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Found 53 results

  1. I was just feeding my fish ( NLS Spectrum Small fish formula ) pellets an sat down to watch the fish eat and low and behold a large creamy coloured Gecko pops out to pick up the pellets that I left around the feeding hole ( I am a little clutsy lately) . Firstly , my knowledge of reptiles would fit on a postage stamp in # 10 Helvetica but I thought lizards only ate live food ? Seconly - will the pellets harm the gecko ? It often comes out at night to get bugs attracted by my aquarium lights - but very surprised to see it eat pellets . My room is unscreened - with a ceiling fan ( old school ) so no chance of keeping bugs or lizard out !
  2. I've got a pair of discus eating their eggs after 2 days. They have laid 3 times, once in a community tank and twice in a separate breeding tank. I'd like to know what the best course of action is other than just letting nature take its course. I've seen online a lot of people recommend using mesh or chicken wire to protect the eggs or taking out the female on the 2nd day as she's likely to be the one eating the eggs or leaving a light on in the room. Ph is 6.5. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are 0. Temp is 29. Any advice is appreciated. Tristan
  3. one of my peppermints has become a victim of some flesh eating red worm-mosquito lavae looking parasites that i have found in my fish tank. i think they came with some plants that i bought from a pet store. how do i get rid of these things and what are they? need help asap i have other fish in there.
  4. Has any one experienced this? Is it common? I am not sure I am over feeding or under feeding my Gourami's. I have 8 Gourami's On Sunday I have 15 Neon tetra's now down to 10 tetra's. Came home and found a Flame Gourami nosing and sucking a dead tetra around the tank.
  5. Hi I just caught my 2 yr old eating the Pleco alge pelletts behind the couch. Are they poisonous? Do I need to take her to hospital the info line won'tgive me an answer as the don't know. Like WTF!!!! Sorry just freeing out a bit
  6. Good afternoon, ive just joined here and was wondering if anyone could offer assistance with my red honey gourami who is not doing too well. here is a template of the tank/problem cycled ? yes Are you testing your water with a liquid test kit (like the API test kit) or dipsticks ? liquid api. Ammonia: Zero Nitrite: Zero Nitrate: Zero or a touch above pH: 7.5 KH: northern brisbane Temperature: 26 degrees celcius Are you using a heater ? Yes Are you using any aeration / bubbler ? Spray bar ibubbling into water Water change amount/frequency: 20 percent per week Tank size/how long in operation: 80l, 20 gallons . cube tank Filtration: aquis 550 exteranal canister Water additives/conditioners/pH adjusters: stress coat What, how much and how often are the fish fed: daily, nls sinking .5 mm granules Tank inhabitants (number, size and type of fish/): 3 small tetras of longstanding , 2 small peppermint bristlenose, new to tank, 4 and 5 cm . Theres a few iny snails also. No aggression in the tank New additions/changes to the tank: as above, plus anubias x 2. Theres also driftwood, a banana lilly and a java fern in the tank.Tank is well planted. Unusual findings on the fish: Bloated for about a week now. Torch/flashlight shows opacity in gut area, Unusual behavior: a few days ago was gulping air for much longer periods, this is now stopped, bloated, not eating, at back of tank, lethargic but can dodge the net pretty well. Was previously highly ravenous, an absolute pig of a fish! was eating detritus from the gravel also Medications/what has been tried or done do far: 1 tbsp epsom salt into second 2 gall tank(1/2 tank water 1/2 tap conditioned) for 15 mins, tolerated well. Commenced a fast for the tank I transcribed the form from another forum i joined, if anyone needs further info i am of course happy to provide. Picture below. Any help much appreciated TIA Read more: red honey gourami bloated, not eating.
  7. so i got red tail sent up by air thats around 27cm and is housed in a 8x2 with 6 pbass that are smaller then him. its been 5 days now since arrived and dosent show interrest in food. ive tried floating and sinking pellets, algae wafers, peas and grapes. he's not skinny and looks healthy and swims around happy. do they just take a bit to settle in? every one says how greedy they are and eat everthing cheers
  8. Hey guys, I got an Oscar last wednesday, she's around the 25cm mark and looks thick and healthy. Now i know it's normal for some fish not to eat much if anything for a little while, whilst settling into their new home. However, this Oscar hasn't even looked like taking a bite of any food ive offered (NLS, massivore and mealworms). If it were any other fish other than an Oscar, I'd be a little more patient. But over a week for the hungry pig of a fish we call oscars is a little odd. She looks healthy, swims around the tank, looks as if she's begging for food and there is no sign of white stringy poops. The previous owner reckons it was fed Hikari Cichlid Gold, which i don't have, nor will i be buying. The other fish in the tank (4 inch oscar and 4 inch convict) are eating and look just fine. Am I being impatient or is there something i might be missing? Ammonia and Nitrite are at 0 and Nitrate tends to stay under 20ppm with 2 wc's a week. Thanks in advance
  9. I know they're probably just sulking, but my two snooks and my flowerhorn don't seem to have eaten in days. I know they must be eating at least a little, but I'm still worried. I've had them since Sunday, and they just don't seem to be interested in anything I have presented to them. I've offered them their pellets, of which I have witnessed one taking one into its mouth before spitting out what appeared to be at least some of the pellet in pieces. I tried offering them some live food - again, not interested. Any tips?
  10. I have a borleyi (Kadango) that I picked up a few months ago, he is currently located in my display tank. He is packing on the weight at 3", and eating nearly triple the amount of food as my 6" monster tangerine peacock. Anyone else experienced the hunger of these bottomless bellied fish?
  11. hello,my new (just bought 4cm) lf albino bn wont eat,i have tried hikari algae wafers,and zucchinni, I know they come out at night but in the morning the food is still there. I am worried they might starve. Any advice will be welcome.
  12. Hey fish mates.. I have been going to my local creek catching 1000's of guppies.. I have been feeding these to my 12 Venustus.. Is there anything bad about them eating these fish or is it a good idea.. I feed them pelets as well..
  13. Hey fish mates.. I have been going to my local creek catching 1000's of guppies.. I have been feeding these to my 12 Venustus.. Is there anything bad about them eating these fish or is it a good idea.. I feed them pelets as well..
  14. Hey guys, After a bit of expertise here! I bought 2 small Green terrors from Livefish. One of them has been going great and holds his own well, the other one has been sulking about and not eating well. I have noticed he has red patches on his gill plates which from my research seems to indicate a bacterial infection. Couple of pics below. I have just moved him into another tank where he wont get picked on, but should I put him in a hospital tank and dose him with something? What products are good for this kind of thing? Is it just maybe stress or is something wrong? Any help greatly appreciated!
  15. I'd never heard of wild fish getting obese to the point of liver damage! Apparently P.volitans does so well on cleaning out US fish stocks they've got issues with their waistlines...
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hey, I havnt been on here for while, so im sorry if i do something wrong.. My dad has discus and he has breed them and looked after them for years. His current tank full of Discus, have been for a bout 4 months now.. Not eating, sunken bellys, breathing heavily, 2 of them are facing downwards, breathing in sand.. one Blue Turq full size.. the other not sure of type.. its orange. Anyways. He now has a baby leopard thats copying but its facing upwards, sucking air from time to time, its belly is fully sunken, and below its eyes is now sunken. Im afraid they are going to die. He treated them all with everything avaliable, he got to the stage, of poking a needle into them to release the 'air' which they had apparently swallowed through his air stone.. He has atached a sinker to one of them to get it swimming upright (this was when there was only one that was doing this).. and it helped it ate food, started pooing, swiming normally.. then the sinker fell out and my dad couldnt be bothered to put it back in.. Its now come to.. fish are being fed and thats it. No medication..No weekly water change. What should I do? The fish are in the loungeroom right beside his chair.. and he is doing nothing! I cant bare to be in the loungeroom anymore, because all you see is a load of sick fish.. Has anyone else had discus that just all of a sudden turn downwards or upwards.. they are still straight.. but they re facing either upwards or downwards.. Any tips would be kindy appreciated.
  18. Hi all, Can anyone help me with this problem? I just bought a female FH from a LFS. I have noticed that she is not eating and discharged whitish poo, she seems fine swimming around and digging up gravel, her clour also hasn't faded at all, if anything she has gotten more red and brightened up. Is she just getting use to the new tank or is she sick? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  19. Saw paddock to plate last night. They were farming garden snails for human consumption. Where does the apple snail come from and did they eat them. Would you eat them. I read somewhere that you can feed them to fish and chicken. Do you have any uses for your apple snails?
  20. Hi all keeping tropheus duboisi for the first time in the last three days They are showing no interest in the food I put in other than that they Look fine swim around actively no clamped fins I have seen them graze On algae in the tank I don't want to jump the gun but what I have read elsewhere It could be bloat if that is the case has anyone had any success treating with liquid. Flagyl And dose rates would be appreciated
  21. Is anyone else out there that has struggled to keep their tank under 30 noticed that their fish are now eating like athletes! My tank has dropped from 30.5 to 29 and my fish won't stop looking at me waiting for food... Even the jack dempseys are sitting at the front of the tank half way up, as opposed to hiding in their caves now that's saying something. The others are mostly young half grown so that could be a contributing factor to. It is awesome to see them all frenzying up and hitting the food so hard.
  22. My cichlids are eating all my wafers that I put in for my peps. They all go crazy over it like its a feeding frenzy and gets me worried that the peps get nothing is there any way to stop or help this.
  23. Water parameters Temperature range: 32 degrees pH: 6.5 GH: 5 Ammonia 0, Nitrate 5 max due to daily water changes, Nitrite 0. Water change frequency 80% daily Tank set up Size: 100 litre Substrate: none Filtration: Sponge filter. Added overhead filter two weeks ago. No carbon. Other tank mates: 5 x 2.25" discus, 1 x 3.5" discus and 1 x6" male discus Tank has been running for 2 months. Symptoms / Problem description On the 27 October I purchased 5 x 2.25" discus and 1 x 3.5" discus and put them into a 100 litre grow out tank along with a 6" male discus. No substrate, sponge filter. All discus were eating like little piggies until just over 3 weeks ago. The smallest stopped eating. Feeding time was a real frenzy. I fed them 4 times a day, changing feeds between beefheart mix, live Australian blackworms, Hikari discus pellets and sometimes Hikari frozen bloodworms. Beefheart mix included vegetables, fish, prawn, garlic, kelp and vitamins and minerals. When feeding there was the usual pushing, shoving and chasing. Little kids in the playground. The large male was the calming factor in the tank and never chased or annoyed the younger discus. When the young discus went into the tank they were all over the large male and used him as a play toy. It was funny to watch. The smallest discus, being a Chequerboard Turk (CT) was chased off a bit more than his larger tank mates but he did do a fair bit of chasing himself. He was stocky and solid. Getting back to the issue at hand, he stopped eating. He started to show no interest in the food when it was put into the tank. All other discus at as usual. Action taken and medication used I increased the temperature to 32 degrees to speed up metabolism and encourage eating. Every 6 months I worm my discus and as a matter of course and with the new discus not eating, I gave a treatment to this tank. I used 500mg of Praziquantel with a 60% water change after 48 hours. I then used 14ml of Levamisole with a 100% water change after 24 hours. After this time the CT was still not eating. All others were eating well. 2 days later I did notice the some of the discus had a bit of bloat and considered that maybe the CT was constipated thus not eating. I also considered that the CT maybe having trouble passing a dead worm from the previous treatments, this too may stop the CT from eating. I dosed the tank with one tablespoon of Epsom Salts and after 4 hours put another tablespoon in. Some of the discus were passing soft stools so I discontinued this treatment. After 24 hours I could just about rule out bloat or constipation for the CT as he was still not eating. If the CT's problem was not constipation, it most likely had to be a bacterial infection. The level of the tank was dropped to 90 litres after a 100% water change. I then dosed the tank with 600mg of Metronidazole daily for 4 days with a 50% water change on each day. After this treatment the CT was still not eating. The CT would look over the food but not eat. As the CT was slowly looking over the food as it went in, I thought it best to give him a sporting chance of eating something before the hungry hoards devoured all the food. I put the CT into a small 40 litre tank with no substrate and with a sponge filter. Water temp at 32 degrees. Maybe without the pressure from his tank mates, he might start to eat. Water changes twice per day. The strange thing is that he did not look ill and he had bright eyes and full colour. The only noticeable thing was the has was dropping weight and his forehead was starting to taper inwards. Other than that he swam around the tank normally. Over the next three days I noticed that he would study the food long and hard and occasionally take it into his mouth but the spit it out. He had more of an interest in the live Australian blackworms but he would never swallow. I was lost as to what to do next. It was now over 2 and a half weeks since he had eaten. As he was mouthing the food it was decided to return him the the grow out tank with the others. I would bombard the tank with food (and remove the excess after 5 mins. This is the other discus would be distracted giving the CT a chance to watch the others eat and to eat something himself. I had to try something. Over the course of the next day he would continue to put blackworm in his mouth and spit it straight out. It was not like he was spitting it out and taking it back in again as to break it up, he would spit it out and swim away from it. After a day in the grow out tank, I did a 80% water change. It was then I noticed that he was breathing heavily out of one gill. The other gill was hardly moving. His activity level had dropped a bit. Could he have gill flukes? A week ago I treated with him with Praziquantel. I decided to give another dose (same dose as above), this time I added 2 tablespoons of aquarium salt to the tank. The next day he was breathing equally with both gills. A 100% water change was done after 48 hours. The CT was continuing to study the food and occasionally pick it up and spit it straight out. A day later I noticed only on gill working again. This time I tried Trichlorfon. Over the next two days the tank was dropped to 80 litres and temperature down to 27 degrees. The lights were kept off and I dosed the tank with 40mg Trichlorfon and 2 tablespoons of aquarium salt. After 24 hours the temperature was slowly increased to 32 degrees. Both gills are now working together. This is now where I am at. The CT is still only mouthing food and losing weight. The other discus have grown between 1" to 1.5" over this time. The CT has not grown. I would love to get this discus eating. Any suggestions or comments? This video was taken a week ago and he has dropped a lot more weight since then. <span class="postbody"> http://youtu.be/RNI70fkFqlA
  24. Looking for algae eating shrimp for my planted tank, but was wondering what temps they are ok with. Mostly due to my pellia enjoying cooler temps, I don't want to fry it and have it all die. Would DAE shrimps be ok? I heard they are fantastic algae eaters. Or other algae eating shrimp suggestions for lower temp range? (22-26 deg). Pardon my lack of shrimp knowledge .
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