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Found 9 results

  1. .Hey peeps just wondering what a good algea Eater is for an American agressive tank they are ranging from 150mm to 250mm
  2. .Hi guys, ive ve got a never ending battle with algae in my tang tank. i ve cut down the light I'm using algexit but I only seem to be controlling it not eradicating. ive been told common bristle nose will be no good as they will suck the slime cost from my sand sifters. any suggestions for other critters I can wack in the tank to chew this algae up? being a tang tank ph is quiet high. i have the common poo brown algae over everything. That hard green algae on my rocks and a green stringy kinda algae. tia lippa
  3. Hey all, Looking to set up a earth eater tank with Geophagus sp. "Tapajos Orange Head" and Satanoperca leucosticta within the next few months and just had a few questions. 1: Which tank size would be better 4*2*2.5 (2.5 tall) or a 5*2*2. Would the extra 1" length be more better than the height? Both are same volume. 2: With each sized tank would I be able to keep small groups say 3-4 of both Tapajos and leucostictas? 3: Tank mates will probably be a group of schooling fish med-large sized tetras. Would 1 or 2 plecos be alright with them or a bit too crowded for bottom feeders? That's all for now thanks in advance. Cheers Damo
  4. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for an algae eater I can chuck in the cherry shrimp tank? Unheated, slow filtration, plants (not too worried if they get nibbled), and also algae-green algae on the glass, long dark algae on the plants. No snails,plz...
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]43295[/ATTACH] Sorry for the bad pic. Does anyone know how to sex this fish?
  6. hi there does anyone have experience keeping broneo suckers??? just wondering which would do a better job between broneo sucker and Otocinclus in a 4ft planted tank?? also is royal whiptail a good algar cleaner or its more like just a good looking fish????? Cheers Manho
  7. G'day, I am on the lookout for some of these guy as I have a beard algae problem in my pond. I have looked in a lot of my local fish shops with no luck and they don't seem to be on any wholesaler's list i have looked at. Anyone know where I can pick some up? Thanks in advance, Beau.
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