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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, My Apistogramma Agassizii Double Red Female keeps killing her mates! she has gone through 3 so far.. can any one offer any advise? She keep chasing them to the top of the tank and never lets up till they are dead...
  2. Hi Guys, I need some help, please. I'm looking for double wire hose clamps for Marine-flex hose. Could you recommend me a place where I can buy about five of them in 40mm diameter? I have already tried the Bunnings (they have only smaller), Super Cheap Auto, Repco, Mitre 10, BCF without any success around the Logan area. I'm using the standard clamps now but for this kind of hose would be better the double wired I think. (http://www.bunnings.com.au/aquapro-12mm-hose-clamp-4-pack_p2810212) Or if you know an alternative solution I'm open for it. Thanks in advance! Regards, Jani
  3. Hi everyone, Has anyone ever seen a tank built like this? Advantages / disadvantages? Have seen it full and running, just never seen one built like this before...
  4. We are looking to carry this on and just wanted a little feedback on what you would like to see. We have had L-Catfish and NLS so far. This weekend is already planned but rather than me just picking I thought I would just ask for a little feedback to get some idea's if you do not mind as it is all about you guys and gals and what you want. Thanks
  5. All Eheim will apply for Double Discount days on Friday, Saturday and finish on Sunday . It is in store only so you will need to come in to get it. If it has Eheim written on it - its in - but no marking boxes with texters... Get 10% off for QLDAF Then another 10% off. on... Vacs Feeders Internal Filters Canister Filters Air Pumps Jager Heaters Submerged Pumps Media Everything..... Eheim Aquarium Heaters, Pumps and Filters
  6. I've been growing this flowerhorn out for a couple of years; he's in a tank with 5 big loaches - getting along ok. I've thought about selling him a few times to make room for other projects - but I don't think the demand for flowerhorns is out there like it once was (have had him up for sale a couple of times, but haven't tried to seriously move him on yet). What does everyone think this fella is worth in the current flowerhorn world?? What would be 'reasonable' to put him up for sale for? I know it's how much the right buyer would be prepared to pay, but??
  7. Yep double Juwel Rio 400's..... You've seen the African before which was stocked about 6 weeks ago after a 1 month cycle, now meet the American. I hope to stock with a couple of Oscars and a Gold Severum..........and................maybe an EBJD. Both tanks setup the same with Eheim 2080's in each and I have replace the stock 1000lph pump in the internal filters with supercharged 1500lph ones. I have taken a tray of ceramics from the African Eheim and placed it in the American Eheim, I have also swapped over a basket of foam from the African internal to the American internal, so both filters are well seeded, I have also taken the silk plants from the African and replaced with new ones putting the old in the American. The tank was filled yesterday and I added ammonia to bring the reading up to 4ppm.... here's hoping the cycle is greatly reduced.... I'm hoping for a week only?? Is that possible? cheers Gary here are some Pics
  8. Aquazonic T5 Double & Quad Reflectors now in stock. Starting from $79.00. Specs - Mirrored reflector Aluminium casing Splash proof cover Twin Switches Mounting brackets included Available from a 2 x 24w unit right up to 8 x 39w 1 year warranty Link, Age of Aquariums - T5 Lighting Ben
  9. hey just wondering if any1 would liek to sell me a plant light (double) for around 2 ft.. if not 2.5 ft thx aagroves
  10. took these photos about 1 year ago of a diy project, luckily my dads best mate is a glazier and got me some cheap glass!!!!!!
  11. is it ok to put a few fry/juvies into a community tank? i have a 3foot tank and would like to get some of these guys any help appreciated tim
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