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Found 56 results

  1. Hi there, i have two Angel fish that have got fry, started off looking good, my angels were looking after their fry, but after a few days the fry started dying, a few at first then progressively more. When I only had about 10 left I moved them into another tank with a sponge filter, but they continued to die off until now I only have one left. Now my angels have got another batch of fry, they are at egg stage with wiggly tails. Any tips to help me try and save some of this batch? my tank has only got my angel pair in it no other fish. I use rain water for water changes. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Every time I buy these guys the last a day or two. My tank is is of high ph, plenty of O2 and other tank mates are happy - fronies,trophies,mbunas. Your advice is very welcomed.
  3. My 5-10cm discus is swimming on an angle in is constantly hiding in and between wood. I have checked the nitrate and it is all fine WHAT SHOULD I DO? it is the first time I am keeping discus and I need help please.
  4. Hi - Can anyone assist me? I've had a school of a dozen mature Rummy Nose Tetra's for about 3 years. They are very happy, well fed Rummies - but this week - 1 has died every other day or so (3 dead so far). The dead fish look perfectly healthy - if you overlook them not being alive. Bright red noses, no issues with fins scales, no bleeding or anything apparently amiss. It's my small tank (200 ltr tank) - which has a weekly 40-50 % water change with 50% gravel cleaning each clean. Water conditions are good at 0 for Nitrites, 5-10 for Nitrates, ammonia 0, Ph 7- 7.1 temp 25.5 - 26. I suspected ammonia poisoning - but I'm reading 0 - bright yellow on the API liquid kit. Plants are mature Anubia's on drift wood - 33% tank planted. Filtration is 2x2213's with the usual marine pure/eheim noodle bio/eheim foam media plus 0.5ltr foam intake pre-filters (which are rinsed in tank water as needed - 1 per off week) plus 2x large fine sponge air filters - rinsed every 4th week or so - it take ages to get dirty enough to clean. They do trap all the fine particles very well. Water is always clear. The Eheims get cleaned when water flow starts to drop off - about every 10 months, partial media change if I think needed - but generally they are clean & just need the foam rinsed in tank water. I do the maintenance at 5 month intervals between filter 1 & 2 - so as not to mess up the bio-life. Although still running strong - 1 filter is due this month for a clean so I'll be checking it early (Saturday) The other fish appear to be doing fine - 9 remaining Rummies, a kuuli, Cory's (2xPanda's, 5xSterbai, 1xBronze & 1xAlbino) - 3xPeppermints, 2xSAE's & 4 Clown loaches (3.5" each). The tank is heavily stocked but with the filtration & water changes - all the fish have been healthy & thriving. Last water change was Saturday - I've done another 50% water change today - water checked now at 0 for all parameters - very little rubbish in the gravel & pre-filters were pretty clean. I'm not sure what's going on here - the tank's been stable for years & I've not added any fish for well over a year. No changes to chemicals, or new fish, plants, wood, gravel etc. Any advice would be appreciated - I'd hate to loose any more Rummies. Thanks
  5. We have a 150L, 3ft tank that's been up and running for around 4 months. It's a community tank with the following fish: 3 x discus juvies 2 x angel juvies 15 x cardinal tetras 3 x clown loaches 2 x longfin albino bristlenose catfish (5cm-6cm) 3 x longfin marble bristlenose catfish (3cm-5cm) 2 x chinese algae eaters/gold sucking catfish (two males) 3 x peppermint bristlenose 3 x borneo suckers 3 x khuli loaches 7 x glass catfish 9 x red wagtail platys We consolidated all of these fish into the 150L tank around 4 months ago to make space, as we had them all in separate smaller tanks. Up until this point they had been well established, happy and cruising along. We made sure to cycle the tank with substrate from the different tanks and to use sponge filters from the different tanks to help with the cycling process. A week ago, we lost our first fish. A chinese algae eater/gold sucking catfish. One morning I was looking around the back of the tank and there he was, dead. I put it down to the fact that we'd happened to buy three males as juvies and that the other two males had been picking on him but a day later we lost an angel fish. The tetras then started to drop off, we found a tetra... and then another. Then another angel. Some more tetras (two). A borneo sucker and then this morning two more tetras. That's a total of 10 fish in a week. We have been checking the water conditions constantly and they are all within normal range aside from a slight nitrite spike (0.25) and amonia spike (0.25). PH has remained at 7. We have been doing 10% water changes daily (to keep the discus happy) and have gravel siphoned the tank daily as well. Temp is 26, using a 200w heater. There is no sign of white spot/ich or dropsy, in fact up until the fish actually die they look very happy! They are active, eating well and having a jolly old time. We are seriously at a loss of what to do because they just keep dying and we have absolutely no idea why. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here are some photos for reference:
  6. Hi, I am new to this site and having an aquarium. I started my tank 280l 5 weeks ago and everything was going fine, however over the last week I have lost 3 barbs, I chose these as they are hardy and thought they would be fine as I have 6 harlequins which are surviving very well. I added more plants thinking this may help with the ammonia spikes, but sadly 1 died this morning. Any advice is appreciated
  7. Hi, Water is all good,yet in the last week I have had three female RCS die on me.There is only RCS in the tank,along with two BN fry.Its got me stumped,I have had them for about 3 mths I got them when they where juveniles.There is no marking of being attacked or the likes.Any clues please or is it just the way it is.No ferts,fully cycled tank.no aerosol spray,water changes every other week.Temp seems okay 25 degrees Celsius.Nothing new added. Thank you.
  8. Hey all Can anyone help with my cherry shrimp dying Temp 26 amm-0 nitrite-0 nitrate 5ppm In with bristlenose but i separated the shrimp to breeder nets to rule out them as killing them Recently started using fluval 306 with chemipure and seachem matrix Recently started using api dechlorinator and stress plus when they first got put in Had a temp swing to 29 degrees 18 hours ago but that was quickly rectified and they keep dying Their dead bodies are very soft, since being seperated to the net this morning i can see 4 moults
  9. Hi, I have a 5 x 2 x 2 dissplay tank been set-up for over 5 years. I bought a new 5 ft 100 watt led light for it that has been used on it for 10 days. In the last 3 days I have lost 25 fish. 10 on Sat and 15 today. All africans 5-15cms and 3 common bristlenose. I changed a third of the water on sat and a third of the water today. I have noticed that the light gets quite hot but it does not affect the temperaure of the water much or though is a bit warmer than the tank outside. Can someone please give me advice as there is now only about 6 African cichlids and 5 loaches still in there and 1 eel tail catfish. Any help much appreciated. I also have a 3 foot outside with 50 fry in it and they are all fine. Is it the light? Any help much appreciated!
  10. I have 3 barramundi fingerlings in an 8 foot tank And when I came out this morning the biggest one and the healthiest of all the barramundi was swimming on his side and is gasping for air.Yesterday he was absolutely happy and fine. Please help I don't won't him to die!!!
  11. Hi All, I have about 1.5 month green terror fry. About 5 - 10 are dying each day. Some will flip rapidly around the tank (flip upside down, flash around the tank etc) and then sink head first and flap around for a bit. Some seem to lean aimlessly to one side before dying. I have started to notice their little gills seem wide open after they have died. I have treated with Tetra Parasite Guard twice. Ammonia, Nitrites etc are zero. Any thoughts? Thanks Tejay
  12. Guys, had some awesome BN and L's I swapped for some red lined torpedoes some long fin cherry barbs and a cute little ram. First my reds die, now my 2 year old sharks a clown loach, glass cats and some barbs. Doing emergency water change now. Found a very decayed cory carcass under a log. I think maybe kuhli loaches are dragging them under. All water tests are fine, tank has been established for years. Zero evidence of white spot. Tank is running chemo pure. Temp 28 Thanks Bryan
  13. Problem:- FISH AREA DYING, Seems to go off food, bloat or go skinny and die with mouths open. ALL FRY. Ph:-7.2 Ammonia:-0 Nitrate:-10-15 Nitrite:-0 Gh:-NA Kh:-Na Size of tank:- 4x18x18 and 2x15x15 Temperature °C:-26 Been running for:-3 yrs Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Four foot has a internal and two foot has a sponge Fish in tank:- Ellioit and convict fry in four foot. Niggripinnis fry in two foot Plants in Tank:-Java fern Feeding:- What food and How often, Spirulina flakes three to four times daily. Recent Medication Treatments:-None Last water change:-Last week Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly -Weekly I had this issue for about a week and I cant work out whats going on I lost two more niggs this morning. Any ideas?
  14. Help. I have two Green Terrors who had babies in February 20. At first there were 100's of fry but, now I only have about 30 left. I can account for about 15 of them. But, where are the rest? Last week the heater broke so the water was cold for a few days. This week I have taken 5 dead ones out (half eaten) and they we're approx 3cm.(the larger ones). The remaining fish range between 1cm-3cm. I've checked pH levels, water changes are all up to date etc. 1) should I be separating the juvies from the parents now? 2) could it be the cold water last week?
  15. Woke up this morning to find another dead cherry shrimp in my little shrimp tank, the second in about a week. It was particularly bad because it was a female with some eggs on board, and I didn't get a chance to save them... I know some people probably wouldn't care because they're "only" cherrys, but I started with a colony of 10 and they're all pretty cool, you know how it is. I tested my water parameters and the pH was around 7.6 (stupid Brisbane water...), Ammonia was 0 but maybe 0.25ppm at a stretch, Nitrites were 0 and my Nitrates were 5ppm. I had intended to do a water change today anyway, so that's obviously my first port of call for rectifying the situation, but what else could be killing them? They're fed daily, have no fish with them, the tank is heated to 22degrees. There is plenty of surface agitation from the in-built concealed filter return bar, it disturbs enough water (I assume) for now 6 adult shrimp and a bunch of fry. I am worried I will lose the lot! Cheers in advance guys. Edit: Just saw there was a pretty large exoskeleton in the moss that I don't remember seeing there last night, is it possible they aren't surviving their moults for some reason?
  16. I set up a tank at the begining of the year with 10 x Electric Yellows, 5 x Demasoni and 2 x BN catfish. All of the africans look healthy but the 2 BN's have died. The BN's looked to be doing fine until I found them half eaten one morning, 1 after a month and the other after 4 months. The water quality is Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5, PH 8. The substrate is coral sand and I have some Holey rock in the tank. My theory as to why they died is either, PH is to high for the BN. Africans killed them. Starvation, I only feed once a day and in an effort not to over feed the africans get all the food before it reaches the bottom. Being a new tank with low Nitrates there is not alot of algae either. Does any one have any other ideas as to why they died, I am wondering if it is worth getting more for this tank. I have another tank with a couple of BN's that are a year old. Although they haven't grown at all they are doing well. This tank has a PH lower then 7 and some drift wood. Tank mates are Silver Dollars.
  17. I posted this in the fish disease section but am still losing fish and am after some urgent advise."I lost a few fish and then checked my water. Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia at 0. But ph at 8.8. I have been running the same system for two years now and do not regularly check ph as it is normally very stable at around 8.2 as I have calcium carbonate as substrate and coral in the sump. Been doing water changes every 7 days and vacume at the same time. The only thing I have changed is two pieces of driftwood, which I soaked and bleached and soaked again and then put in the sun. But they have been in for around six weeks. I also have swapped over to haps whose numbers have been gradually increasing over the last 2 months. I am a bit confused as to what may have caused the ph spike. I checked my tap water and it is 7.4 to 7.6 too. I have done a 30 percent water change this afternoon and now ph is down to 8 to 8.2. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. The fish I lost were two bristlenose and two tyranachromis at 11cm and a female Venustus at around 13cm, basically the smallest fish in the tank. Very keen not to lose any more fish. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, I am very perplexed and bummed." Have now lost another 4 fish from 12-16cm. I have noticed that the fish that have died recently have been breathing harder and then stop eating and become not as active then die in a two hour period almost very suddenly. No sign of any worms. Ph has been stable for over a week now, I have removed the driftwood. I will also add I had white spot over a month and a half ago but successfully treated with no losses. I have now increased the temp and am treating for white spot in case it is hiding in the gills. No change to water test done tonight except ph at 8.0. KH and GH are also right for Africans. Sorry for the lengthy explanation but I wanted to cover my bases. Any and all advise greatly appreciated. Cheers Mark
  18. Please help my Red Devils are lying on the bottom. I have moved them to a 2 foot tank with water from my other tank that the other fish are fine in. Put an air stone in. Checked the PH of their tank and it is pretty acidic. I only have a basic test kit so hard to get a good reading. What should I do?! Will they live??!! The only thing I have done recently is a 50% water change on the weekend. Also when I put the filter back in after cleaning I noticed the water got fairly murky. Does this sound like an ammonia spike? I don't have a proper test kit (I know pretty dumb). Can I save them??? Please help me!!
  19. Problem:- Finding up to 5 dead or dying fry every day for the last week Ph:- 7.6 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 10-20ppm Nitrite:- 0 Gh:- 107ppm Kh:- 125.3ppm approximately First time testing kh :-\ Size of tank:- 70L Temperature °C:- 26°C Been running for:- 2 months (seeded from other tank) Nitrite cycle over before fry came along, no ammonia or Nitrite since. Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- large sponge Fish in tank:- Molly fry approx 2 weeks old Plants in Tank:- fake Feeding:- started with jar bbs and Hikari first bites powered food, now on powered and crushed flake *gave first feed of frozen cyclops this morning. What food and How often as above 2-3 daily Recent Medication Treatments:- nil Last water change:- yesterday 25% Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly Every 3-4 days Used Stability according to instructions to help cycle tank. Use prime as water conditioner
  20. we ahve a 5 ft tank with community fish-mollies, guppies, swords, clown loaches,kribensis, gourami,silver shark, ghost knife..problem is we introduced the mollies, guppies, swords recently and now all our fish are dying from eveything, kribensis-popeye clown loaches-bloat gourami- just dye thing is they are feeding swimming fine , then start to hover at the bottom and dye in a day..water has been tested by three shops all good nitrirtes, nitrates, amonia, ph all good...tried ..melafix...salts...multicure... nothing works..we moved the remaining clowns and knife, shark and gourami to another tank that shares a water system with jack dempsey tank now we have a dead jack demsey.. clowns we have had for 2 yrs.. advice pleaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..we have done water changes:(:(
  21. Problem:- Have had 5 rams and am now down to one, they seem to get some sort of breathing problem and die shortly after (3-4days). have had resident Tapajos in there with them not causing stress either. As well as rummy nose tetra that have stunning coloration. fish initially took around 2weeks before first death and onset of others deaths.. very meticulous with the tank and have no idea what is going wrong. suitable habitat, parameters, food. please help! Ph:- 6.7-7 Ammonia:- 0ppm (API tests) Nitrate:- 0ppm Nitrite:- 0ppm Gh:- (unsure, Gold coast water supply and i also use a water softener pillow) ((presumably low, no calcium build ups)) Kh:- ^^ Size of tank:- 1.2m x .38m x .28 (standard 4foot) Temperature °C:- 27-28 Been running for:- approx 1 year Filtration:- external canister 750L/h with UV sterilizer Fish in tank:- 4 tapajos F1, 4 rummynose, 4 lap eye tetra, 1 german blue Plants in Tank:- log, amazon swords, anubius, banana lily, maple leaf litter. Feeding:- 3 times a day Spectrum, Spectrum Thera +, Hikari (i blend them all together) and blood worms Recent Medication Treatments: Used a Pimafix dosage about a month ago when first two rams died, thought possible bacterial infection. Use prime for dechlor, no plant chems... Last water change: 3days ago Water change every week or twice weekly if i can be bothered perhaps they were just dodgy? i really have no idea and am open to all questions/possible reasons for their death.
  22. Last week I noticed my flame tetras had white spot so Ive been treating my 4ft community planted tank with Wardley ickaway and a little salt for a week, half dosage as per instructions with it at 29degrees with lights off, carbon removed and an extra air stone. Now its a week later and they are worst and my rainbows are dying, two dead so far. I have just removed the tetras into a bucket, and done a 50% water change using a syphon. The rainbows are skimming the top of the water and their fins look to be shredded, but I can not see any white spot on them. Is it fin rot? What can I do? I also have Angels, bolivian butterflies, a breeding pair of peppermints a large clown loach and a couple of b/n in there and they seem fine. Thanks for any help. Angel in disguise.
  23. Problem:- Fish healthy, all of a sudden sit at the bottom of the tank, wont eat, and stomachs go thin, then die Upon inspection of last body, it seems like it had no stomach on the inside or anything, and looked to have a very fine/thin brown/dark red worm, or possibly poo, coming from its bottom, about 5mm in length. Cloudiness of the esys, but I suspect its been there all night. Ph:- 6.4 Ammonia:- 0ppm Nitrate:-40ppm Nitrite:- 0ppm Gh:- 12 Kh:- 2 Size of tank:- 4ft x 18inch x 24inch Temperature °C:- 26°C Been running for:- 4 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Sponge and a Jebao 1100fa with matrix, purigen, carbon and filter mat. Fish in tank:- 5 Bolivians (now 4, looks like to be 3 soon), 4 Ellioti (outgrowing everything), I had 3 Blue Rams, all died the same way. 2 Mickey Mouse Mollies, and about 8 x 4cm B/N (Common, L/F, Albino and O/S). Plants in Tank:- Wisteria, elodia, and about 6 other types, I forget the names of, but checked suitability before putting them in. Also has driftwood and river rocks, both clean. Feeding:- What food and How often - NLS Cichlid 1mm sinking pellets once a morning at 8 am. Get Bloodworms on a Saturday, but no NLS. Recent Medication Treatments:- Nil Last water change:- Sunday Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - Weekly 15% Any help would be great guys, kinda getting worried now. Also, had supercobwe (Ryan) over, who said it looked as if there wasnt enough oxygen for them (when the Blue Rams were sick). I have since changed the set up to how he sugggested. Josh
  24. Have 3 tanks on different systems of cobalts & each tank seems to have at least one cobalt die each coupe of days with no other breeds dying on the same systems. All fish get the same food usually flake or pellet of well known foods. Any ideas
  25. I got about 15 adult cherry shrimp about a month ago. They have bred a few times already and I've got heaps of babies which all seem to be doing fine. But every 3-4 days during the last 10ish days I'm finding a dead adult. And I'm stumped... I'm doing 20% water changes every 2 or 3 days. Got a sponge filter running, heater at 26 degrees, a couple of pieces of driftwood and a plant (Can't remember what it's called, really basic plant) and no substrate so I can vacuum easy. I'm feeding small amounts of crushed up algae wafers and carnivore pellets every 2-3 days. They love their food. They get really active when I put it in... So can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Am I not feeding them enough or something..?
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