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Found 26 results

  1. As anyone knows quality fish food is ridiculously expensive 50 plus per kg. Very easy and cheap method it making your own is to buy a cheap grinder, mine came from Kmart for $35. Last night I done a 4kg batch of food they go nuts for for less than 12 per kg. I have been doing this for the last year without any issues, recipe always varies but always similar Get Zucchini Carrot Fish filets Garlic Prawn Marinara mix Salt And use some of your usual pellets to improve consistancy Food Grinder [ATTACH=CONFIG] From here it about half an hours work, the smaller you cut the meat up the quicker the grinder will work Befor you know it you have this Then product ready to freeze
  2. Now generally, getting rid of algae is a subject that we go into depth on. But sometimes, we just want a clear pond AND we wanted it yesterday! Enter the Serenity Green Water Destroyer block. 1) Break off the right amount. 2) Chuck it in. 3) Algae dies. 4) Pond water is clear. Now, we are treating the symptom. It is worth looking into why the pond had an algae bloom. Knowing that lets you prevent it in future. But there is no ignoring that these turn green ponds into clear ponds. Serenity Algae pond blocks, they are like chocolate for ponds..... or aquariums.
  3. Hi people I have decided to connect 2 systems together for less maintenance as have other things to do I have a 8 footer on one side of the wall and a 12 tank system on the other side of the wall. I wish to run both off the one sump or does someone have something better in mind. I have a nexus already running another system and was hoping for something along those lines to run these tanks but am restricted in height so a nexus wouldn't fit. Is there anything with a backwash function that I can run this system off Any help appreciated. Thanks. Mark
  4. Are there any easy to keep shrimp like red cherries? Meaning doesn't need perfect water and no chiller? Thanks
  5. I must admit i couldn't find any info to add to what i have found! It seems no one?? has had any luck at taking redlines through to adult? To put a little out there what I have learnt for limited success, this is as far as I will go on this; they can work it out them selves! Watch them in the wild under adverse and suitable conditions, Open Ocean and estuaries and look “carefully” at where they live! Realise and watch what enables them to exist with no defences in the wild, yes they are food big time for the next fish, crab, shrimp, cray, etc that does not need cleaning, fish protecting them due to being cleaners, is a load of rubbish! They are lysmata, so a part from this meaning that when adult they are hermaphrodites, they are small animal eaters/carnivores and next red line is a small animal, they predate on each other “big time” at the time of sheds. How much light gets to where they live, that’s the biggy!!!!!!! They have no abundant muscle or fat storage areas!!!! They appear to me, to need what their saviour has to get past the early stages and there are naturally occurring food sources in the ocean you can use to copy this, then they need certain foods to achieve the fast sheds as juveniles or they die or get killed. They need to be protected from certain conditions and other life forms or they get eaten! In the early days, mine were raised in a sterilised tub, phosphates-don’t care, bacteria-serious risks to them, algae-for a time at the beginning is a huge risk to them, certain lighting-serious risk to them! To me from reading this, it is quite simple, time and space consuming, but really simple!
  6. I was in the Japanese discount store Daiso in Indooroopilly shopping town this weekend and called into Daiso as I often find useful stuff for my fish room . Anyway I came across these. Metric and really easy to read. And wait for it. Only $2.80 a piece. Get on it people.
  7. hi all, ok i bought easy life as it seems to basically do everything, i only bought it as a dechlorintor but it seems that the back of the bottle says a lot more than that. just wanted to hear peoples thoughts on the product???
  8. Hi As some of you may know all by tanks are drilled and I have a few Ive always used a scrap piece of glass with a hole in it to start the drilling on any tank as the bit slips as you start to cut Anyway the other day I needed to change a 35mm hole into a 45mm hole as I wanted to use bigger Bulkheads in a tank that was already set up my scrap piece of glass was looking rather old plus I had dropped it. It had 4 holes 20 22 35 45. I have a 50mm hole on a different piece. These are the main sizes you will use 20/22 Finger holes 35 for 25mm BH 45 for 32mm BH and 50 for 40mm BH as you use the template glass to start your hole. Over time you wear it out and the holes gets larger and its no good also being glass if you drop it as I did. You will need to drill in my case 4 new holes to remake your template (you could have 5 holes 5 bits of glass) I had a good think about this and came up with this. It works on any size hole its reuseable as it wears you can still use it. Heaps easier to hold perfectly still to start your hole. Cuts first time where you want it and costs nothing to make (you should have all stuff in fishroom)
  9. Hi All. Bargain price today only on Easy Life 1 Litre. Today only $18.90. Link - Age of Aquariums - Easy - Life 1 Litre Ben
  10. hey guys its aussie here and thought i would share a few pics on how i do my waterchanges. with large volumes of water you want a fast and easy way to transfer water in and out that requires large diameter tubing (25mm - 1inch) and a powerful powerhead (5000lph) ive designed and made a simple hose with pvc fittings cut to the length to siphon the exact amount of water i want out, make sure to have a strainer on the end to prevent any small fish from getting sucked in and flushed away when you start siphoning theres no need to wait as the pipe is cut to length and you can just simply walk away and have a beverage preferably beer in my case next step is connecting the end of the tube into a powerhead and have that in a large tank with your pre-prepped water, you want something thats going to pump it pretty fast as i aim to do a 500ltr waterchange in under 20mins now this part you cant walk away becouse you have to monitor when it gets full to the brim and then turn off the pump and remove the strainer end. so thats it :-) short and sweet with no buckets and backache so heres some pics of the process strainer end in tank fts paludarium end shot (moneyshot) ibc full of pre-prepped water being pumped into tank strainer end close up
  11. Hi All. Link to the Deal of the Day - Age of Aquariums - Easy - Life 1 Litre Ben
  12. These pics at the end are two of my many acans that are firing up and spreading out beautifully. Poor things still haven’t experienced a water change yet and they get all dosing needs from food oxidation and these- Calcium. Dissolve 250 grams Damprid from bunnings in roughly 2 liters of RO water. Just be aware the mix gets a bit hot and with its reaction when the two are combined. Calcium citrate Any calcium coral, seashells, limestone, or dolomite is fine. Then combine with citric acid, lime or lemon will do nicely. Alkalinity Buy some pool alkalinity and PH up from Bunning's and mix 350 grams once it is cooled to 2 liters of RO water and mix for quite a while. Magnesium. Grab 2 cups of Epsom salts and add near double that of magnesium chloride as hexahydrate in neutralised or RO water and mix,” green health” on line has the hexahydrate. This solution isn’t added as often the other two parts, so I put in heaps each time I do add it. Iodide-iodine Is not usually needed as it comes from any foods added, this is for the algae pigments especially for the corals algae. Iron and vitamins. Use the swisse brand liquid iron in the vitamin section of the super market. Amino acids They come from feeding as the oxidation processes release it and algae excretes it as well as a bi product of photosynthesis. A part from old school xr-e diodes, no skimmer or wave makers, its that easy.
  13. I'm in the process of setting up an 8x2x2 and I am wondering what are good non aggressive Americans? I've got a colony of 11 Geophagus Altifrons coming and didn't know what else I should put in with them?
  14. anyone using this on a regular basis ? i ran a few litres through my system a while back seemed to be amazing results as far as breeding and overall well being of fish ! keen to hear more opinions mark
  15. From the maker's of Easy - Life we now have " Voogle ". Here is a rundown, Every fish has a natural immune system that protects them against pathogens that can cause disease. Such factors as transport, dirty water or a high level of pathogens in the water, place fish under tremendous stress. This uses a great deal of their energy and challenges their immune system. Particularly the mucous membranes, the gills and fins become extra sensitive to such diseases as (White) Spot, fungus and other types of infections. Voogle reinforces the health of fish and strengthens their immune system. The natural immune system is stimulated such that fish are able to resist disease better. By administering Voogle weekly, fish are always protected in a natural way. This significantly decreases their susceptibility to a wide range of diseases. Voogle has no toxic effect on fish, shrimps, crabs, snails, plants or the biofilter. Nor does it affect the important water parameters or in any way compromise the resistance of fish. It consists predominantly of plant extracts and supporting vitamins and minerals. After use, Voogle is broken down in a natural way, so there is no need to do a water change after its usage. Dosage Voogle quickly helps all freshwater and saltwater fish. It has a generally wholesome effect, increases resistance and supports the natural healing process. Safe for all other fresh- and saltwater animals and the biofilter. Important: Remove active carbon; all equipment may remain switched on. Add when aquarium lights are on, when the fish are the most active! Dosage for sick fish: for 5 days 10 ml per 40 litres per day. Huge overdosage is safe! Prevent problems: weekly 10 ml per 100 litres for consistent high resistance. Link, Age of Aquariums - Easy - Life Voogle 250ml Priced from $14.95 for a 250ml bottle. Ben
  16. Hi guys just wondering what would be a good easy breeding fish that i could profit on. Was looking into breeding some peppermints once they mature but not really sure yet. Any suggestions please
  17. Brought some terrecotta pots from a hardware Want to cut them down and put in bn tank. For caves/ chill out spot. Cutting them with and how? I'd have to soak them I'm guessing to make it Easyer?? And soak them with any water conditioner like u do with driftwood ?? Did some googling no reall simple answer. Help
  18. How do u get rid of algae I have 1 peppermint in 3ftx2.5x2.5 tank and it still grows algae. Is it not enough pepps or is it wrong type of suckerfish. Any ideas. Heard borneo sukerfish mite b good
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. It’s fair to say that no better publication currently exists for dedicated freshwater hobbyists. Each issue featuring cutting-edge articles on fishes, invertebrates, aquatic plants, field trips to tropical destinations plus the latest in husbandry and breeding breakthroughs by expert aquarists, all accompanied by excellent photography throughout. From the publishers of Coral magazine, this is a freshwater-only magazine with the same excitement and cover-to-cover excellence as Coral. Richly illustrated with high quality colour images and packed with in-depth articles by renowned authors, Amazonas appears every two months. Coverage includes: new species, new ideas, new expert accounts on keeping and breeding freshwater fishes and invertebrates, planted tank aquascaping, travel to tropical source countries, visits to the fish rooms of legendary home aquarists and breeders, aquarium practice, biological background reports, aquarium technology and chemistry, interviews and much more. All printed on high-quality, sustainably harvested papers and non-toxic, soy-based inks. The name ‘Amazonas’ is derived from the native Portuguese and Spanish name for the Rio Amazonas, the river that the Western world calls the Amazon. Following the lead of Coral, the cover subject is dealt with in detail through extensive photo-reportage, accompanied by several in-depth accompanying articles. As with the early issues of Coral, this first issue of Amazonas is sure to become a collector’s item. Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Amazonas - Breeding L - Cats
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Got an 18L tank with a blue fighter in it. Few plants, filter, heater, rock structure and a thermometer. All up it has cost me around $70 (Expensive tank). Last time I cleaned the tank was about 3 months ago, I clean the filter every month. There is not a drop of poo to be seen and the plants are thriving, but not out of control, the fish is happy and gets light from the other tanks beside it. This tank would have to be the most simple and easily maintainable tank ever. Because of its size and plants there is not a speck of algae in sight, but its just the fighter, and no snails (copper in rocks I think, they all abandoned ship when they went in). Its next tank clean is due in a couple of days, will hopefully get some pics of it during the clean.
  23. hello, I am really loving this forum. Thanks for all the comments. Everything is really helpful. I'm looking for some fish that breed easily.
  24. hey guys found this and tryed it, works a treat, i used a 2.5l juice bottle, was so much easier then the other ways,
  25. so if your sick of your current scape and wanna acheive something different. how i rescaped my 5x2x2 on a budget 2 x 20litre buckets full of 100-150mm river rocks from your local rock joint. (about $1.50 a bucket) i like the red ones do just went and picked some nice ones out. 2 x broken pots from bunnings ($0.60) were cracked bargain!!!! so i broke them more. and plants i had lying around im sure most people would. also in there is 2 drilled cave rocks they cost me about $20 but lets not include that realisticly thoughyou are looking at from $5-$20 depending on the size tanks but this is ideal for africans just like to share. so post any cheap rescapes or ideas you guys have stumbled upon.
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