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Found 33 results

  1. Hello, long time forum member, but been quite a while since being user! Anyhow, was thinking of turning my 7w 2.5d 2h foot tank into a nice spacious peaceful tank... Wanted to try and grow out an aged healthy EBJD (I know it's apparently hard)... Tank mates currently thinking of 50 odd Cardinal Tetras haha... A pleco, and a yoyo loach maybe. Anyone got any ideas for me for tank mates or extra tips or recommend a breeder? (I'm Northside Brisbane). Any replies would be appreciated, cheers!
  2. My lfs just ordered in 5cm EBJD for sale. I have read and seen pics of the bread, but never seen one in person, or know of anyone that has kept them. Would like to know peoples thoughts as I am tempted to buy one.
  3. [ATTACH]60185[/ATTACH I have 3 ebjd that just out if curiosity would like help sexing, they all get along really well and I'm guessing the one with the larges top fin is male. Thanks heaps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi all, new to this site. Was referred to by a mate. I'm after a large male green terror and a pair of eb jack Dempsey or a couple of smaller ones to pair off eventually.
  5. hello fellow members i have some fry i need to confirm or deny if they are EBJD's :-) Thank you for your feed back
  6. These are some of the electric blue Dempsey I have kept to grow out and now they are getting some decent size...they are just damn sexy fish ..these guys are closing in on 10cm now & keeping pace with split/normal guys from the same spawn...anyways i'll shut up..enjoy the fish
  7. Hey all. Just a quick question, do EBJD get less fragile with age? I've kept them between 1-5cm and I've just never had much luck. I'm very keen to buy a fully grown adult but I'm also a little afraid that it's just gonna go the way of the juvies.... Thanks in advance for your replies. Finn
  8. Female is on the left... I bought her as a EBJD... Now looking at the pics of The German's EBJD's, im sure she is just a standard Can anyone confirm this for me please? i will upload a better pic of her...
  9. I'm pretty pleased with the way this tank has turned out, its my first go at doin a bit of landscaping so I thought that I would share some pics. It's home to 2 ebjds(there was 3 but I was eaten Matmatmat wrote a thread on this, lucky he did some emergency surgery or it coulda been home to 1), a couple of bristle noses, a golden pleco, an L pleco and tetras. Enjoy
  10. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but its pretty hard to post in the Classifieds...they're not mine. (Move the thread if need be ) Electric Blue Jack Dempsey for Sale - Toowoomba: (Really hard to find in Toowoomba, wish i had the tank space , Hope someone can benefit... EBJD ELECTRIC BLUE JACK DEMPSEY | Fish | Gumtree Australia Toowoomba City - Toowoomba 4350
  11. Article: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/articles-species-catalogue-70/care-breeding-electric-blue-jack-dempsey-70469/#post456688 Please discuss my article on EBJD on this thread. Happy to discuss or answer any further q's.
  12. Lost my EBJD this morning, he/she is about a year old and has always lived in a 6ft american display. Noticed him looking a bit 2nd hand a week ago, so took it out and put it in the hospital tank. Long story short, lost the battle this morning. I'm fairly confident I dont have any tank / water issues, all other fish (about 15, are strong,healthy and happy ) I have read on more than one occasion that these guys are genetically weak and are prone to .... well .... just about everything. Any other peeps had issues or got constructive opinions on these fish ? Brendan
  13. Got rid of my split ebjd female yesterday, gave her away for those who missed out, as she was beating the living **** out of my ebjd male. He is now retired in a 3x1.5x1.5 with some melaluca and lots of anubias. Nice little tank. Now wondering what would make some nice (very peaceful) tankmates for him. He wouldn't hurt a fly so not to worry about him picking on anything. I'm thinking maybe some praecox? Or a larger schooling tetra? And cories, cause I like them . Ideas?
  14. Well my first 3 batches are only a few weeks off being ready, so i thought it was time to split my 4 week old batch, so I just spent the last hour or so separating ebjd's from regulars from my big split pair, still a few left in the batch, and they're only 4 weeks old, so still a long road ahead for them.....but at 50 ebjd's so far....... I'm pretty damn happy!
  15. Well I have been hoping this would pop off soon....and good stuff i got my first batch of eggs from 2 beautiful splits....this is my favourite pr and I reckon they are pretty awesome fish so was going to use them for display fish if it didnt work out....they are both super dark coloured and I thought the female could have been a boy for awhile too...was wondering about hermaphrodites and all sorts for awhile..gay fish you name it...with these two rolling together....she seemed to be a really BIG female....bigger than any of the other males...and she chases them around too....she has awesome markings and a full blue beard(as I was told is a sign of a female)...and the male...he's like the split gene quarterback jock...hes almost twice as big as the other guys...so i guess they are like my all american prom couple...might be so big from the goldfish baby culls but yeah very keen to see how these guys work out and their young'uns... couple of questions for those with some experience though... I had the couple in a tank by themselves but they seemed happy to ignore one another and just hang at either ends of the tank...I like giving them lots of places to hide and thats all they did...so thought I'd chuck in a little female but that didnt do it..so put in another male and figured somethings going to hook up...and then the best pr got into it..... Question:Should I now remove the other pr????...Im thinking yes but then will the couple have issues not having to defend anything anymore.... Question:Would you remove the rock she has laid on and raise the eggs yourself???....so no chance of bad parenting..eating the babies etc...Im(knock on wood!)pretty good with raising fish from egg and v.young fry stages so was wondering if this was a good option with these guys... apologies for picture quality...they are shy as hell and will hide if I get too close(plus the stupid flash freaks them)....so the zoom factor came into play
  16. took this pic today, forgot to clean the glass, lol, but to good a pic showing his nice blue colour, this guy was bred by jabmel and given to jules, we have a couple, but he is the best looking guy, he is around 6cm now, also a couple pics of the green and gold sevs jules bred, they have great colour too,
  17. looking for some info on ebjd fry, have had a couple pairs of our possible split jds breed, first couple lots got eaten, , it happens when they aren't alone, we moved 1 pair into their own tank, waiting for them to breed again, but a second pair have fry in the 6ft with other jds and some sgt, we put in an egg crate divider to see if we can save this batch, my real question is, how long before any EBJD fry will be noticeable, (if there are any) our aim at the moment is to test breed the ones that pair up to see if they are splits, if not, i'll seperate and repair them up until i know either way, well unless i get peeved at them and just sell them all, , and keep rays and sarahs pair,
  18. Just wondering why my ebjd goes from blue to black within seconds of eating live food. Is it a predator thing or something?
  19. I have some More EBJD's comming soon I know I will be asked to ship again Can someone help re getting myself set up for this ie, companies to freight, boxes, bags, O2 thanks also would be interested in bulk purchase at discount if you wish to on-sell Ben
  20. Guest

    EBJD Question

    hey guys, just aother question for you EBJD experts, in regards to breeding. a few things i would like to know: would two blue gene jacks produce, EBJD'S? How many batch's would it take to get viable young? Whats the best conditioning food? thanks guys (questions are hypothetical)
  21. You can see in the pic below how it looks like my ebjds tail has two chunks taken out of it. Has anyone ever seen this? I know that high nitrates can cause this, but my water quality's great. It's been like this for the last few months. Doesn't seem to be getting worse or better, but possible slowly growing out...? Let me know what you reckon
  22. I think they are now 6 weeks old, I have split off the majority of "norma or splits", got 20-30 of what I think are Electric Blue fry, see attached, let me know if you agree, these are smaller, turned slightly cream and are loosing they markings (no spots either) Cheers (Red circles) Ben
  23. I finally got home what I hope is a split gene JD She's in with my male ebjd and I'm hoping for the best. They are usually swimming around together/him chasing her. They are both very dark in colour now and last night they were fighting (JD tore some of his beautiful fins) But all good signs I'm thinking. I think they are too young at the moment but hopefully breeding is on the cards one day. For now it's good watching the ebjd interacting with another fish and not trying to kill them. Haha.
  24. Hi all, for all of those who have successfully managed to breed the Electric blue gene I was wondering at what age can you pick the fry apart? For instance from the very start are they bright blue or do they get to a couple of cm before they get the all over electric blue colour? Thanks in advance.
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