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Found 39 results

  1. Crappy phone pics. The male is about 7-8 years old and the female is young. This is there first spawn from this pair. That sponge filter is the really big ones from AOA for size reference
  2. Need a culling machine? (in response to the 'giving away culls' thread) Recently hooked a few dovii from the lagoons
  3. I've been growing out some juveniles for a few months. Turns out my largest is a female. So I bought a big male to hopefully breed with her. He's still quite timid for a big boy but she's quite aggressive. Here's some pics
  4. Hi all, My Dovii has laid eggs again but this time the eggs have turned dark. The last couple of times she laid we watched and waited but with no result, however this time we paid little or no attention. Soooooooo, does this mean they might be fertilised?
  5. I'd like to move my Saratoga into a 6x21/2x2 tank which currently has a 40cm Dovii in it. Has anyone had experience with these fish together? Don't want to move the toga if it's not going to work. Thanks.
  6. So now that my 6x2x2 marine is booming and going great guns, I want to focus on my freshies. I'm planning to set up a tank with big exotic fish. I do want a dovii and have sourced one and I do want a motoro, basically Im asking should it be done ? I know it can be but should it ? I don't want to stress either of them
  7. .hey guys, pretty new around here. im after a young dovii. if any one has one there willing to sell please let me know.
  8. .How do I get my hands on a dovii? Are there any breeders out there or does anyone know where or how I can get one maybe two?
  9. this is what happens when a dovii does not like another fish!!!! thank god i got him out when i did or he would be one dead fish...2 days of floating around like his swim bladder was stuffed he has managed to pull through and now is slowly picking up
  10. .Chasing DOVII CICHLIDS Located in central queensland. If anyone could help or point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.
  11. .Looking for a Male Dovii approx 25cm - 35cm to partner with my Female Dovii.. Will pick up from anywhere North of Sydney.
  12. .hey there does anyone know where i can buy a pair of doviis
  13. .Here's a few pics of a lovely little female Dovii I have just acquired. I've put her in with a much larger male-she's around 22cm and he's around 35-40cm. She's laid eggs before but it'll be his first mating. Thanks to forum member fishking for holding her for me.
  14. Hey guys, I've got myself 2 Dovii, the male is 14-16cm, the female is 23-25cm. I'm trying to work out what to feed them as a staple? the tank is filled with feeders, which are multispinosus and nigrofasciata fry lol. I'm thinking maybe Grand Sumo or Hikari massivore? This is my first real venture into Bigger Americans and these guys are awesome. any help will be very much appreciated. Regards, Nathan
  15. Hey guys this is my pair of Dovii sun baking in the afternoon sun
  16. My male Dovii being what they are has pulled one of its teeth whilst "courting" the female Should I push the tooth back to it original position or pull it out or just leave it & name him narwhal?
  17. Hey guys these are my Fish, new to this site so i thought id share my South American Cichlids with everyone
  18. Can anyone babysit my dovii??? My 6foot tank broke today and my poor fish is in a bucket :/ I love at wynnum west and don't know what to do with my poor fish.... Anyone have any suggestions????
  19. Nice fish. Glad these are not loose in our waterways, stupid septics think this is cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3Le5RYnYkg
  20. hey all just wanting to see pics of your dovii's this is my fella not very large yet (24cm) but showing beautiful blues!!!
  21. id like to see this guy on white sand
  22. Hi all just wondering if any one can tell me how to sex a dovii. Cheers mickyd
  23. Hey guys, This little terror was causing havoc in the tank tonight and was showing off, sooooo i thought i'd try and get a pic. It was only taken on Samsung Galaxy and i had to move at the same pace as him to try and stop blurriness, but you get the idea lol. I'll try and get a better pic or a full HD video when the recorder is finished charging, that'l be tomorrow hopefully . Oh he's only about 15cm-ish and his ***** is almost 25cm. Seph
  24. She's only about 2/3rds his size but she won't back down!
  25. Hey have put a female dovii in with my male 3 days ago, all good look like laying & been liplocking today. Both around 17cm looks savage, should they settle down soon? Might have to seperate if not
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