:help:
  7. Scrub question here, sorry. Many moons ago I kept some discuss, was a heartbreaking experience dealing with poor water control and lack of patience. Now after some success with breeding Angels I am keen to have another go at keeping Discus. I do understand they are more particular than angels. I have a new 120 x 45(D) x 50(H) tank = 280 Litres. My intention is to plant it out and get the water parameters reasonable by keeping some Angels in there (all seeded from currently running tanks). A week or two down the track remove the Angels and introduce Discuss. I wish to introduce all the discuss to the tank at the same time. will be a planted low tech tank (mostyl blue stricta and amazon sword), but will be a display tank also. My question is. How many standard sized adult discus 'on average' could this tank house? Filtration will be good, maintenance is fairly good (I water change three times a week). I do not intend breeding them, this is for display. How many discuss should I put in there? Cheers.
  8. I have a 450lit community planted tank with 7 discus, the 2 largest ones (a blue diamond and red turk) have been together for a while, today they have been cleaning the internal filter, was wondering if they are preparing to lay eggs. Only spare tank I have is a 70lit with cardinals don't know if to move them. Just did a large water change. I don't really want to breed them but would like to see once.
  9. Got rid of my jags and oscars as they wouldn't let any other fish live. Switched to LED spots and moved in the discus. Already had 2 batches of wrigglers but they got eaten within a few days.
  10. So I've noticed one of my discus (in a tank with 3 other discus, 4 cories and 2 SAE's), had a reddish worm protruding out of its anal area and I've come to the conclusion that it's come down with camallanus worms, it isn't showing any symptoms yet but I'd like to treat the whole tank before it gets too out of hand. Im looking to treat with Levamisole hydrochloride and I'm trying to decide between Sykes Big L Wormer (Active Constituents: Levamisole Hydrochloride 16g/Kg) or Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Tablets (Levamisole hydrochloride 20mg, Praziquantel 4mg), I'd prefer to go with the Avitrol, unless someone suggests otherwise as it is a lot cheaper, at least for me. In regards to the treatment procedure, am I correct in saying that I should treat all the fish in the main tank and vacuum the gravel frequently. Then repeat again in 2 weeks time and 2 weeks again after that, just to be sure. Could I move them to a hospital tank every time to do the treatment in order to make vacuuming the worms easier? Or should I leave the fish in the main tank Thank you so much for all your help in advance.
  11. This is the largest planted tank I've done after recently upgrading from my 3ft and 2ft tanks. I will be focusing on this one tank. This tank will be dedicated to discus. both of the smaller tanks will be or are already pulled down with the 3ft to be run with sponge filters as a grow out if needed but mainly quarantine / hospital tank. Recently purchased this tank 2nd hand. Very big tank for me! and my unit lol. Equipment: 5ft x 22 high x 18 wide tank, cabinet and hood. approx 360 - 400L when you minus approx 45L of soil. filter: eheim 2215 and eheim 2213 (will be added shortly - still running 2ft tank) heater: 150W jager (think I need to upgrade to a 200w ) co2: 2.6kg bottle, aquamedic regulator and solenoid EI dry ferts mixed into 500ml bottles - still learning with this 1 x 10 000 Build My Led Light - 3ft 1x 3 foot and 1x 2 foot 6500 worz led lights. some t5's in the hood as a back up small internal filter filled with K1 media (as I run Co2 can't run diy air filter as that would be too much surface movement) running the aquael mini uv light to see if that will help minimise algae growth - currently working I guess. substrate: approx 2.5 bags of old ADA soil from my 3ft tank approx 6 years old. 3 new bags of ada on top. Heaps of dino dung that was in the old soil. Proposed Fauna: 4-6 discus. Will start with 4 then will increase over the next 6 months to probably 6, maybe 8 . a few ottos pair of either blue rams or neon blue rams or one pair of each one male apisto cac triple red that I bred from original panda petes stock so have to keep (thought about getting a female but would rather a pair of rams) and lastly if there is room a small school (10) of cardinal tetra to finish it off That's basically it. Main focus will be discus and a few of my favourite fish (rams) to pick up the scraps. Flora: I don't know all the names but will give a rough idea Needle leaf Java fern Small annubius (think it's nana petite but just appeared if my other tank so not sure where it came from ;P) Eleocharis Belem hairgrass - lot's of it!!! reddish crypts Rotala sp "Colorata" a few different red stem plants (not sure what type) Blyxa (need a few more stems of this) and a few random mid ground plants that I'll seeing how they go. now for the pics hood is still off for ease of planting. still need to sand an give a coat of varnish. I'm still waiting for my order of stems and 6 pots of belem grass to arrive. having ammonia spike from new ada soil. sitting at 2. I was currently doing a water change in the pics. Tanks has two endler guppys in there to help cycle. haven't seen a cycle yet, only ammonia spike, (old soil was 6years old and stayed wet, and established 2215 went straight on the tank) doing 50% water change every day / 2 days from now on. tank has been set up just over a week and this was the 2nd water change. before water change. after Let me know what you think! I'm really excited about this tank. the whole right side will be belem so give the discus a lot of swimming space. I think the scape has a great potential once it's grown in. sorry for the really long post
  12. Hi, I know i have asked a lot of questions about setting up a community planted discus tank, and i would like to thank every body for being so helpful. I will be getting my first discus in one week, so i thought i might post some point in time pictures of my planted tank. thanks! (sorry for the bad quality pictures ), also water is slightly cloudy, just did a water change
  13. I have a planted semi SA biotope (corays, Rummynose, Discus, Blue rams, and an angel) the tank is approx 300liters, would i be able to add a couple of the more docile african peacocks (males)? water quality shouldnt be an issue (40% water changes every 2 days) the nitrate is always <5ppm.
  14. ok so i am getting my first discus for my tank tomorrow and am just double checking that my parameters are good. ok so my nitrates are less than 5 ppm, my temperature is 28 - 30 degrees. I am however worried about my Ph, it is constant at 6.5, but when i do big water changes it can go to 6.7 (it comes back down to 6.5 within the day). will this have a bad effect on the discus? also how much can the ph change on a discus tank? my tank is about 300 liters aswell. thanks
  15. hi, i am starting up a discus aquarium, are there any live bearers that would work well with discus? i understand that there may temperature difference, my tank is currently stable at 27-28 degrees.
  16. Hi, could anyone recommend a high quality discus breeder in the Brisbane / Gold Coast are?
  17. My 5-10cm discus is swimming on an angle in is constantly hiding in and between wood. I have checked the nitrate and it is all fine WHAT SHOULD I DO? it is the first time I am keeping discus and I need help please.
  18. Read a lot about beef heart being bad for discus because of the high fat content, but makes them grow quick. The argument that discus don't jump out of rivers & eat cattle seems too simplistic. People don't jump on cattle in the paddock & eat them either, but we still consume a lot of it: I think moderation & variety is probably the key. Wondering if anyone has tried kangaroo meet on their discus? High in protein & low in fat: 1-2%, would seem perfect at first glance. I know they don't have kangaroos in the Amazon, they would be too quick anyway! Comments please!
  19. Hi guys, I'm needing some advice from the experts! I have a 160l corner tank with 4x Cardinal tetras, 6 harlequin rasbosa, 1x blue ram, 1x yellow ram, 3x corydoras, 5x phantom tetras and did have 5 juvenile discus (just lost one 10 minutes ago). I realise that I will need to upgrade my tank fairly soon. All fish get along well except I have one very bossy juvenile discus (the smallest of the lot) who has been terrorising two of my slightly bigger juveniles, one of which has just passed away I'm devastated because he was my fave. Gorgeous millennium gold. Ammonia - 0 nitrate - 10ppm nitrite - 0 ph - currently 6.5 (has been fluctuating on the mor acidic side?) water direct from tap is 6.5 temp - 28 degrees substrate - swapped gravel to pool filter sand about three weeks ago. 2x 40-50% water changes per week fed discus bio-gold pellets in the morning & frozen blood worms at night. i just can't seem to keep these beauties alive and I'm not sure why and what I'm doing wrong. i'm almost ready to give up on them. The millennium gold that has just passed has been battling for about a month. He started hiding at the back of the tank (near the heater & air stone) was flashing, darting & breathing heavily. I treated the tank with Kusuri Wormer Plus believing that he/she could have flukes & Kusuri is apparently not so hard on bio filter and catfish. Darting, flashing etc stopped but still wasn't eating and still hiding. Three of the smaller discus are happy as Larry, begging, fighting etc. one is showing worrying signs 😣 and is starting to lurk around the back of the tank. as I mentioned earlier, my littlest pigeon blood has been chasing him/her. I haven't seen any further flashing, darting or scratching on plants lately and I haven't lost any of my smaller fish in about 2 months. Some of my neons had what appeared to be cotton mouth disease which was treated with no fatalities. The gold that passed away today appears to have swollen, pink gills? Any help, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I want use Fluke and Tap worm tablets (contains 1000mg Praziquantel) from Blue Planet as a preventative cure for Discus. Dosage required 1 tablet/20litres. I was told Discus need regularly worming every 4 months. My fish tank contains 4 Discus, 7 Rosy tetras, 2 hoplo, 1 Bristlenose, 1 Royal Whiptail, 1 striped headstander (astronomus astronomus) and 4 Pakistan loaches. I have a live plant giant cardamine and my tank is overrun with Malaysian trumpet snails. My tank is 5.7 feet length, 50cm wide and 2 feet deep. My question is what fish or plants are sensitive to the medication and do I have to half dose? Will all the Malaysian trumpet snails all die and causes a big ammonia spike?
  21. I thought i would update you on my Tank redo. I have decided to go with discus, tetras and siamese algae eaters. The tank is 4ftL x 1.5H x 1.5ftW and is running an aqua one 1500 canister filter and a 300watt heater. I have the cycled water ready to go in tomorrow and i am picking up the rest of the driftwood, substrate and plants tomorrow. I will keep everyone updated on the progress.
  22. I want to start breeding Discus but I am lost. Dose anyone have any tips or tricks they could share?
  23. Has anyone tried to make a kangaroo mince mixture for discus instead of the traditional Beef Heart mix? Just wondering because the kangaroo mince is lowfat, high in protein, already minced and less messy than beefheart.
  24. How long dose it take for young discus to grow up ready for breading a and how big( e.g. 10cm. Are they fragile and what do they eat (list if possible). Thanks, littlebitfishy
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