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Found 4 results

  1. Ok guy's, well i have many fluval fx5's in service and currently just the 1 fluval fx6 + 1 brand new version still in box (after winning comp from AOA) : ) My fluval FX6 is nothing but a nightmare, its roughly 6months old and has been opened to clean / remove&replace purigen 3 times and everytime its been a drama, THIS TIME, the canister would not start, so i made a huge mess unplugging the beast to re check everything was OK filled back up plugged in and yep still NOT RUNNING I took it apart AGAIN, removed the motor/impeller to find it was clear of any grime & certainly did not have any gravel/media/sand or such in it, I then put it back together again, turned it on, and HOORAY it kicked into life BUT and its a big BUT, this bloody motor is working but now buzzing along.....noisy as all heck. thats my rant.
  2. Hey guys I'm plumbing my sump at the moment and stuck. My outlet piping has to split into 3 ways at a point, i was going to use a cross joint but only receive enough pressure from the one exit. Does anyone have a idea to fix my little problem? So far I've come up with a gang valve of some sort, but not sure if it will work or be the right size.
  3. Hi Guys, I was wondering if someone could help me with my tropheus. the smallest in the tank is leaning up against a rock and seems almost like it has no balance. It is breathing very quickly. Anyone have any ideas? thanks
  4. VICTORY!! Finally, after months of frustration I have my first mouthful. Just got home from driving around running errands all afternoon and noticed my male Electric Blue chasing one of his females all over the place. When I checked her out I could see a section just in front of her anal fin which looked like it was protruding. I hadn't noticed it before, and none of the others have it, so I figured she must be close. So I watched for 5 minutes or so and he just wouldn't leave her alone. Finally she was able to find a secluded spot and out they came, half a dozen or so which she quickly scooped up and then he came in and did his bit. They repeated this another 2 times so far, so it's all happening. My only question is:- what do I do now? Other than rejoice, that is.
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