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Found 26 results

  1. Anyone have or breeding sunshine and green dragon pleco's. Are they in Australia and are they any young available?
  2. Dropped by to Hungs shop today for a chat and some food, saw the following fish for sale so I thought I'd post it here just in case anyone is after any: Motoro ray pup - he said it's male Baby silver arro Lots of L168 BIG males from 10cm-12cm could be a female in there very little hair Lots of long nose whips good sizes A few baby toga jars Mangrove jack approx 12-14cm An awesome looking big male red flowerhorn Plus others which I can't remember. Oh also by his counter there is an ad posted by one of his customers it reads - 50cm Mangrove Jack for sale $400, if anyone is keen either go down to the shop or gave hung a call to get the contact number of the person who is selling it. Happy shopping peeps!
  3. As the tiltle says... Show off ur Dragon Blood/Firefish/Strawberry Peacocks
  4. Just thought I would share this is one of [MENTION=3737]kasman[/MENTION] bubs from the girl I now have it's name is bubbles for to reason it loves bubbles in the tank and it a unisex name I have just seperated it from the other couple now so I thought I would share I will put lots of new pics up excuse the bad phone pics it doesn't do the fish justice lol I'm hoping its a boy fingers crossed It's diet is : marine green cube Heart and prawn cube Mysis shrimp Bloodworm Food sticks hikari Hikari carnivore Cichlid bio gold Normal hikari My fish are spoilt hahaha
  5. Hey fish friends.. I have Venustus and Dragon Blood Peacock's in the same tank.. I have 1 male DBP and 2 females I have 1 male Ven and 4 females.. Now i have been noticing that my DBP male is 'dancing' with my female venustus.. What should i do as I dont really want a cross hybrid but i only have the one tank and want to keep both colonies.. Please help..
  6. For the last 3 weeks, I've noticed my dragon betta to be eating less than usual and about last week he had developed a sort of white lump which has become steadily more prominent. Is there anything I can do to help the little guy out? Thanks
  7. Hey all. Got myself a black and gold dragoneye goldfish yesterday, and noticed that he sits at the very top of the waterline. He comes down and eats and what not but he spends most of his time up there, not gasping for air, just chilling at the top. Could this possibly be a swim bladder issue? or is he just shy cause its a new tank? I know he does not like the current in the water too much, i have slowed it down as much as i like too by adjusting the position of my outlet, yet he tends to chill on top of the internal filter where there is no flow. Just hoping he is in good health Michael
  8. Here is the kamfa i bred and my one of my red dragons
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Got this RD off blade yesterday. Water kok red dragon bred by Den in W.A Thought a good opportunity to document his progression. 15cm at the moment. In a 5ft tank. Temp 30'C. Being fed on - Chingmix Hikari gold, biogold, food sticks Earthworms Peas & feeders when I have them Still settling in of course, but Day 1 none the less. Blind in the right eye too .
  11. I got a dragon fighter yesterday and he's great, he's just in a 60ltr quarantine tank at the moment, but will be going into a 240ltr planted tank in a month
  12. Hi all! Long story, sorry! My partner has set up a Cichlid tank, which is going really well, and we have a male Dragon Blood and two females (as well as some OB Peacocks and Electric Yellows). In the meantime, I've set up my own tank (a 4 foot) which is cycling, but the water is good, and was intended for gold fish (which were going to be added this weekend). The two females both have a mouth full at the moment... I've decided I want to keep them, and move them to the new tank, but scared they will spit the babies out when i'm moving them. What's the safest way to do this? Also, do I need to move the male DB "Big Red" as well? Any advice would be great! Thanks!
  13. Hey peeps, had this guy since he was about 4cm, to me he looks like he's showing promise with the growth of his KOK and pearling . He's about 6-7cm now and im gonna start feeding him Carnivore as he can fit it in his mouth now. He is also on live, froze and other pelleted food. I have also been told he isn't a Red Dragon? Whaddya think? Cheers, Seph
  14. here is my rd he is about 15cm and has alot of potentiol:p when i got him cheers
  15. hey all i just scored myself a red dragon today and was just wondering what is in it to make a red dragon???? cheers mickyd
  16. Hi Was in there this morning grabbing some fish food they have 2 pink gg about 15cm ea Asking $ 320 each. For those who are chasing them thought I would put it out there Cheers Go see hung may even discount them if u ask ??
  17. Am I a Male Red Dragon? Aprox. 18cm long ATM.
  18. Hi Had a few people ask me about the 2 parrots I sold, if u still chasing these guys red dragon @ darra had about 4 I think around the 20cm mark. Not my fish was just in there this Arvo and seen them. Just thought I might try and help people out that are looking for them ! Anyway think there like $90 ea or 2 for $160 lfs prices but they need to pay overheads as well & there a good 20cm & fat. Cheers Trev
  19. hey guys trying to find a contact number and times there open for red dragon aquarium found a number but not sure if its right i rang it all yesterday and toaday and no answer not sure if its right of if there closed any info would be great thanks
  20. G'day All How good is this guys? hardly see this beautifully fish in Brisbane but this is not my lol How about this catfish, do you guy think is real? I haven't seen any catfish that big
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Picked up these guys after work today from Jodi. Beautiful fish! I saw them on her youtube and was hoping they'd still be there. I think next purchase will be the black dragon plakat pair if they're still there in a few weeks (probably not!).
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