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Found 50 results

  1. Dwarf Chain Loaches x 6 No postage Cairns Queensland Price $70
  2. Hi all, just looking for the easiest way to plant Dwarf Papyrus and Umbrella Plants, usually I just use a small plastic garden pot with holes in the bottom of it, place newspaper on the bottom to stop gravel coming out, place a layer of aquarium gravel over the newspaper, place the plant onto the layer of gravel, then top the rest of the pot up with aquarium gravel, could I use garden soil, play sand in there also? Have 4 Umbrella Plants, 2 Dwarf Papyrus Plants coming in the next day or two, so just wondering how to plant these. Also thinking I might use one of the spare bathtubs I have as a grow out tank, put a small layer of garden soil on the bottom, place the sand over it, then plants some bits and pieces in and just let them do their thing over the next few months. Cheers.
  3. My Gold Honey Dwarf Gouramis have had fry but I am unprepared and a beginner with Gouramis. What is the best way to keep the fry, they are absolutely tiny (about 4 days old). What water temp, ph, do they need a filter? I currently have them in a small tank , no heater, no filter but with an air stone. I am feeding them liquid fry food. They don't seem to move around much, just hang out on plants and the side of the tank, is this normal? If anyone has experience with these fish, I would love to hear from you, it would be greatly appreciated. cheers😎
  4. Hi there, just wondering if anyone can let me know how to tell if a Gold Honey Dwarf Gourami is male or female? Is there a simple way or do you have to wait until they are older? Thank you.
  5. So a couple of years back I was big into Dwarf Cichlids and planted tanks, and I'm thinking of getting into it again; I always used to go to Fishchick Aquatics in Annerley, since it was a great little place for that kind of stuff, but looking around there these days its very sparse in the dwarf department, plant selection is pretty thin too compared to what I remember. Is there anywhere worth going to these days specifically for these sorts of things?
  6. Hi I'm looking for somewhere that I can buy dwarf baby tears (HC) does anyone know a good place on the Gold Coast or does anyone have some spare that I could buy? Also looking for a cryptocoryne if I can kill two birds with one stone great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Has any one experienced this? Is it common? I am not sure I am over feeding or under feeding my Gourami's. I have 8 Gourami's On Sunday I have 15 Neon tetra's now down to 10 tetra's. Came home and found a Flame Gourami nosing and sucking a dead tetra around the tank.
  8. Wanting some cichlids that will live comfortably in a 2ft aquarium. I currently have convicts, blue acara and cockatoo dwarf cichlids(Apistogramma cacatiodies). Let me know what you have or what i should have a look at? Thanks
  9. I'm setting up a guppy tank and I have couple of quite small lilies on my fountain. Leaves biggest size is about the diameter of 20cent coin and about 20cm from root to leaves. I'm not sure though if its a dwarf variant. Tank will be 75cm tall. I was thinking of using it but don't want the leaves to shoot on the water surface - I want them to stay midway on the water. Is that possible or I may need to look for other plants.
  10. Okay so not a shrimp, but close... The Australian Crayfish Project (a volunteer effort) has described a new species of dwarf cray. Just goes to show there's still plenty to learn. A new tiny species of crayfish from eastern Australia
  11. HI Guys, Currently using Wardley Total Tropical gourmet flake blend. What other foods should I consider to give my fish a balanced diet and variety? Appreciate your help. Phil
  12. Does anyone here sell female dwarf gourami, as close to toowoomba as possible, cheers Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  13. well I have some cute little multis aka shellies in my collection of fish. very much small fish with big attitude. but my other half said to me the other day " I think you should get into dwarf cichlids. I like them better than the big ones an everyone has big cichlids, we haven't seen many around." so I was thinking... hmmmm not a bad idea for my massive tank. (4fx2f) so what is there out there? I know about kribs, rams and multis as that's what I have. the big 4f tank will be the hard water tank as I have a 70L an 3f as my soft water. I also have plenty of time to look into fish as it won't be set up till June/July next year. what can I put with my multis or is it safer to get other types that can go together an leave them in their own tank. or use the 3f as the hard water an 4f as soft? i know its a very big tank for such small fish but hey... its defiantly going to be something different. let me know what ya think..
  14. Hi all, As it says I just got my new tank running. It's 5x2x2 running an aquanova 1200lph cannister and otto 800lph internal. I will be adding two sponge into k1 filters which will be hidden in the corners as much as possible It will have a mix of sand and 1-2mm gravel as substrate and lots of wood with a rockery built up at one end. Inside the rockery and amongst the wood I will have some pipes and caves for breeding and hiding. THE DRAFT STOCKLIST, in order of preference; Pair or two of archocentrus sajica Pair of archocentrus spilurus (blue eye cichlid) Pair or two of cleithracara maronii (keyhole ciclid) Par of laetacara curviceps (red breast ciclid) Pair of archocentrus multispinosis (rainbow ciclid) Pair of brassiliensis (optional) Pair or two of apisto not sure on type yet. Maybe some tetras for the surface Bristlenose and cories as cleanup crew Time for questions Will anything crossbreed? Recommended lighting for showing off fish colours? Is that too many fish, if so what do I lose? Will they all get along? Ive kept a few of these and they are mostly peaceful in my experience but others may have had a different experience. Can I have plants or just stick with anubias on wood? I realise I may need to upgrade the filtration, if so I will run a 3ft sump but I dont want to drill if it's not necessary. I dont have alot of fishy funds at the moment so I am trying too save on everything ( hence dragging out the old aquanova lol) exept the fish, I dont mind paying for quality Any input by anyone is welcome, especially people who breed/have the fish on the list I will start taking pics of stage one tomorrow. Cheers mick
  15. Hi All, I am chasing 5 DN/Praecox Rainbows, specifically 1 male 4 females. I would like to increase my current school to 10 (currently have 3m 2f - was 3 but one female jumped out the smallest gap ). Prefer Northside Brisbane please. TIA, Rosie
  16. What are your experiences with the dwarf neon rainbowfish? Contemplating then in my stock plans. Are they always colourful or is it just a morning display then back to a plain silvery colour? Thankyou
  17. My new tank has been running for a few weeks. The substrate is well washed river sand mixed with live sand & fine sandpit sand. I also have a couple of pieces of driftwood & I'm using an internal filter. I want to keep apistogrammas & a couple of bolivian butterflys & have it well planted. I have just done a water test: Ammonia 0.25ppm, Nitrite 0.25ppm. Nitrate 20ppm & ph over 7.6. I used mainly rain water in the setup & have peat moss in a stocking in the water but I can't get the ph down. I'm not keen on using ph down as I have some bristle nose in the tank & a quick drop in ph might kill them. I wonder if I am using the right peat moss? Does anyone have a syggestion on how to bring the ph down naturally & where I might be able to get Canadian Sphagnum Moss which I have been told is the best. Thanks in Advance
  18. I have a male and female neon blue dwarf gourami in a 140L community tank. My boy has created a bubble nest in the back corner of the tank and has really coloured up especially around his head. He is still swimming around the tank to eat but spends most his time around the nest and keeping other breeds of fish away. He's chasing the female around too but not nicely I'd say he's being a bit aggressive towards her. Will they breed in a tank this deep? Its time to do a water change but if something is happening I don't want to destroy the nest. Any suggestions guys???
  19. If My dwarf hair grass is getting algae growth but not growing a great deal itself is it not enough light? Thanks for your help
  20. I want to keep them together but i'm afraid the gouramis might get territorial and aggressive, like iv'e been told a few times. Also, none of my tetras are fin nippers so don't worry about that.
  21. My Dwarf Gourami died a couple of days ago. I upped the temperature from 24 to 26 which is the only thing that I had changed. Could this be the reason? I thought it would be perfectly okay up to 28 degrees. Cheers
  22. Hey everyone, I brought these dwarf american cichlids off a guy down the coast. he wasnt to sure what type they were and i wouldnt have a clue. Im guessing there all juvies aswell. Could someone please help me identify this cichlids. Thanks heaps
  23. My new friends the dwarf neon Rainbow fish. First night at home and they put on this pretty little colour show...
  24. Ok so my DG has been acting weird, she was only in a corner and swiming up and down and then she will lay on the bottom of the tank, she is very weak. any thoughts of what it is and how i can help he. (she still eats, not much, but she does). She is my only female and i want to try to breed, its really is hard to find a female. (is the any dwarf gourami breeders out there that are willing to sell to me.)
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