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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. As some may have figured by now, i'm a great fan of Easylife and it's siblings. Trying to understand it has become almost something of a past time. To that end, i have a new curiosity. I am wondering about the use of Easylife in tanks with salt. Now before someone jumps on me, yes, right on the front of the bottle it says it's suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums, of which i have no doubt. I've always had the nagging feeling however that something is missing to this. Unsurprisingly, the exact ingredients in Easylife are a trade secret. In spite of that, many have giving into speculating, some with better reasoning than others, that a key ingredient may be powdered zeolite. I'm not looking to debate that point, for the purposes of my curiosity i'm taking it as a given. Now, aquarium chemistry 101 tells us that zeolite is useful for helping reduce ammonia, and Easylife certainly exhibits a similar helpful benefit. Great, nice and simple! It's not until around aquarium chemistry 202 that it slips out that salt re-releases ammonia back out of zeolite. Ouch. What then, assuming Easylife does have some zeolite in it, does that mean in terms of Easylife use with salt? Theoretically it'd be toxic in marine environments. And yet it's not. I've heard first hand that corals can respond particularly well. I'm not up on the ins and outs of marine, but something i read recently jumped out at me. It's the assumption/presumption that marine environments should have 0 ammonia at all times. (Did i read that right?) That being the case, if Easylife is predicated on 0 ammonia in marine at all times, it makes perfect sense that zeolite would not cause an issue. But what about in mildly salty to brackish freshwater, where ammonia can very definately be an issue? Would zeolite potentially be absorbing then re-releasing ammonia? I realise that part of a counter mechanism to this would be one of Easylife's properties as a flocculant, presumably helping the zeolite to be more easily removed by mechanical filtration. Even so, the question remains - when using Easylife with salt in a non-marine environment, is ammonia potentially going to peak and trough? Or is the absense of peaks and troughs (as opposed to the absense of ways to feasibly measure the changes) perhaps evidence enough that isn't actually zeolite in Easylife? Any thoughts? Cheers.
  2. hi- just wondering if anyone has had noticeable success with improved spawning using this product, i realise this has probably been asked a lot but would like to hear peoples opinions cheeers bob
  3. Hooray, my Macmasterei Gold have fry! Have been trying for a while with ph, hardness etc and seems like easy-life did the trick! This was by no means a controlled experiment and I have no data whatsoever to back it up, I'm just very, very happy:)
  4. Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market. It can be used to make water crystal clear... ... I have used this product in tanks that have suffered a calamity - ammonia spike - and are recycling/recovering from a bad experience. But I still am unsure if I am wasting my money on an extravagant product that I cannot get a straight answer on as to what it actually is and how it actually conditions my tank water. Is it worth the money?
  5. Has any one here used easy-life water conditioner ???is it worth getting? thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, has anyone used this product against cyanobacteria ? If so, has it worked permanently or only as short term fix? Also, since it's not easy to obtain erythromycin , has anyone tried tri sulfa tbs? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks
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