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Found 16 results

  1. I've had this tropheus duboisi for years (probably about 10-12 years) but I'm wanting a change and it'll be too aggressive for the fish I want. I was just curious as to how much it's worth if I tried selling it in the near future, as well as it's sex Thanks, Mary-Anne
  2. Can I add new tropheus females to an existing colony?
  3. I am getting some Duboisi fry and would like to hear from anyone who's had them and any habits good or bad they may have. I plan to put them with Kingsizei's and Mpanga's(elong) which are not too angry. Ph is normaly in the high 7's.
  4. Hi all keeping tropheus duboisi for the first time in the last three days They are showing no interest in the food I put in other than that they Look fine swim around actively no clamped fins I have seen them graze On algae in the tank I don't want to jump the gun but what I have read elsewhere It could be bloat if that is the case has anyone had any success treating with liquid. Flagyl And dose rates would be appreciated
  5. Hi All, Recently I've seen Tropheus duboisi Golden Firefox in a few LFS's and a number of mates have added them to their aquariums. They are a stunning variant but I can not find any info on their collection point etc. Are they a wild variant or captive bred? Any info would be appreciated as the info I and my mates have been given has varied from shop to shop. Regards, Jade
  6. r tropheus duboisi hard to look after???if yes what are some tips and tricks??? Cheers
  7. Hi Im wanting to buy Tropheus Duboisi Maswa does anyone know of any breeders that have fry. Or have any to sell. Please pm me thanks heaps
  8. Hey peeps having problems with my duboisi, I've lost a few(3) and seems my last 1 left which is the boss of the tank has been hanging in the top of the tank all day, water is fine and all my other fish are doing great... Is it bloat or something else wat can I do?? Don't know wat else 2 post pls help. Thanks Steven
  9. 63 of the little fellas swiiming round happily thort i would take a few quick shots lol will get some better pics when they settle :thumb: :popcorn:
  10. After a recent w/c i found a Tropheus duboisi fry in there he's around 1.5cm never raised these b4 , have raised many malawi fry so would assume they would be the same apart from the food , so after some general info like Food - ( feeding spirulina power atm and brine shrimp ) Best water conditions- ( have ph, gh & kh around the same as my malawi tank ) Any other helpful info would be useful Terry
  11. Here is my 6ft Tropheus Tank this colony are like rabbits always breeding i have about 20 odd in the colony. This one is their grow out tank
  12. Hi all, does anyone know the going prices for the above fish, sizes are between 9-11cm (not LFS prices please) thanks
  13. oki iv herd a fere bit bout how ppl keep theses guys ..i would now like to know problems ppl have had and how they come to get these problems ..also how they fixed the problems or couldnt fix the problem .....im only asking as i wonna get some but realy doing my home work ..and any info will go to me to try not make a big mistake .... thanks all dont be affraid to pop ya head up and say i will not judge u cheers clayton
  14. Thort i would put sum better ones up hopes ya likes cute aint they ray
  15. HI everyone I have one Tropheus Duboisi (10-12 cm)in my comunity tank and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in it and hot much you are willing to pay? please ask any questions. Thanks
  16. Which substrate should I use for a forthcoming Duboisi set-up? Should I use Calcium Carbonate as I have always used with africans or should I try something else. Opinions please... Stig
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