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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys any ideas for good dither fish to bring my fuelleborni out more, they freak when they see me but are as happy as pie when they can't. If you have any to sell "dithers" i would be interested in buying
  2. I currently have a 6x2x2 with six 4-5inch red devils and five 3-4inch convicts. Tank gets a bit of sunlight and am a bit sick of cleaning algae every week. Am basically after an algae eating fish to co exist with them. Not a fan of massive plecos, was thinking maybe big bristlnose cats? Those flying fox things, any other suggestions? There is lots of hiding places in the tank if devils get to cranky!
  3. Any ideas? I want to but some dither fish. The tank is 3ft and home to 2 x GT plus their fry. I don't want anything that will go after the fry but, enough so that Mrs GT will leave Mr GT's fins alone.
  4. More a pondering than anything else, I use Rainbowfish as dithers to break agression in about 1/2 of my tanks and they generally do a briliant job, except the western rainbow in my Blue dolphin/ Ob peacock tank. At 1/4 or less of the size of the biggest fish in the tank and on par with a few youngsters that needed a temporary home. He takes no crap from anyone in the tank. Its incredible to watch him keep the youngins in line, stir up fish 2-3 times his size and colour and flair back at all the cichlids. he is the only rainbow left in that tank I wanted to remove him but he just loves it too much. I dont have the heart to tell him he is not a cichlid, I am sure if he had a mate she would be the first rainbow to hold in her mouth! has anyone else seen this sort of behavior before? I find it amazing to watch this sort of seemingly strange behavior. the joy of fish keeping. Cichlidae.
  5. I have some A. cacatuoides and I was wondering what would be a good dither fish for them? I hope to breed them evenually so I would prefer something that isn't going to eat the fry (with is probably impossible). I have some hidden valley rainbows that I could put in with them, would they be any good? Thanks Carl & Jenny
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