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Found 6 results

  1. A couple of my fish have a weird white growth on their fins looks sort of like a bit of fluff 2 glassies and a cardinal tetra have these, any idea what it could be
  2. came across this whilst doing some research, its mostly about prawns but a good read http://nsgl.gso.uri.edu/tamu/tamuh95001.pdf
  3. hey guys and gals ok i have an out break of white spot so went and got white spot raised up the temp came home from tea and a fish was truning a black colour on half of the body thought nothing of it went out side for about 1hr and its dead in the tank there is another one with the same black spot things covering half it body?? anyone know what it is??? i have about 15 fish in the tank and only 2 of them or 1 of them have the black thing ova them?
  4. Gday all, Ok I have researched reasearch and researched and yet I can not find any parasites or diseases that derive form feeding your fish Processed foods like ALgae waffers and Flake foods. The reason for my search is that another member has just lost his complete tank of cichlids and B/N's and he beleives that this is due to the introduction of new type of algae waffer into his feeding routine. The person in question origianly belived it to be gill fluke, My research has drawn me to understand that "fluke" is a parasite that has a 24hr life cycle and can only be carried either through water changes or anything that contains infected water ie river rocks, fish, weed ect. I have found some rough info that there are claims that such parasites can be transfered via frozen foods, This information was on other forums and not by any research faciclity. The symptoms of the fish as far as I am aware are " gill flaring", "lathargic fish" and "gasping". I am very keen to hear everyones thoughts on this. Cheers Johno
  5. Just found this website that provides pictures of various diseases & conditions in both fresh and saltwater species. might be helpful in diagnosing before seeking treatment. http://images.google.com.au/imgres?imgu ... s%3Disch:1
  6. Hello a fair few of my fish have a cloudy coating on there eyes anyone know of any diseases that can cause this in the water at first i thought it was the net but fish i haven touched with the net have this prob can anyone help???
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