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Found 29 results

  1. I'm going to drill a few tanks. What's the best type of drill bits to buy. ?? Also any advice on to drill would be great. I've looked on YouTube and it looks reasonably easy !!?? cheers Marty
  2. Have a small tank I'm gunna add to a setup in a system need to drill one 32mm hole for overflow.... any one have or know someone drilling tanks I've seen the drill bits online wanted it done soon then the post / and only need one hole ....and info much appreciated
  3. Hey everyone, Have just purchased a 6x2x2 tank I plan to have frontosa's in it. It comes with a sump but has been run via syphon method. I have been thinking about drilling the tank for the sump while I have it empty. Problem is I have never had a sump before and dont know where to drill the holes or if I should make an over flow etc. I have been going through the forum recently and it has helped but any more help would be muchly appreciated. I pick the tank up on thursday once I get it I can send more pics at the moment I only hace the one pic Thanks
  4. Hey, I am chasing someone who would be happy to drill some holes in my tank for a sump set up. Located in toowong 4066 needing to get this done asap. Any help appreciated PM with a cost Cheers
  5. Hi all, I have a 5 x 2 x 2 that I need drilled. I'm looking at trying a bean animal overflow, so that would mean three holes for overflow and one hole for the return. Would also need help with siliconing in an overflow as well. If anyone knows any one that could help with this that would be great! Cheers, Richard
  6. Hi As some of you may know all by tanks are drilled and I have a few Ive always used a scrap piece of glass with a hole in it to start the drilling on any tank as the bit slips as you start to cut Anyway the other day I needed to change a 35mm hole into a 45mm hole as I wanted to use bigger Bulkheads in a tank that was already set up my scrap piece of glass was looking rather old plus I had dropped it. It had 4 holes 20 22 35 45. I have a 50mm hole on a different piece. These are the main sizes you will use 20/22 Finger holes 35 for 25mm BH 45 for 32mm BH and 50 for 40mm BH as you use the template glass to start your hole. Over time you wear it out and the holes gets larger and its no good also being glass if you drop it as I did. You will need to drill in my case 4 new holes to remake your template (you could have 5 holes 5 bits of glass) I had a good think about this and came up with this. It works on any size hole its reuseable as it wears you can still use it. Heaps easier to hold perfectly still to start your hole. Cuts first time where you want it and costs nothing to make (you should have all stuff in fishroom)
  7. is it possible to drill through 2 sheets of glass on my 6ft instead of one thick piece it has 2 sheets thick maybe 10mm each sheet maybe less
  8. Can I please get some advise on what is a safe distance to drill 4x45mm holes in the back of my tank? The glass is 12mm thick. I'm worried about drilling them too close & cracking the glass between them. But I don't want them miles apart because I want it to look neat & tidy.
  9. I know there are a million threads on this but I can't find exactly what I need! In looking at putting a sump on my 5ft display. Afew questions. 1. Where should I drill the holes, how many and how big? I want to work on baulkhead overflows on the back panel. 2. What would be a recommended size for the sump? 3. I currently have a jebao 6500LPH pump, will this work well for this? Thanks for all the help!
  10. I'm in process of sumping my 6 2ft tanks. Have been drilling holes in a scrap bit of glass all morning with no problems. Finally felt confident to drill a tank, first one cracks. I've got a template that sticks on with suction caps to stop the drill moving and had hose running over the panel. Went half way through panel, stopped and finished the hole from other side. Anyone got any other tips?
  11. Hi all, is there much risk in drilling a full existing 8x2x2 for a sump vs it being empty? I guess the title should read 'Set up'.....
  12. My 8 Foot has 2x 25mm bulk heads (which is no where near big enough) and I want to put 2 x 40mm(let know if that is is big enough) so I have a question. Is it a good idea to drill NEW BIGGER holes over the top of SMALLER HOLES? OR Is it better to blocked up the old ones and Drill Holes? Thanx in advice.
  13. Hi there, I have a 3 foot tank approx 270l with 10mm glass and would like to drill 2 holes in the back of the tank for inlet and outlet, i would like to have a cleaner look to my tank but I have herd that it is not a good idea, I would like to hear from anyone who has done it and was it successful, any pics of plumbing into the tank would be good too. any help would be appreciated. cheers Justin
  14. Who does? How much will i have to pay!? Need this done within the next week or 2, let me know 0423939443
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Hey just wondering if anyone in the Ipswich area with experience in drilling holes in tanks would drill mine for a fee. I have looked into buying the drill bits but its Alot of money for something i'll only use once. I have 1x 20mm and 1x 40mm bulkhead. Thanks, Luke
  17. going to plumb 4 x 4 foot tanks roughly 1000lph through each woould like to drill 1 hole only in each 1, what size bulkhead should i use? 2, what size hole will need to be drilled? 3 can top to tanks flow into bottom to then bottom t into sump? Or should they all go individually? Amyhelp or adviice is appreciated thanks!
  18. Ok it is time to take the leap and get the tanks drilled and onto a sump. I intend to drill 1 x 6ft and 2 x 4ft. I intetend to use a 2ft tank to convert to a sump. My questions are (and feel free to link me to old items). 1 - Is it simple enough to do myself with the right equipment 2 - If so what should I buy/use/loan 3 - What is the best method of drilling without killing my tank 4 - What size hole and what size piping (noise, ltr/hr flow - don't have the sump pump yet) 5 - Anything else that will help.
  19. Hey guys. How many holes would u need to drill in a 6x2x2 tank and what size? cheers dan
  20. Is anyone near loganholme able to do me a favour and drill 3 x 35ml holes in a 6ft tank?
  21. Drilling Holes in a tank the already built? Is it still ok to do? Like to make a sump for my 6ft tank.
  22. Hello, I have just purchased a 6'X2'X2' tank and stand and am wanting to set up a sump underneath it. I didn't know when i purchased it that it was 2 sheets of 5mm glass laminated together to get a 10mm thickness and i am wanting to know if i can drill two holes to put in 25mm bulkheads but i have been reading around the net and found that laminated glass cannot be drilled through. is this correct? Also i found some tables of flow amounts for water through drain pipes and it said that around 2100L can go through each 25mm bulkhead, is this correct? Any help would be great!!! Cheers, Jon
  23. Hi everyone, I am new to this so go easy. I am about to set up a room for my tanks and would like advice on a couple of things. Firstly , is it better to drill the back of the tanks at the top or at the bottom and have a stand pipe. I realise it is easier to drain and clean with a stand pipe other than that is it just looks ? Also where is the best place to look at sump designs suitable for up to 20, 3ft or 4 ft tanks. Also some good suppliers for the tank fittings . Thanks in advance
  24. as stated .. i know its possible but what is required ? i know its easier to drill but have several setup idea's in mind atm planning the new setup in around 2 months maybe. once life settles down looking to sump appx 10 tanks Cheers Luke
  25. just wondering if anyone has heard or knows where to get a portable drill press that has a suction cap on the base to set up hole drilling ? i use to have one a few years back when i lived down south but up here i don't seem to be able to get one or something close i have seen setup with ply timber and make a guide but i used to own one so iam wondering if you can still get them ? any help? cheers marc
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