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Found 15 results

  1. I've seen a few tanks that have these tree root like pieces of drift wood and they look great. I'm just wondering where people find/buy them? Has anyone had experience importing them? I understand they would need to be decontaminated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. We have had lots of rain up here. I had a good morning collecting drift wood off some some of the bridges that had flooded
  3. Hi I am about to go searching the creek in my back yard for drift wood what do I need to do to make it safe for my fish tank?
  4. Jus wondering if its a good idea of soaking drift wood from my property or will it contain deadly bacteria, pathogens ect? And how to eliminate that problem! Cheers
  5. I've recently found some very nice looking pieces of driftwood which i believe to be eucalypt and cant boil them as they are 8ft long and reasonbly heavy. I would like some feedback on the method of bleaching at 1 cup bleach to 20ltrs water to kill unwanted pathogens etc. Any feed back and previous experience is greatly appreciated. They were found in clean running freshwater at twin bridges for those who may know the area. Gordofox
  6. Hi i recently just today had been to the beach in sunny coast and have chose some nice rocks and a bit of drift wood to display in my home cichlid aquarium. I know i must soak them but is this ok to do and will it harm my fish in anyway. Also should i be soaking them with a chemical or just plain water
  7. Does anyone know any location around Brisbane area to collect driftwood for tank pls
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. hey huys wondering if there is cirtain wood u cant use for drift wood in your tank as im goin to go on a hunt for some thanks in advance
  10. i found a large peice of driftwood today in the salt water how can i make it safe to put in my tanks? or will it have to much salt in it to be any good ever? ty brendon
  11. I recently scored myself two pieces of very large driftwood, only to find when i got home that it was a tad too big to fit through the opening of my tank!!!!!:mad: My question. Is it at all possible to remove a peice of bracing from top of tank without damaging the integrity/strength of my pride and joy, or would i be better off priming up my chainsaw? Really want to try make this work, think it will look mint!
  12. Hey guys, i live about 5-10 minutes away from a dam and there are heaps of driftwood and water plants in the dam. i was thinking about putting them in my fish tank how would i clean them and make them safe to put in the tank? Cheers jordan
  13. hey ive got a 4ft tank with male and a female at 15 to 20 cm so need sum large drift wood and sum good size rocks to build caves for them hoping to get them to breed fingures crosed lol even if people have sum advise on how to do so would be good thanks sevster
  14. Hi guys, I bought some drift wood today from the LFS, and i was wondering how i should go about treating it to get all the tallons and crap out of the wood. Cheers Sean
  15. I've seen heaps of ppl grow plants on driftwood. I was just wondering how they did it.
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