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Found 29 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently just acquired a tank of tetras and they had a break out of NTS. I only had 12 tetras and they all had the white scaly spots so I decided to euthanise them. Now the question i have is what next? I have about 50 cherry shrimp in that tank still. I was planning on breeding them but Im not sure if the disease can be transferred to them? Should I just get rid of all of them just to be save? I don't want a fish in an other tank to eat one then get infected as well. Also how do I clean the tank to get rid of the disease? It can be passed onto other species of fish and I want to make sure the tank is completely clean. I am willing to tear it all down and throw away the substrate and get some new stuff. Any help would be great as I am a total newbie to the hobby The tank is an Aquanano 40.
  2. I have had some problems with 1 tank of fish, the tank was well cycled after introducing a colony of hongi from a supplier I started experiencing deaths, at first I thought it was m/f ratio, so I bought more, then the food, then noticed the following symptoms skin lesions, mouth fungus, swimming at top of tank. within weeks I have lost 42 fish. From reading up on diseases I think it could possibly be columnaris introduced with new fish, no deaths occurred prior to introduction of these with no issues in other tanks.This was the response from the supplier does this sound right? From: ***************************** Sent: Wednesday, 11 May 2016 8:53 AM To: ******************** Subject: RE: Contact Form Hi ********* We still have the hongi and the kadango here in the shop andwe are not losing any.. We also have a microscope here because we look for diseasesand worms ect on customers fish for them when they request. We also treat oursystems here at work monthly with Kusuri as a precaution. I can't tell you where you got columnaris worms from butnone of them here are effected and its really easy to spot. We are only****************if you want to come have a look
  3. Out and about on the Gold Coast when i thought i would pop into one of my LFS (they just reopened) did a lap of the store when i see a Giant Pink Gourami. I couldn't help myself so i got myself a new little fish (name it come once i find out the sex) He now is living in a 6x3x700 tank with some Peacock Bass some Oscars and a couple of other cichlids soon to be rehomed.
  4. Has anybody ever encounter this before. I lost a fish on the weekend possibly had syntoms of GBD. I have done some reading on this but it all seems so confusing. So just wondering if anyone could explain it simply for me or point me in the right direction for a site that explains it easy. Thankss JP
  5. Has anyone else experienced wasting disease. At first I thought my problem was parasites with my Cichlids, now I am starting to think it's much more. The more I read on the net the more concerned I am. Now that my fish have grown they seem to be dieing at a very fast rate. Within a day or so of showing signs of huge weight loss and also curving spins they are dead. All my fish were fine until I bought some Electric Yellows from a LFS which died within days of bringing them home, so I suspect they were carriers of something. Love to hear other peoples thoughts on what I should do or if anyone else has experienced this.
  6. I've got a goldfish with a problem. It started out as behavioural - erratic swimming, swimming in circles, running into things. This continued for a week. He stopped eating Friday. On Saturday I noticed these wounds on his body. His gill flap has this white erosion on it. He also has a white wound on his lip. All fins are intact, no other fish affected. Water - ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 80 PH 7.1 Any https://vimeo.com/119742299 please excuse the futurama in the background Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey everyone i have a problem i have noticed on my black sharks finns, she is my pride and joy so i keep a very close eye on her and i went out today to do some photoshoots and when i got home i noticed this, it has come up within the last 12 hours, her tank is a uv filtered 5 foot and her tank mates are about 200 baby bn's, two baby electric yellows, 2 clown loaches and an adult longfin albino bn. i am pretty sure its white spot but have never seen it this hectic so any help would be very appreciated. thanks dan.
  8. Hey guys, I've got a large beautiful Peppermint bristlenose - Male 15cm. yesterday I noticed he is looking a bit pale on top. Now I know BNC's can change their colour to match their surroundings - he lives in a white PVC tube - so it makes sense that he should be lighter, but it's really inconsistant and patchy. Tank Conditions about 120L for two Peppermints Ehiem 2217 - heaps of filter, with carbon normally really dark (a small light in one corner) - but i let some light in for photos Ph- 7.5 amm -0 nitrite -0 nitrate -0 27 degrees C Have a look at these images and let me know what you think. - I'm hoping it's not a sickness notice how it's symmetrical? This is where he lives - he has a female in the ceramic log beside him
  9. something interesting, i wonder if the girls will be turned off the boys Onion Powder in the Diet of the Olive Flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus: Effects on the Growth, Body Composition, and Lysozyme Activity - Cho - 2012 - Journal of the World Aquaculture Society - Wiley Online Library
  10. i notice one of my tetras had some sort of swollen nose it looked like a tiny pimple on the tetras nose/face area that was about 3 days ago and i cleaned it yesterday and noticed now about 3-4 of them have little pimple things on there nose/face are any idea on what it could be?
  11. This morning I went to feed my fishies I noticed that one of my females has a red spot/s that is visible on both sides (or maybe there is one of each side). She had started clamping (not pin point) about a week ago, straight after birth. It was a longer holding period than usual so I assumed the stress was why she is clamping. She has normal feeding behaviour, but just now she's a bit shy (which is really odd). I don't think it was caused by water parameters as the other grown female, 3 juvies and, 15 fry don't seem to be having adverse effects or showing similar behviour. (plus my cCRS are still alive XD). Params (has been established since March 12): Ammonia: 0-0.25ppm (I was told that using API 0.25 & 0.00 was a close reading and I would have to agree as my tank is a constant 0.25 with no prior worries) Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 5ppm Ph: 7.8 (no worries for the endlers..) Tank mates: Other Endlers of varying age (no full males yet), 5 Tetras, CRS, RCS Would anyone know what's going on with my poor girly? I was given a suggestion that it could be NTDs from my tetra but I got the Tetra in April 15. The Endlers actually came in after them. I did have a tretra I took out because it had a vertical red streak down the middle of it's body that I thought was NTD, but I separated it from the tank in mid-May and it's still alive - but permanently quarantined just in case (poor thing). Also I thought NTD made the body go white? Would the disease appear after that amount of time?
  12. got a clown loach with a bung eye - it was injured in a fish fight when he was a lil tacker ( bout 3 yrs ago). Apart from having an opaque film over his eye since then, he appears to have been healthy & happy. However, when we did a water change last Sat we saw that his bung eye was a bright red! Couldn't spot any discharge, but the color was a shock. Water conditions as below. Anyone know if this is a sign of I'll health, or what it might portend? I'm hoping to stock this tank with Endlers & eventually shrimp - which means loachies will need to go. *But I don't imagine anyone will want a loach with a dud eye - will my only option be to PTS? Advice / opinions anyone? Ph:- 7.7 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 0 Nitrite:- < 5ppm Gh:- unknown Kh:- unknown Size of tank:- 60 gal Temperature °C:- 22oC Been running for:- 6 yrs Filter: Canister & internal Fish in tank:- 2 clown loaches, 2 bristenose, 5 white cloud minnows ( aiming to change tank over to Endlers & shrimp) Plants in Tank:- Anubias x 6, Java fern on driftwood Feeding:- 1x day, flake for minnows & shrimp pellet for loaches & algae wafer (when needed) for bristles Recent Medication Treatments:- none Last water change:- 2 days ago Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly: every 3 weeks
  13. I think my discus has HLLE dont know how it has caught this,it has 5 red marks between its eyes I have put in qtank doing daily water changes ,it is not eating,is this contagious to my other discus,have had them for 3 years with no problems at all,the only thing that has changed is added some new plants could these have anything to do with it.Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  14. Hi:) I am having a strange serious problem in my tank. It started with one of my harlequins eyes going very orange and then it was dead a few days later, then another one started with the eyes going very very orange, we thought that maybe my white fin ornate tetras were going for the eyes so we took them out of the tank. I lost every harlequin, one by one - the same way- eyes going very very orange then bit more orange on tail and fin within 5 days dead and then a new one got it. This thing happens one by one almost like it jumps from the dead body to the next body. Anyway, we took the last harlequin out last week and cleaned the tank. I brought back 3 of my white fins and now 1 of them has died. I asked a lot of aquarium people here on the coast and noone has any idea what this is, nor have they seen it. It has not affected my bottom dwellers. I just brought 4 new ram after we took out the harlequins and now i am scared that if i dont find out what this is i will end up losing them all. ANY IDEAS????? :confused: I have 3ft fresh water tank, only use top products, seachem etc. PS> The white fin ornate was not sick before, it came back healthy from where it had been kept.
  15. my peacock cichlids just started dying today i dont know what kind of disease it is but one of the females have some while looking spikes in head and all sick ones have dying ends of the fins and than male started swiming with his belly up i thoughit it white spot so i added some salt but didnt help my male is now dead!! so pls help me diagose they are in comunity but only these peacocks i have 5 of them 3 of them got it pls help!!
  16. My stepdad has discus they were all fine till about a week ago the little one just stopped eating but the rest are still fine. 2/3 of our Lfs shop owners say it's skinny disease. So where can I get it? No new fish have been added to the tank and the little discus gets food bu spits it out an he's getting thinner then what it used to be Where can I buy skinny disease ? Thanks
  17. hey everyone just wondering what causes Fungal disease on the fish would it be from excess food not eaten that has fungied over ? Thanks Tom
  18. hey guys, i have a 3000L system that i mainly use for african cichlid fry however, i ended up throwing some fish in i got from random fish shops. Soon the fry started dropping off, some would lie listless on the bottom before dieing and most would loose a bit of colour too, within 24hrs of these symptoms the fish is dead and now normally has both its eye's popping out (not noticed pre death). seems to only affact certain species of fish and at sizes, from 10mm-50mm. fry would drop off at rate of 1-4 fish per day depending on species and then slowly stabilize with about 20-30% of the original batch surviving. (whilst the fish are dieing at a rate of 1-4 the rest of the batch seem to be in perfect health.) this system i ended up bombing with chlorine which quickly fixed the problem however it has now popped up in a 5x2 fry tank. im pretty sure this is not a water quality issue it may play a part but there is something else there that I would love some help identifying... any input much appreciated have tried treating with full and half doses of formalin and multi purpose but no change
  19. Okay I have a 4x2x2 with 2x frontosas in there one is about 30cm it's a male Burundi ad the other is a female bout 25cm not sure what type moat likely Burundi, I came home and my bigger fronnie has a few large splits down his fin. In a horizontal form. Now I'm not sure if thats a disease or if they have been fighting.they seem fine though. Help please cheers!
  20. Anyone know anything about this - casues random black patches - what I have read suggests it is either a virus that does not kill fish and needs a bird to transfer it, through to it is deadly and no known cure. One female has it.
  21. I was just thinking about setting up a little 1st aid kit for fish! What meds do you all keep or think should be kept on hand for parasites internal/ external, bloat, fungus/ fin rot, colluminous worm etc etc? I keep pima/ melafix, para-cide, and praziquantel. What are the shelf lives if any of these meds and any that you suggest? Cheers Steve
  22. Came home from work today to notice one of my yellows swimming around uncontrollably, it was swimming upside down, on its side, pretty much anyway but normal. I have taken it out and put it in a quarantine tank. Is this likely to be a swim bladder issue or potential injury? If it is SB is there any treatments i can try? Cheers in Advance Brenton
  23. I currently have about 35 different species of africans and americans, and have noticed over the last year that every fish that has come from Bayfish has had some kind of wierd disease or another. this is not the same thing everytime but every fish from them has been unhealthy in one way or another. This is not a cleanliness issue or water change issue. I have 14 tanks from 6 foot down and have no problems with fish from other breeders or suppliers. I have only noticed this while going through the years log books. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I now refuse to buy fish that have come from Bayfish just to be sure. I have figured out some amazing fish remedies over the year though. This has only occoured through me trying to rush building breeding colonies. If anyone else has noticed these sorts of issues or know why please feel free to post. I have made my decisions but am wondering if I am just seeing something thats not there or if I have been freekily unlucky or if there is an issue with large percentages of Bayfish stock? These are only my observations and opinions and I have no reason to dispute bayfishes procedures or stock, these are just oberservations. This is not an attack on Bayfish, they are just one of many large scale suppliers all of whom have the same health issues dealing with so many fish. Cichlidae
  24. Over the last couple of weeks I have sold fish to new buyers and on 2 occassions they have rang saying one of the fish has died within a couple of days. I have heard that fish in UV sterilised water loose some of their immunity to diseases how correct is this? Baz
  25. all, please refer to photo and see if you can id it. this fish has been on its side for a while and couldnt swim, always tried to but unsuccessful, so finaly its been put to sleep in my freezer. it was in a 2x2x18 tank with its ms, its ms was not effected at the time of inspection. just want to know will the water be contaminated. cheers http://i313.photobucket.com/albums/ll37 ... MG1694.jpg http://i313.photobucket.com/albums/ll37 ... MG1695.jpg http://i313.photobucket.com/albums/ll37 ... MG1697.jpg http://i313.photobucket.com/albums/ll37 ... MG1698.jpg
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