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Found 8 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hey guys just a couple of pics showing the 3 x 2 Dwarf Cichlid / Apistogramma, and 4 x 2 Geo Eartheater tank after a rescape... Water in the 4 x 2 is still not as clear as id like it, but will give you an idea of the scape...... Apisto Tank Eartheater Tank
  3. what are some good plants to use that wont get dug up?
  4. Hey guys, Handful of shots I've taken over the last few days (and some from a few weeks ago) of my Eartheaters. Canon EOS400D, 50MM F1.8 and Canon 24-70MM F2.8, tank lighting only. Dominant male (sexually mature, 15.5cm TL) Flirting between a sub-dominant male (or possibly female) and breeding female, while the male was holding. Rosy Tetra Male from the primary breeding pair. Second, although probably dominant male, has quite the temper and likes beating up women. Lemon Tetra Anyway, I'll save you all some bandwidth and stop there, thanks for looking :kitty:
  5. Sorry for the poor pic (poor camera skills) Geophagus sp. "Columbia/Venezuela" Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" Satanoperca leucosticta will try to get pic for my Geophagus brachybranchus and Geophagus sp. "Araguaia Orange Head"
  6. Took a few shots today and I figured a few of you may be interested. Cheers, Japes.
  7. Short and sweet update for anyone interested. Have made some slight stocking adjustments and added some leaves to sit on the substrate, tannins are quite heavy at the moment but they'll settle down. Pretty bad full tank shot, but you get the idea. New additions thanks to ozarowana, 3x Satanoperca leucosticta. Have settled in very well given their size. Cheers, Ryan.
  8. Seeing as people are sharing their tank pics. Here's one of mine There's altifrons, pindare, WC peruvian angels, blue rams and leucosticta.
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