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Found 16 results

  1. Finally, after all this time there was no rain for long enough for me to get my dream tank home and into my room. 8x3x2 made by Michael at Aquarium and Petland Southport, who I can't thank enough. Had about 9 people lined up to carry the thing, only 6 turned up but it was an easy and smooth lift (not that I can say anything I didn't carry it lol). Made it off the ute around the corner and onto the stand with no damage. Had to get into it, fishkeepers tradition. I didn't want to get out of it once i was in there! A new experience is all I can say. Enjoy the pics. Couldn't imagine a better view from my bed. (Pardon the socks I was as tired as hell by the time I got in there... who cares!)
  2. I am trying to chase some bright blue cherry shrimp does any one have any for sale cheers
  3. OK you have just been given the most perfect 6x2x2 tank ever created. Your mission is to pimp it out in pure awesome, all while spending under 200 million dollars Australian. Choose your filtration, lighting, heating, ornaments, fish, stand..... EVERYTHING. You get one 6x2x2 tank post in this thread, you can edit it as much as you like. Lets see peoples dreams, taste and ideas. *yes a lol will be given for a creative answer.... but end of the day you fail the thread if you post here and dont list an actual 6x2x2 tank setup as well.
  4. I know that this have been discussed before but just wander who is servicing this tank so that I can learn It is in Sunnybank shopping center next to commonweath bank perfect shape and size to me, just need to find a bigger house anyone know its spec, width length, lights and filter systems to educate us? And what is this fish, look like it loves to eat algae
  5. if so what of, a bigger tank, more or less bubbles, less light?????????????
  6. As title states what's your dream tank setup, with what you want to stock it with. Ill start. 10x4x3 with Gpg motro rays and some cool Cathy's and a Albino Senegal bircha
  7. Really looking into a nice(as nice as can be for the budget ) marine tank and so thought I would test the ideas of others with their experiences and knowledge If you could go any way you want with a marine set up but were looking at doing it with a price bracket of say $750-$1250.....what way would you go?....the bigger the better...but also aware the bigger the tank..the more of a set up you'll need with the filtration etc...love to hear ideas as I know some will favour a smaller tank with heavier filtration....and others a larger tank with basic required filtration....maybe I will find something in the middle....was looking at a live rock..fish set up mainly...hopefully lionfish or a nice mixed group......fire away marines...
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  9. thought i would start of one of my first posts buy asking everybody this: If you had no budget or limit to space, What would your dream tank be. How big would it be? what would you stock it with? What features would you integrate into it (auto water change)? Planted or not? Mine would have to be a 8x6x5! with a monster murray cod, i would aquascape it with a built in cave that would show the big girl in her full glory. Not sure if planting would be possible. maybe some lilly pads on top. If possible i would add some yellow belly and silvers but they would have to be monsters not to be eaten. Keen to hear what you guys come up with !
  10. Morning Fellow Forum Members, I’ve been toying with the Idea of a 'High Tech' aquarium for a while now and I am almost at the stage to get started, the Budget will be very tight and the project stretched out over probably near a full 12 months. I’m after some more input from Forum members on what 'High Tech' goodies are out there that I should consider adding to my project. I have not 100% set on the Tech Goodies yet, I’m still in the design phase with the furniture and getting them to look nice and modern. I will be using a 5x2 platform, initially a 5x2x2, with the plan to later change to a 5x2x2.5 with a 3d background. I think I will give designing and building my own computer controlled LED lighting system from scratch as I can purchase any type of LED's imaginable these days, I have a background in electronics engineering, I work in IT, My father was a senior Electronics engineer for 30 years before retiring recently and he has a good grasp on programming, we build UAV's together and all sorts of goodies, so working with electronics is like second nature to me. As far as filtration is concerned I’ve decided I want to stay away from a sump (personal preference) I currently run 2 FX5's which are a little low tech, I’ve been considering the Fluval G6, it seems nice and techy and some cool features and I haven’t heard much Bad about then (yet :S) So hit me with some more ideas on what I could purchase and add to my project, or things that you may not have seen before that would be a great idea on a 'High Tech' fish tank. Oh it will be Fresh Water and probably house appisto's angels and larger tetra's All input appreciated Leroy
  11. ...well one can dream cant they? *sigh*
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  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. almost had my dream setup of murray cod, saratoga and mangrove jack but as of today i lost my toga my bloody jack ate the toga there all about 5cm the jack is 8cm tho im so shitty it wudve been an amazing tank to watch grow
  15. I'm Building a New House for my family and reserve my myself a space for my DREAM display tank. Africans of course. The size of the tank will be 2700x750x750, 50mm +/-. I would like any comments on how and what to include in it. The tank will be located in the entry of the house and see though to the garage. Under the tank there will be a void of 2700x600x2300high because the garage is 1200 lower than the entry So there will be hips of room for filters. Thanx People :puppy: Robert
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