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Found 11 results

  1. It takes over my tanks but when I put it outside it dies. And it's not just duckweed, I've tried guppy grass, swords, azolla, frogbit and I will even admit trying water lettuce but it all dies. I keep having to do waterchanges on the ponds because algae takes over, usually green/brown water with stringy algae. What am I missing? Can anyone suggest another plant that would take up enough nutrients to stop the algae. Any help appreciated. Cheers mick
  2. hello everyone new to the forum and asking for some help. recently bought a house with a pond in the back yard. unfortunately the previous owner looks like they didn't really know what they were doing. so i have a sick pond that needs some loving care . I'm wondering if anyone out there on the north side has any duckweed or water plants that they would be keen to part with. my pond need some plants and cover to help get it back to being a healthy pond. If anyone can help would greatly appreciate it looking forward to hearing from you
  3. My pond is covered in duckweed and thinking that might use a few africans over summer to keep it under control. Just wondering what would be the hardiest duckweed eating africans to get. Already have some platies and firetail gudgeons in the pond.
  4. Just wondering if anyone local to greenbank may have a bit of excess duckweed that they'd like to get rid of? I have a little of it but the fish eat it so fast that it doesn't get much of a chance to regenerate and keep up with their appetite. Thanks Kim
  5. Is there a special name or another name for Duckweed (like Lemnoideae)? I have been told they are great for turtles but no pet stores have it (They said it is a weed and won't stock it) and I can't find anything close to it on livefish.com.au. Am I missing something here?
  6. Hi there im looking to start growing some of my own duckweed. None of my LFS sell it (a guy told me it was illegal as its a pest) but said I can take some from a local waterway. I read that you can disinfect the duckweed with Potassium permanganate. Does anyone know any other methods or have any tips. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  7. Just an observation. I have been losing more water from the pond this year than any other year previously,....................Would you believe 7 cms in 24hrs??????????!!!!!!!!! Pretty sure there ain't a leak as it's variable day by day, whereas a leak would be consistent. The only difference this year, to previous years, is that the wind is playing a bigger part than normal and that there is a full covering of duckweed in there, put in there to hopefully stop the fish eating the elodea. I noticed a more considerable loss a few weeks ago so I put two identical tubs of water in full sun, one just pure water, the other, covered in duckweed. The tub with the duckweed in it has lost 3 times as much water as the one without.........simplified thinking would have you guess that the duckweed would act like a pool cover and have the opposite effect, but no. My conclusion is (without doing any further research), is that duckweed is a "gross transpirator" ie, loss of water through transpiration from the duckweed is greater than any loss previously experienced via elodea, hornwort, bacopa and marginal plants combined. Any observations ?
  8. So yep its a simple question..duckweed for the tropheus???...have heard its bit high in sugars so moderation is best...just curious...with the bloat issue etc...any experiences????
  9. just wondering were i can get a small amount of duckweed, as my niece is doing a experiment for school on effects nitrate has on it. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I went to Paul's Aquarium and Pond's yesterday and I asked what kind of plants would be good for my coldwater tank with my two small goldfish. The lady at the store said that anubias would be good but they only had two small ones that were being cleaned by cherry shrimp and I didn't want to spend too much money on a large anubias.. so I ended up getting some duckweed. She said my goldfish would probably eat the duckweed (I didn't mind) but since I have put it in my tank the fish haven't eaten any of it and it keeps getting caught in my filter even though it's on a low flow setting. I ended up taking it all out of the tank with a fine net, now there are lots of little hair-like pieces floating around in my tank. Apart from anubias what plants can I put in? At the moment I just have two pieces of driftwood and a sand base, I do have a 8w light for the tank. I probably shouldn't have bought the duckweed but it looked so pretty in their tanks and I thought well if worst comes to worst my fish will just eat the duckweed, but they didn't want it.
  11. Well ive had a guts full of siving out duckweed from my planted display tank. was wondering if there is a fish out there that would EAT duckweed???
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