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Found 16 results

  1. The history: I have a densely planted 4 foot tank with 8 adult silver dollars. They have been displaying mating behavior off and on for months, but nothing ever came of it. Most nights there are some big splashes and they are reasonably skittish. Most of the tank is a jungle of java fern anchored to driftwood with clear areas at each end for ease of feeding. The fish can swim freely and hide easily. The females are saucer size, the males a bit smaller. They do NOT eat the java fern. A while back, between regular water changes, my intake tube to one of the canister filters became blocked with plant and I decided to do a major water change to make sure everyone was ok. A whole lot off white eggs appeared from amongst the plants, obviously spawned and dead. I continued on as normal, regular water changes and gravel siphoning, big mass of plants in the tank. Imagine my surprise on Thursday night when something dashed across the tank and disappeared - definitely not an adult. Of course, the light went off then (on timer) and I couldn't see anything. Next morning, 2 babies about 10 cent piece size appeared, just swimming around plain as day. I hadn't seen either of them before. Great excitement ensued, much to the displeasure of the adult fish who promptly panicked. I sat in front of the tank for ages and then another tiny face appeared in the plants, all of about 4mm in size, a tiny silver replica of the adult fish. At that point I got the torch out and found some more babies in the medium of the filters. I retrieved all but 2 alive (no easy task) and they are in a guppy trap in the tank. I have 3 distinct stages of development with the fry. Newly hatched/few days old, tiny but distinct shape and 2 big babies. Easily 3 spawnings. I have noticed that the fry are feeding on tiny worms, stirred up from the gravel. I am assuming these are some form of black worms left over from when I used to feed my catfish (no longer in the tank). They colonized the gravel and the catfish used to have a field day. Every time the adult fish stir up the gravel, worms float through the tank. Self sufficient babies, except those in the guppy trap, I have been siphoning out and syringing worms into it multiple times a day. The parent fish just go and hide until I'm done. My dilemma now is, of course, what to do when the babies are grown? Is there a market for young SDs? Obviously I won't be able to keep them. What do other SD owners think? They have a great pedigree - non-plant eating herbivores!
  2. Ok so i have a tank with large Americans in it and a now breeding pair of silver dollars. Just wondering what is involved in raising the fry and is it worth it?
  3. Hi everyone...this is probably a dumb question but I will ask it any way...Can I put 3 silver dollars in a 5ft tank with 4 goldfish?.goldfish tank is sitting on 26.5C...this would only need to be for 1 week until I finish setting up their tank....trying to study..... Mel.
  4. Hi all, wondering where I can purchase less common "Silver Dollar species",Myleus Schomburgkii or Myloplus Rubripinnis for example.
  5. <BR><BR>At my Lfs and saw these and anyone have information on these? Google wasn't too helpful.
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if spotted silver dollars are easy to find? I'm wanting a school of them, I bought two small ones today... but wanting at least 4 more. The two I have I need to grow up a bit before they can go with my Americans and I'd prefer to grow them all up together if I can't get bigger ones.. Anyone have some they are selling or know of a store that has them, and prices? I'm considering going to exotic fish connections, pauls aq. At oxley, and maybe pet city but bit of a drive for me if not necessary! I'm also after bocourti, green sevs, white saum and gold saum rivs. thanks heaps And sorry if this was in the wrong section, wasnt sure where to post it.
  7. So i have just been on the AOA website, and they have hydor theo 150 watt heaters for 9.95.. BARGAIN also exactly what i was looking for. WIN
  8. I have 5 large silver dollars in my tank that I have had for probably 4 years, since slowly raising the water hardness and ph to keep my electric yellows happy 1 has gotten pretty bad (looks like it will die) but the rest seem fine? Are these not suitable tank mates or is it just coincidence? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys i have 3 silver dollars around 11cm mark. One of them has changed his colours from red on his(i think its a male) to red and black and chasing 2 girls (i think they are). They are currently in my Display tank, should i take them out to see if they will breed? Has anyone here bred them? If so any hints would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has a prior experience with Silver Dollars and knows of any hardy plants that they definitely won't eat
  11. Hey guys I'm wanting to get some silver dollars or something similar that will school. Just wondering where the cheapest place to get some would be? Somewhere close to Marsden (south side)
  12. i personally don't like these guys so i find this story funny. mate had 3 given to him, at the time i said ther not even worth getting up to answer the door when the guy comes over to drop them off. against my advice he did. he had a nice tank they went in with fronties, yellows and blue orchid pcocks. nice i though then the dollars went in a good episode of that 70's show turn into a bad ep of home and away to see some silver dollars swimming around just isn't cricket so i decided to take up another channel. his flat mate has a toga he is by himself but an awesome fish when feeding time.now the flatmate is just new to fish and my mate with the dollars wanted to get rid of them of course no one wanted them and he couldn't bring himself to flush them so he convinced the flatmate to put them in with the saratoga expecting them to be eaten if not killed. the toga has been around for awhile and has killed everything that gets put in his tank. the dollars went in they got nailed but kept following the toga around. as it was told to me this spooked the toga why does a fish i'm nailing follow me, i was almost in tears laughing when i got told this. so the dollars live on.......... does anyone have similar story??
  13. I took a video of my Spotted Dollars today and was wondering are they doing? Fighting, Playing, Mating? Also how do I sex them?
  14. Hi guys n gals, Just wondering if anyone's had luck keeping silver dollars with plants? I've tried anubius (was in the tank before the $'s) but that didn't last long. I was thinking of trying giant val... If any one has any tips I'd be grateful... if I fed them some vege flake or pellets would this quench their appetite for the green stuff? If all else fails I'll just have to resort to some fake plants Cheers Damo
  15. On 2 of my silver dollars I have just noticed white patches. They look too large to be spots but I guess thats under interpretation. I have tried unsuccessfully to take a photo of them - Skittish little things they are. My large Silver Dollar has a reasonable large mark or patch. It is only on one area on the fish. Not all over it. Any help would be awesome. I do hope this enough to help diagnose what ever my fish have.
  16. hey hey.. i have 5 silver dollars in a community tank of silver sharks, corys, a school of congo tetras, plecos, bristlenoses etc etc ... we have noticed the last 2 weeks our silver dollars are doing the deed like no tomorrow, there going for gold and.. well.... seem to be not stoppin in a hurry... the ques is what are the chances of getting lil babies outta this. i have read that the dollars will not eat there own babies, but other breeds of fish will surely feast, has any1 had dollars in a community tank and babies survived? happy to let nature take its course and not interfere, just curious thats all...
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