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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guy's, just wondering which algae eaters you guys think would work best in my tank/ which are the most efficient at keeping algae under control. My tank is 4x3x18 and the back glass is a bit hard to reach in places. So I thought I might invest in a couple more cat fish types. There's currently a gold spot around 5 inches long a common bristle nose around 4 inches and an l333 around 2 inches. There's plenty of rock work for them to take shelter from the rest of the tank inhabitants and they seem pretty happy. Types that max out around six inches would be ideal as I'm not to keen on a tank full of dinosaurs in a couple of years. Any suggestions? Cheers Haydn
  2. Hi there all. I'm interested in purchasing a few Siamese algea eaters but have looked on the net and have found out that there is a true Siamese Algea eater and a false one. Does anyone know where I can purchase the true species as the false one may be a more aggressive fish and does not eat as much algea.
  3. I thought I would though up a couple of pics of my geo tank and see want you guys think. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey (L) earned people, I want to get a bristlenose or L number to put with my oscars. I don't want one so small that it will become lunch and I don't want one so big that it will not suit. Currently my oscars are juvies about 2 inches long, so I want the algae eater to grow with them. Ideally I will be wanting something that gets no bigger than 10 inches... Is there such a thing? Any breeders that have what I'm after please let me know. Cheers Gary
  5. i had been having trouble with algae in my 8x2x2.5 lately and as i have a stingray i didnt want to riosk the ray by getting a pleco, brought some glagtails yesterday and over night they smashed all the algae now theres none to be seen, never relised flagtails were effective algae eaters.
  6. I hope someone can help. I have been trying for weeks to get a TRUE SAE - but not been able to track one down. I have some BBA which I am trying to get rid off, I try bleaching & Hydrogen Peroxide treatment, but I think I need to get a SAE (or two) to at least assist where I am obviously not getting the BBA. I have asked my LFS and they have been trying but keep getting sent false ones - can anyone please help? I have a 200 litre heavily planted tank - and I am scupulous with feeding and weekly water changes - and I am using Flourish Excel daily (but only the daily recommended dosage) - but still I have little tufts of this stuff appearing. I am getting so disappointed and frustrated as I dont really want BBA in my tank (does anyone????) - I hope someone might have some suggestions or be able to help? Thank you
  7. What type of algea eaters can go with live bearers like guppies, platys ext. Jesse
  8. Can some people give me some advise on keeping earth eaters.. like substrate, food, best filter media, tank mates,they would be going into a 4ftx2ftx50cm tank, i have 2 rainbow cichlids 2 x long fin bn 2 x albino long fin bn and 1 feather fin cat which can be moved into my six foot if needed how many would be suitable in this tank?. I was looking and Geophagus sp. "Tapajos Orange Head" and Geophagus sp. "Rio Branco" or if there is others people recommend.I will want to buy some in the next few months. Any help would be greatly appricated. cheers mick
  9. Just a query on these lil guys. Can someone tell me why these arent as popular as bristlenose/pleco yet they do exactly the same job. I have noticed that they arent as easy to get a hold of. Other question is if I was to breed these could I get rid of them due to being hard to source.
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