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  1. Hi I have been looking for a nice piece of driftwood. Size I am hoping for is 30-45cm to fit in a 120litre blue planet fish tank. Even if you know a place where I can find driftwood around Brisbane I would be very interested. Cheers
  2. Hello everyone, I bought a peice of driftwood last Thursday and it was dry as a nuns. I was told it had been in an aquarium for six months and saw pictures of it on the bottom. I put it in the bath full of water and it didn't sink. Yesterday I put it in my aquarium because I'm a little impatient. It is still floating and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how long it takes to sink? Kind regards, Andrew. Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  3. I'm aware that the bacterial bloom "white slime" you can get on new driftwood is normal. I'm not too concerned about appearances at the moment and happy to let the slime run its course. I am interested to know members experiences on how long the bloom generally takes to clear up?
  4. Hi guys I was just wondering if camphor laurel could be used as driftwood or decoration or if it would be poisonous. i don't want to put and roots in case they poison my water so an answer would be great.
  5. I've had it for 5 weeks today and it still floats to the top if I take the rock off it. What's the longest you guys have had to wait for a piece to sink?
  6. Hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding substrates, driftwood and fish load for a south american blackwater tank. 1. I keep mbunas with river sand, will this suffice for substrate in south american blackwater tank? 2. What Australian native trees - as driftwood and leaves for tannin are okay to use with south American fish? Are there any I definently should not use? 3. I am having a 72x24x30 (inches) tank built for me. Stocking will be 1 red oscar, 1 chocolate cichlid, 1 green severum (maybe) and 6 silver dollars. There will also be a 38G sump/refugium as well as 500G/p/h canister. I want fish to have max swimming room. Do you think the addition of severum will be okay? all fish are being purchased as juvenilles. Thanks everyone I will post picks when setup is done...fish are on order so tank should be up and running in around 1 month or so.
  7. looking at cuting this large peice of driftwood i have so i can fit it standind up in a 4x2x2 like a root type of thing will only be cuting the top section 'not the thick end'.. do u think it will re-leak tannins??? it has been in my tank with no taning water for at least 1 year thanks for any help
  8. Has anyone ever made/found their own driftwood piece? I found some wood down on the pine river (salty water) should I use this in my freshwater tank?
  9. ...Have recently bought a nice piece of African mangrove wood from a local aquarium shop. Wood is as heavy as a brick. Anyway I was told to soak it in a tub with liberal amounts of water conditioner that also removes heavy metals, with regular water changes. So, how long should I do this for: two weeks? three or four weeks? Until the wood is safe to place in my aquarium tank ( for my bristlenose to nibble on).
  10. hi all has anyone heard of ghost driftwood if so how much would a 4ft piece be worth asking for a friend we no nothing About driftwood TIA
  11. I have a piece of driftwood that I would like to put into my tank. It was given to me a while ago but I have been hesitant to put it in my tank, because of the spots on it. I don't know what they are, or if it is harmful to fish. Does anyone know what these spots are? I think boiling the wood is the best remedy, but don't have the equipment to do it. Any ideas?
  12. Can anyone help me? I'm trying to find bonsai driftwood in brisbane.
  13. I know it's normal to see the white bacteria growing on driftwood but was surprised to to see the patches of purple in there being fresh water Sent from my who cares using Tapatalk
  14. Why guys, I've got a few fruit trees in my hard that haven't been sprayed or looked after in years 😜 My question is, I have a heap of old branches that have been off the macadamia tree from at least 6months most probably more, if I'm to soak them over night then weigh them down in my Central American tank, will I have any problems?
  15. Anybody have any tips on waterlogging driftwood? I have been soaking this one for 2 weeks now with rocks on top... it is fully submerged in the water but when the rocks are taken off it still floats. ...Beginning to think it is just too thick to fully waterlog. It is a nice large piece of driftwood (Photos don't do it justice) that I really want use in my tank but don't want to tie it down with rocks in the tank as it is going on a sand substrate and I think that will look dodgy. Any tips or will it just take more time soaking it? Thanks
  16. I have some amazons swords of some sort in pots.. I was wondering if they could be attached to driftwood with fishing line? thanks
  17. Probably a simple question and has been answered before but I'm currently soaking 3 large pieces of driftwood and curious as to whether the water really needs to be changed so often. I'm emptying the dark water and refilling every 3 days. So will the water only hold a certain amount of tannins or is it ok to leave it a week or two? If it speeds up the process then I'm not too bothered as I'm in no rush otherwise Id work out a boiling strategy. Thanks
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Hi all, I bought a new piece of Golden Vine driftwood about a month ago, gave it a quick hose down & dropped it in my tank. The bristle nose have gone mad on it so it hasn't developed the slime I was expecting however it really is starting to stink the tank out out, smells like its rotting. Should I be concerned about this & will it be detrimental to my fish. My filter is chock full of purigen to keep the tannins at bay but it obviously doesn't help with the stink. The wood is taking on a black colour as well. What's going on here guys ?. Please help me out.
  20. This maybe in the wrong section so if is sorry in advance Driftwood..... What type of branch/logs etc can and can't you use? I have some awesome shaped gum branchs but don't know if I can use them. Not worried about tannins, but what about gums/sap etc Cheers
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. My grandfather lives on the beach in northern NSW and has hooked me up with driftwood he finds everynow and then - except unfortunately he has first soaked it in detergents. since then it has been left in the rain and washed etc. for some months. I have recently soaked it in de-chlorynated water for a week. will it be safe to add to my community tank of cichlids and catty's? Or is there a risk due to it being soaked in detergent some time ago?
  23. What is the go with driftwood ? It is pretty expensive for just a piece of wood. Are the commercially sold pieces treated with something special. i only ask as i drive to central queensland every week past paddocks full of dead trees that have been there for years. is there anything special i would have to do to this timber or just soak them for a few weeks in the dam .
  24. Is it illegal to collect some driftwood off the beach.? I saw some beautiful pieces washed up on the shore on rainbow beach and near the crossing to Fraser once and have been curious ever since.
  25. FS/WTB/EOI:- EOI Type of fish/goods:- driftwood Sex(if known):- any Size/Rating:- enough to deck out a 6ft tank Breeding:- Hope not don't want any fires Qty:- At least 3 large pieces Price:- Free Location:- Brisbane area Shipping Y/N:- n Contact:- Pm or here Comments:- is there anywhere around the Logan area that I could go to find my own ? As I can't afford to buy any and my oscar tank looks way to bare with just a shipwreck in it Photos:-
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