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Found 1 result

  1. Well I have been hoping this would pop off soon....and good stuff i got my first batch of eggs from 2 beautiful splits....this is my favourite pr and I reckon they are pretty awesome fish so was going to use them for display fish if it didnt work out....they are both super dark coloured and I thought the female could have been a boy for awhile too...was wondering about hermaphrodites and all sorts for awhile..gay fish you name it...with these two rolling together....she seemed to be a really BIG female....bigger than any of the other males...and she chases them around too....she has awesome markings and a full blue beard(as I was told is a sign of a female)...and the male...he's like the split gene quarterback jock...hes almost twice as big as the other guys...so i guess they are like my all american prom couple...might be so big from the goldfish baby culls but yeah very keen to see how these guys work out and their young'uns... couple of questions for those with some experience though... I had the couple in a tank by themselves but they seemed happy to ignore one another and just hang at either ends of the tank...I like giving them lots of places to hide and thats all they did...so thought I'd chuck in a little female but that didnt do it..so put in another male and figured somethings going to hook up...and then the best pr got into it..... Question:Should I now remove the other pr????...Im thinking yes but then will the couple have issues not having to defend anything anymore.... Question:Would you remove the rock she has laid on and raise the eggs yourself???....so no chance of bad parenting..eating the babies etc...Im(knock on wood!)pretty good with raising fish from egg and v.young fry stages so was wondering if this was a good option with these guys... apologies for picture quality...they are shy as hell and will hide if I get too close(plus the stupid flash freaks them)....so the zoom factor came into play
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