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Found 9 results

  1. Thought some might be interested in these. I use a similar one from Bunnings for my water changes and makes life easy Aldi's come out today.
  2. Hi all Looking for a plastic drum (44gal) to use in water changes on the Gold Coast. Have found a few on gumtree and inquired but none seem safe to me. Best I've found is one that used to have detergent and seller reckons that others have used for fish and hydroponics? What do you all think? Thanks Jacob
  3. anyone from the sunshine coast or brisvegas that travels to the coast know where i could buy or potentially borrow some 200L water drums/containers ?
  4. was just wondering where i could find a new 120L - 200L plastic drums? i want 1 for my water changes, just dont know where to start looking or even prices :S? Anybody know? Something like this thanks
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hi all, not sure if this thread is in the right place. What I'm after is 2-3 x 20 litre drums for transporting water. FREE or cheap. Also wondering if anyone has about 60 litres of rainwater they could spare. I have a tankful of Peppermint Bristlenose adults who I can't get to spawn. Wanted to see if a 20% water change with rainwater will help spur them on a bit. Tank is at 27 deg C, PH 6.8, added Blackwater Conditioner and an API Water Softener Pillow has been added to the filter media to keep GH down. Have been filling up with Tap Water as that is all I have been able to access. Also what are the pro's/ con's of using RO water(which I can get for 60c/L) instead of rainwater? Cheers.
  7. Hey guys, I need to buy some drums to store RO and ASW, i was thinking either bunnings or masters at springfield lakes, any one kow if they sell them? or a place that does? Thanks.
  8. Hey, I have come up with an idea that since the wheather is hot atm i was thinking of maybe getting some 200ltr drums and breeding my guppies, convicts and angles in the 200lrt drums. is this a good idea? i might even breed: electric yellows bristlenose catfish and a few others in them. any ideas on wheather this is a good idea and on filteration will be apreciated
  9. G'day everyone I have 2 1000ltr drums just sitting there and I would like sump thum both. I have a tank that was 1500x70x45 that lost one side so I was gonna cut it in half and make a sump that would be 750x700x450(LHW) I am of two minds about this as that would be a sweet little display tank :perplex: Would this be a big enough sump for 2,000ltrs? And I know that you should aim to turn your water over about 4 times an hour(or more). But is this needed with such a large volume of water? Would a 5000 or 6000lph pump be enough? Also I just cut the weir.....how the hell do you spell it...my brain is broke :gurn: out of my 4'x2.5'x2' and pot in a 32mm bulkhead and SS strainer. I have a 3600lph pump in that sump and the water can't drain fast enough :whyme: :whyme: :lafhard: . So what should I put on the drums? 2x32mm SS strainers on each or one REALLY BIG ONE? I would love any advice Cheers Jono
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